Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop Fix

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barbrothers: what do u press at the beggining 

Jonathan Camacho: Here's how I fixed mine - Remove all usb connections and then press restart. Thank me later. 

theantt ant: When I click on advanced options the screen just freezes there can anybody tell me what is going on?

V Burg: I can't see what you hit at the beginning. Am stuck here. 


Iez XiN: Asus x550cc or a550c cannot on so i want to do something help plis

kristin lin: Thank for making rhis video I am having this problem. But it is really hard to see what you are clicking, and next time can you talk a little bit slower cause I cant really understand. But thanks anyways. I am going to try it out 

HexPlays: For the noobs, press f9 or f12 on some computers it's a different key, also it might help to press fn and f9/12 on system boot 

Dominic Luciano: This has nothing to do with a "repair loop" It's just a dude showing off an old laptop that runs insanely slow with W8. I'm not trying to be mean here., but I'm a bit irritated I had to listen to 4 minutes of "ok", and weird comments and come away with nothing.

datFrxz: notice how when he said the name of his laptop he said it load,clear & proudly? news Flash kid, IT'S crap, YOUR VIDEO WAS USLESS.

Denis Han: You can only go to that mode when nothing is wrong with your boot! When the booting system has been broken, you can not get out of this friggin stupid boot loop !!

reyna sunio: Thank you for this video..

fdxcb: Not working for me,it just goes back to automatic repair :/

Daniel Velazquez: My Dell Inspiron 15 Crash, and the repair automatically start and now its stock there.... just loading and loading, it says preparing automatic repair and then diagnosing your PC and start over and over... Can you help me?

Ammar Badawi: Hi

frozenbinarystudio: My computer failed to even boot into safe mode at all after selecting the option.

matthew paul: This doesn't always work, you may just have to get a new hard drive.

abra quirimit: how to fix samsung window 8..does not work when i reset it,then it appear "prepairing automatic repair",next appear is "diagnose your pc"..what i'm gonna do?????plsss help..T_T

Valeria Mirano: i have toshiba satellite c870-1c2 and it stuck in preparing automatic repair and diagnosing your pc . the F8 key doesn't work . what i should do in that case , to fix my pc. HELP :(

Minecraftman3567: My goes to a black screen :(

Kayleigh Littler: Please can you help

Hunter Larkins: I did exactly as you did and it never brought me to my login just back to scanning and repairing drive c

someone?????: jow do u do it on a acer windows 8 laptop

xTTxGaming1: When I restarted it, it didn't go directly to the startup settings. So I had to manually go to it. But it still didn't work

Benjamin Hall: What button did he just pressed?

ANTONIO SOOKDEO: my computer still go to loop

madison triska: what happens if the blue screen dont come up it just keeps going and going then what do you do

matthew blake: I dont know if this helps but on my Lenovo next to the on button is a really small button. It looks like it has a set of head phones on it. It looked like he presses the on button . When i pressed that little button it brought up the one key recovery. Hope this helps dudes and dudetts.

Josh Hohf: pretty sure the only way to fix this is by replacing your hard drive and reinstalling windows

Sierra Keller: my laptop is stuck on automatic repair... i cant get to the log in screen please help

giovanni demichele: Does not work. Being a loop it just gos back to the automatic repair screen. This is the nature of a loop.

goldenningas: Mine doesn't even get to the login page, it just starts automatic repair, again.

theAboy97: my computer says diagnosing your pc and it doesn't get out of that 

Ryan Price-King: possible new fix if bcdedit did not work. ok I have also been annoyed with this problem and tried the bcdedit commands, which failed at first saying that it could not load the bcdedit file. I read somewhere that was because of USB and I was booting win 8 from USB. I then used command prompt in the repair options built into win 8.1. Completed the bcdedit commands sucessfully. But for me and many others it did not remove my repair loop and I could not still get into safe mode. Until I noticed in the advanced options that there is early mal-ware protection. So I disabled that assuming this could cause boot issues (my desperate attempt). On the next boot and to my surprise it booted. I then shut down the machine and started it up again and it booted normally again without doing anything else. I hope this will help the others that are having issues still, after the bcdedit commands. I also then re-enabled the recovery with 'bcdedit /set recoveryenabled YES'. This was successfull and there is still no recovery loop. To breakdown what I did: 1. 'bcdedit /set recoveryenabled NO' in the command prompt. (This didnt work and may not be needed). 2. Wait for the machine to boot into the 'Automatic repair couldn't repair your PC' error message. 3. Click the 'Advanced Options' button 4. Click the 'Troubleshoot' button 5. Click the 'Advanced options' button 6. Click the 'Startup Settings' button 7. Wait for the system to reboot into the 'Startup Settings' menu (is the same menu for safe mode) 8. Select the 'Disable early launch anti-malware protection' option. (Press '8') 9. If this worked for you, you should now boot into windows. 10. Now you can shutdown your system and it should hopefully work first time the next time you start the system. Please leave comments to state whether this worked or didnt please. Thank-You.

CoolBrothersDistrict: Thank you verk much 

Kayleigh Littler: Does anyone know how to do it on Packard bell 

ProFragzie™ - Liziux Vapid: For the idiots... Hold f9 when turning on

joseph jide: I Jst hv to thank you.... alot..... I mean alot...... it worked perfectly..

Arawanach: It would all be well if I got into that option. I don't get the recovery screen up. It just says Windows automatic repair, then it restarts, then it starts it again... and so I don't really get into that first step.

MRBEERMANN Jordan: Why does my laptop say Reboot and select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media In Selected Boot Device And Press A Key???

Jeffrey2457: What if it is still looping while trying to enter Safe mode?

ThatBrokenPencil: Doesn't work

Miguel Salazar: You sure it works

Demarreah Smith: My computer is stuck in automatic repair how do I fix it

Arawanach: I tried it, but it didn't work... and it works kind of different for me... I actually had to try to get it running a cd, then take it out to get error message... then putting it in again and pressing F8 witch say on the screen that it will open the startup screen (witch is actually fewer steps than in your case)... then I'm actually in the startup settings. So it goes from there and I don't get into safe mode. Maybe some of the other options could help me fix it... Guess I just have to try out.

00Dyana: mine got stuck on the restart stage, it was just about to restart again when suddenly the little dots which are going in a circle stopped moving. (now I cant even get on the repair/blue screen) it is just loading and attempting to find a solution or whatever it was saying... WHAT TO DO???? PLZ HELP ME!!

Timothy Weiby: Why why I have a asus and no its broke I need to buy a new one

Moazam Ismail: It stinks. No offence. How do you do it because it aint working man.

JohnnyGat1872: What button did u press

TheKamikazeCasey: the directions are for the windows 7 disc

Cert: Building stuff is always in my family gene. My dad is a new york auto technician and taught me everything I need to know about cars. Now I sell car parts online to suppliment my income. So it does help when there's good guidance.
Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop Fix 3.3 out of 5

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Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop Fix