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cynthia martinez: Love this video. I couldn't be bothered to buy cornmeal so this is a great alternative.

Viviana Moreno: Would they still taste good if i dont add the corn starch? 

MrGrantdw: you are missing the cornmeal how can you call them corn dogs ? these are an American invention and predate our Australian dagwood or pluto pup by more than 50 years even our dagwood or pluto pup recipes has cornmeal in them all you have made is a sausage with fish batter 

Courtney .K: I'm Australian and call them pluto pups

Jiwon Lee: Is corn flour the same as corn starch?? 

Halostonecold: Can I bake them instead?

Achoo Choo: There should be corn meal or what Aussies call polenta into the batter. 

ChilipeprSandi R: Below was suppose to be for the "Churros" ........

ChilipeprSandi R: Hi Ana, I used the corn Masa we use for corn tortillas, was slightly dry so add more water..also, I piped my chilled dough right into the hot oil and sliced off the length we wanted with scissors. (saw this done by Carla on the Chew Show).. was such a hit at my house! xo~

Allan Guerrero: Like

Jann Ytcbn: I used corn starch and it tasted just a good

Stephen Mulkey: Why did she suddenly become hotter once I realized she was Australian?

Vanessa b: Do we also call them pluto pups

viviana cardenas: P.s, thanks for the recipe, because I like making things from scratch !

Hunlover123601: Does anyone know this recipe in grams and milliliters? It looks so delicious, but we don't have the good measuring things... ><

viviana cardenas: @ Bobby basurto, you're a bitch. If you were SOO hot yourself , why hide behind a weird profile picture that clearly looks much better than what you can possibly look like . Which is crap maybe. So stop being a hater because Karma can cook : 


Hunlover123601: this. was. DELISH!!!!!! <3 me, my family, and my BFF enjoyed this soo much <3 ( ... >< burned my fingers with an agressive oilsplatter, but it'll be okay :3 )

Mar Cuevas: I loved the best recipe and seen, thanks

CookingwithKarma: .. the ingredients are listed below in the description box, you could cut and paste them from there :)

Joyce Chirill: People from Suriname love food! Yay us! Imma' try this recipe...

Da_FXCKIN_Andy: Shes like a female niko lol

CookingwithKarma: .. you could probably use plain flour if you can't get cornflour :)

reyre20000: who the freak in Australia calls them dagwood dogs???!!! Theyre PLUTO PUPS freakwits

CookingwithKarma: .. thank you, I hope you enjoy them :)

CookingwithKarma: .. you would have to make sure that the sausage was cooked, otherwise the short amount of cooking time in the deep fryer would leave them raw in the middle!

Reece Wilson: You dont know what a hot dog is, im in scotland and im like wtf...

CookingwithKarma: .. awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed them :)

Merav LaFranca: Have you tried making them with egg replacer such as enerG?

BigIrick: Eww red hot dogs. Thats what some people down here un Georgia eat.

Chuck Norris: bets your name isnt karma

nicole ishak: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

YahGodIs: Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips And from a deceitful tongue. Psalm 120:2

Hollytannerxox: Yuk look like shat

kenziec03: Love it making it for lunch to day!

CookingwithKarma: ... well I suggest you don't watch my videos if you think I'm creepy .. I wouldn't want to scare you!

danielstoodope: Instead of using plain and corn flour, can i use all purpose flour?:) im new at cooking and am looking for alternatives

Glockenator: When I went to Ireland last summer I was amazed at how many foods we get EVERYWHERE in Canada people hadn't even heard of in Ireland!

neyenna9: Hi! I'm from Europe and I've always wanted to try corn dogs, but well, I never had the chance. So, I've just finished making some following your recipe (I used potato flour though) and they were awesome! :D thanks for the video, good job! ;D

THEFUNNANNA: these are different than the battered sav like you get at the fish shop these are more like bready than like battered lol lol anyway could u use roostertail franks ? if u made them for a party u would be there all day lol vkol using roostertail franks

winer ville: Best corn dog recipe perfect

Barry Kissoon: Excellent recipe!

Hager Esmail: are the hot dogs cooked already before we dip them in the corn mixture???

Gamerwillham: @CookingwithKarma Thank you for posting this! You saved me 15 dollars since I almost bought the mini corn dog maker from think!

MsDoglover111: I live in Ireland 2 and I have never tried corn dogs..

wayne jourdain: dagwood dogs is a later name, in the 60's, 70's 80's we called them Pluto Pups

BONY BASURTO: you are good making things and cooking .......but first take shower and do some make up because you hair look dirty and put a hair net . sorry.

symphonytwo: Fantastic! I will try this out when I can and I'll let yo know how I go :) Thanks for sharing Karman

CookingwithKarma: .. I live on my own!! lol. But my coworkers love everything I bring in to work! :D

Desy Ginting: can i use corn starch instead of corn flour? :s

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