Honda CBX And CB1100F's Revving

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TheJoePepper: Holy balls, what morons. The bicyclists riding by must have been really impressed.

george lucas weiss: No one does a engine like honda, I love the cb family!! Every one that can not se the beauty and the history behind this old ladys knows nothing about motorcycles

Eric Antonik: This is about as annoying as Harley riders.

cadillaccomaro: you are an idiot. what makes them rednecks? just because you are a redneck does not mean you are stupid. These bikes are FAR FROM SLOW. a factory CB1100F stands out and looks a lot better than your dime a dozen sport bike Ducati.

hans arnaldo: @KOSKESH43 yeah right, obviously you are an ignorant bastard who doesn't know anything about bikes.. and these bikes are more precious than your ducati if you even have one.. post a video so that we all can see

jon spon: @Sc0ttzi those old bikes run just fine. i race mine everytime i go out and keep her right next to the red line, she does just fine.

acguitarfsg: Nice. Im in the process of restoring my dads cb1100. He passed 10 years ago and I finally have the cash to start this project! Nice bikes

Sc0ttzi: @MrKweezy2 half the comments on here support what I'm saying. What I meant by that comment was that these are all very nice, and now quite rare bikes. Why damage them? I don't care what you say, mechanics or not, built up or not, revving any motor while not under load causes damage. It may not be much damage, but it's NEVER good for ANY motor to free rev to that extent, rev limiter or not. ESPECIALLY vintage bikes. Race motors can rev like that because they get rebuilt regularly, these won't be.

Kevin Wilder: @Sc0ttzi u got owned by eatpasta!!

Garry Thomas: omg many small pencil's there lol

eatpasta: @hoplite46 its near the rock store in the Malibu mountains

hoplite46: that looks like Cape Town Chapmans Peak

fasterspider: My CBX does not look like that anymore.

fasterspider: My CBX is still running and has a Schule exhaust system now but, she is getting a 0 mile engine after the 27,000 hard miles I have put on her.

Joe Depczynski: Music to my ears! Nothing beats the sound of a badass CBX, 1100, 900, or 750! Made my day!

Matheus Ribeiro: Legend's!!!

3doorpete: proper Mad Max style!

eatpasta: you are what you ride I guess

DP: I had no idea owning a CB1100F made people so fat. Thanks for the tip. I'll go for a CB750F or at most a CB900F.

Matt Turns: go ahead. break a cam chain. that wont be a bitch and a half to fix. never mind, it is. i've done it before. its not fun.

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Honda CBX and CB1100F's Revving 5 out of 5

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Honda CBX and CB1100F's Revving
Honda CBX and CB1100F's Revving
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1983 HONDA CB1100F
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Honda CBX and CB1100F's Revving