Mike Rashid's Training Split And Pre Workout IX3 Vlog

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Abdullah Abdullah: Hello Mike Rashid, @mikerashid

I want to try your Split but i have a question when do you put the deadlifts on? do you deadlift on the heavy legday on wednesday or on the backday?

666ofdoom: Interesting!

Crime_Stein: if ur working your triceps on tuesday wont working your triceps on monday , just be over training the muscle so it doesnt have time to grow?

Crime_Stein: mon back triceps, tues chest biceps wed heavy leg thur shoulders fri biceps trips sat light leg sun rest

JordanC-137: hey mike what do you use for your post workout drink mix?

jonleefts: Wouldn't you be compromising your chest and biceps on tuesday by hitting back and triceps the day before though?

G Mayne: I dig your training philosophies a lot, so I'm going to try you out one time on your Pre-Workout. 

Kenneth abbenes: to bad the ix3 will cost me $84,00 to ship it to Holland :(

mr501mc: this is my exact split (no lies) been doing it for like 15 months!!!

KeepCalmCarry OM: is this type training ok for us plus size women?

The Slayer: Thanks for the info!!!

XTheSpartanX7: Ey mike im only like 17 bro but i like how you have a no holds barred. Do anything you want and stick to the compound movements to get results its what i do from watching your vids but not as much as you.

Mike Rashid: not at all. If that was the case I wouldnt do it... Your body will adapt to the stress you put it under.

NovakGoran: that's the point, so you will be using the chest more because the triceps will be fatigued.

eblocker1016: ummmm I was with you until I didn't hear any ab workout or cardio. how are you so ripped and those big abs without any of that?????????????

niv cohen: he is on anabolic steriods he can do tricep 6 times a weak if he wanted to

bveit12: you guys are some freaking sallys. worrying about overtraining is why youre small. you should never go in to the gym scared that youre going overtrain, thats a lazy way to look at it

Ivan Tenorio: Oh and they have a big following and pretty much liked everywhere on the fitness community or at least the community with the big timers like Pog, TigerFitness, big jay and so on

Dani Škerget: so that you chest does more work :)

Jon: Why the hell not?

Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog 5 out of 5

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Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog