What do you think about this video?

tromcom: freaking good video!

reelMn: Thanks for the info, I tried it and it really helped. I had to mute the sound several times (my kids were listening in) so not that impressed with the language.

DUGIE FRESH: quit being a cheap Jew and buy a Charliedatuna. for Christ sake Jews are cheap

DUGIE FRESH: angry Jew bastad, I just ordered my GRT -4G trigger african american

James walker: He does have a propensity to wax profane. Perhaps the application of some soap would correct the problem?

MrWaRmouth: Just finished doing this mod on a Crosman Vantage I picked up. But used the 5x8x2.5mm bearing instead of washers. Wicked difference is night and day, thanks for the video.

Reichtangle: thanks for sharing the infos your vid inspired me to take a swing at my stoeger trigger which is basically the same bloody awful two stage trigger than many of the crosman guns use instead of metal washers i used rubber ones and also added some to the lower parts of the release mechanism because they had an absurd amount of play.
my first result turned the god awful and long 2 stage trigger into a hairtrigger that would fire by merely touching it and the safety wouldnt stop the gun from firing .... so back to fiddling around and after some tinkering with different washer sizes and a small piece of tape later the trigger works like a charm and feels more akin to a competition style super light pull and the safety catches like it should.

i can only concur with the other commenters here the trigger mechanism of those air guns is a disgrace for any manufacturer especially since the other parts are actually quite well made and this dirt cheap component is dragging the performance of the finished product down a LOT.
maybe we should send crosman, stoeger and their chinese suppliers a nice letter telling them how they could improve their product with virtually no effort because apparently they have not a single clue how a good trigger should feel...

dan lunn: your mod worked out nicely. I used 2 small washers, and now trigger pull is f-n rediculous like yours.

shana: Could you please redo in sesame street language so my 5 year old can watch how to do trigger mod on an air rifle?

Jason Van Halen: wonky vid but it gets the point across, info is gold. gonna do this to my Trail NP XL. Thanks!

Sofia M: I HAVE A QUESTION REGARDING A XL 1100 BENJAMIN TRAIL AND I HAVE THE TRIGGER PROBLEM AND MUCH LAST JOURNEY not got a video that looks good to disarm to leave the gatillo¿? Just add A washer and reassemble ¨? THANK YOU

Jack Zhang: this video is "freaking" terrible. like what the "freak"......

Owen Karre: Nice video man! Some of these people are sheltered. Soft ears and such. Probably watched sesame street until they graduated home school. No sense of humor. Here is what they sound like to me, "blah blah blah blah freaking blah blah blah."


Are you done yet ? Lol. You must not have many friends
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Chris mccall 1 year ago
shutup fatboy

Chris mccall 5 months ago
Shut up maggot
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Joey Paul 6 months ago
Informative video. But, like everyone already said, you should find a better adjective to use. freak can only be said so many times.
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Chris mccall 6 months ago
Don't care
bro u need to watch your mouth there r kids out there that don't need to be hearing language like that
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Chris mccall 6 months ago

Stephen Moleski: +Joey Paul What you fail to grasp is that there are some people who don't like to hear this type of crass spewage. This young man's poor taste in adjectives demonstrate a lack of education that would have afforded him a much less offensive yet still colorful way of getting his point across. Yes, this is you tube and free speech and all the other things the less educated want to cry about when someone takes issue with their VULGARITY. Yet, when the offending party, in the case this foul mouthed, unfortunate young man, ( unfortunate because no one has taken the opportunity to explain to him just how damaging this is to his credibility... And no one washed his mouth out with soap last year when he was in 7th grade....) THEY THROW A FIT LIKE A RAPED APE BECAUSE THEIR FREE SPEECH RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED!!! oH NO. Well, Beavis, filth off at lick hole all you please and put it out here for everyone to see. Just don't get shocked and offended when we exercise our 1st amendment rights to say whatever we please as it is the same freedom that allows your ignorant rant in the first place.

Shona O'Neill: Hey HELLA UGLY Chris, are you intentionally trying to look like the ugliest foul mouthed kid on YouTube or is it just the fact that you hate the world cause you have never been with a boy/girl?
Reply if you want, I will never know, notifications are off, too many people like you around unfortunately :-(

TOGunslinger: Chris, sad to say, but you don't realize how ignorant your foul mouth makes you sound.

Joey Paul: Don't sweat the kid's language. It's a freaking YouTube video, not the end of the world. Jesus people, lighten up.

RimfireRat: just use a 5X8X2.5 bearing instead of the washer. it's hardened won't wear and your lock washer has a split in it to hang up  /Do a search it's on youtube. . will give a lot smother trigger than a hardware store washer

Frank !: .
I used a 5x8mm RC bearing fix on my Crosman fury II blackout (TR77) and it is perfect....that washer looks to big tike it would engage the sear to quick making it a ( dangerous) hair trigger?


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