Homemade Compound Bow

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rachel freeman: Need to make limbs stiffer maybe sch 80 with sch 40 inside it you shouldnt be able to draw it at all without the cams

Ashy Butt: tutorial please

MrSzomszid: Kreativ videó.

Robert Miller: sounds good to me my address is robert l. miller 297 harrington ave warwick ri. 02888 phone is 401-486-8562 let me know how much total so i can do either money order for you.

Robert Miller: is there any way that you can make me a set of the cams for this type of bow

Max Brain Devices: Nice work

The Slingshot Master TSM 彈弓頻道 Slingshot channel: I like it

pushing the limits: its about 14 lbs

Mr. Cali: dumb ass tweeker!

Mr. Cali: any good bow should do that!

Hakuna Matata: it is not 50 ib , speed very slow

MrOthon25: Sup, i was wondering if you could send me some draws of how you put the string and of the cams or if it's better for you some pics, Tanks very much. My e-mail it's otoelalex@gmail.com

Robert Miller: Btw I would love to see the videocon the bow that you did thay is simular to the liberty bow

Robert Miller: Hi again j cub I have become a big fan and I was wondering if placeing fiber glass rods like the kind that they make forthe reflectors at the end of driveways were inserted into the limbs of this bow would help to decrease the loss of draw wheight when shooting in warm weather?

Lukáš Benda: I think, the much better is create hendle, which is curve back. And this is because, you have  longer pull on. On your bow only half arrow is used.

Robert Miller: do you have any schmatics for the cams for this bow that you can send me i have an e-mail on yahoo that is bob_miller151@yahoo.com if you e_mail me i will send you my mailing address so you can send me it along wit the size of them that i can work with thank you

megadeth22885: im curious if you ever ran this bow through a chronograph?

Cameron Thomason: The string dosent go back all the way

Robert Yasumura: Loved the video.  I've watched a few of your videos and my only complaint is the photography.  You're back-lit a lot, so I can't see clearly what you're doing.  I would also gently suggest that you be careful of drastic light changes, like shadows on a bright day.  The camera can't handle it well, and so anything in shade is lost.  Great work.

Robert Miller: by the way how long are your limbs on this bow?

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Homemade Compound Bow 5 out of 5

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Homemade Compound Bow