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Wes Williams: Hahaha! I love it! What the freak? Great video Chris... Don't listen to these cry babies. freak everyone's feelings.

Chuck Rock: Y’all should just relax about his mouth. Speaking like that will make him come off as trashy and that will carry him through life just like that.

hans granheim: Well ok Mr. Pottymouth, good fix if the safety continues to operate correctly after the washers are installed.

e n o u g h: What's with all these maggots complaining about his language? This ain't Bible study, bitch, grow a pair

Sup0897 J.: who gives a freak if he swears everyone freak off....crying bitches

GENGHIS KHAN JR. III: Purty good upgrade for pennies 😎👍

Double Dee: freak freak freak freak freak freak ..... ahhhh ... that's better

y c: nice freaking video man. im gonna try it on my freaking gun

Gary Arkels: filthy language is the result of a weak mind attempting to make an impression!

Colin Judge: Very simple mod! I used 3 washers after removing the spring. They protrude about 3mm out of the top off the trigger unit. The trigger is crisp and totally predictable compared to the previous nightmare. Groups have now halved also. Try and get washers that perfectly fit the stud.

MattacksRC: there are so many sensitive gay men in the comments.

Peter Johnson: great tip thanks. please take a course on how to communicate as an adult. no need for all those words.

Mark Winfrey: dude you need to watch your language. your video was ok but you ruined it with your foul mouth >You think it makes you sound cool but all it does is make you sound like a friggin idiot.There is no sense in using foul language .You get a thumbs down clean up your act. I may never watch another one of your videos. You're stupid man and couldn't watch your video because of your foul mouth. Clean up your act if you want to be successful l would not allow my product to be advertised by your video so there . How do you like that dummy ?

Luis Vazquez: yo dud that s really work s I did mine on the crosman f4 and man WOW wow wow love it haha tremendous

CATHY SCUDERI: F-in great!  You are truly a genius. Great video, explained well. How basic, you just cost crosman untold $$$.  You are the F-in MAN, thank you, Joe

Wichelroede: *GRT

Chuffin 'ell: I don't know which is better, your trigger fix or your reasoning skills.
funny how the little otomotons find something objectionable about your presentation, but would never be able to sort out problems like you did....kudos.

Luis Vazquez: thanks dude I did that to mi f4 and wow it works

Ken Smith: Terrible camera work, out of focus much of the time and mostly useless. Screwed up demo'ing a potential trigger upgrade if it doesn't make the rifle unsafe.

James Raymond CreativePhotography: yeh the swearing is very professional, it greatly helps him with uneducated representation, then a very dangerous trigger modification , show how video, I wonder how many kids tried this in their fathers shop that caused injury, then this guy is so greatly professional his camera, vid cam is very professional "you think", this kid would be better off giving info on how to use Soap in Mouth, hahaha. JR

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