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Luis Vazquez: yo dud that s really work s I did mine on the crosman f4 and man WOW wow wow love it haha tremendous

JOSEPH SCUDERI SR: F-in great!  You are truly a genius. Great video, explained well. How basic, you just cost crosman untold $$$.  You are the F-in MAN, thank you, Joe

Wichelroede: *GRT

Chuffing Ale: I don't know which is better, your trigger fix or your reasoning skills.
funny how the little otomotons find something objectionable about your presentation, but would never be able to sort out problems like you did....kudos.

Luis Vazquez: thanks dude I did that to mi f4 and wow it works

Ken Smith: Terrible camera work, out of focus much of the time and mostly useless. Screwed up demo'ing a potential trigger upgrade if it doesn't make the rifle unsafe.

James Raymond CreativePhotography: yeh the swearing is very professional, it greatly helps him with uneducated representation, then a very dangerous trigger modification , show how video, I wonder how many kids tried this in their fathers shop that caused injury, then this guy is so greatly professional his camera, vid cam is very professional "you think", this kid would be better off giving info on how to use Soap in Mouth, hahaha. JR

Asah Pakome: he said the word freak 13 times in 5 minutes and 42 seconds

Luis Vazquez: yo dude I did it thanks wow nice work s

Billy Stephens: Foul mouth... Edit video to remove all the F words and I may watch it.

Tom LaRocque: Excellent vid, thanks.

John Lape: I freaking get it now. freaking freak freak freak!

blueboy7777777777777: Good idea but you loose my respect with that potty mouth.

John Frycek: Worked great, short light trigger pull. Group tightened up considerably 👍🏻

paul bunyan: excellent job , i did this to my tr77 and its 100% better now
great post !!!

Phil Martin: well done on using your noggin (head) and spotting the manufacturers design flaw nice easy to follow video my friend, so what if the video quality isn't so great we can see its a nice simple mod but maybe if you'd have eased up a tad on the swearing you would have had people saying well done and congrats instead of being trolls to you, hope your next vid is as genius but you deliver it in a way the haters cant touch you buddy, your just giving angry people a reason to whine at you.

Rrudy DeDogg: You kiss your mother with that mouth?  For cryin' out loud, the video is supposed to be about modifying a trigger but we get unrelated narrative and blurred video quality.  I can't take it any longer.    Semper Fi.

Rick Lonnen: Hey Dude. The internet does not make you stupid. But it does make your stupidity available to others. Go buy a large bottle of dish soap for your mouth

Rick Lonnen: too much use of the F word. Is it not possible for the author to make a video without the swearing or is he just an ahole.

Alberto Papi: Hi, Chris.... Thank you for the tips on how to fix the trigger! That's a new discovery for the Do it your Self thing and saving money on accessories.


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