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Ian-Devon Lewis: i always loved when Bobby Lee and korean centric madtv skits. well... 1 or 2 that were painfully not funny.

Joe Code stud : Pongo has the same look puff daddy has.

Dev Bro: I bet Pongo has some bomb bud.

kerwin “Axy83” K: This asian actor is the best ever!!

Jay Wolf: Poor Pongo; he seems too sleepy.

Diabolik Dooby420: I know someone who looks identical to Pongo

Matt B: I would pay money to help bring mad tv back.

Seeker: bobby lee is the best

Luis Mendoza: We'll be doin' jatt and sloppy, like Yoni Gunz wei

Spartan: not funny

ASilenceSoLoud: Should've had him in the Interview

richard roy: some people make great joke too prove too people too have a sent of humor s in ottawa ,canada over clips like this ...too blame people over noticing how bad the world can make it better right
..I got topic over reason why people just judge people and why funny moments dont exist in less you change it ..Better the news better the entertainment show at times and all the people who actual care that get like jobs dont exist so people can led

IzzyBoy2012: I feel the same way about sex with my wife as he does with jessica simpson

theothertroll: Bobby Lee always meant lame ass skits

Onu Dolf: LOL the title says Korean, but you can clearly see and read from the first frames that it's THAILAND CABLE ACCESS.

Cruz8322: you know it, Hard and Sloppy the Johny Gan way! lmfao! right pongo? 

Dana Yumikun: He must be a relative of Toki Fong.

RedLotus Assassin: 1094 people do it hard and sloppy the Johnny Gan way

Jonny Giovani: Well balls to you sir

12012channel: It is Thai not Korean

Mad Tv -The Korean Movie Review Show 5 out of 5

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Mad Tv -The Korean Movie Review Show