Mike Rashid's Training Split And Pre Workout IX3 Vlog

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Daniel Maximus: yeah for you that works, for 99% of everyone else there triceps would be killing the next day trying to hit chest.

jxlee91: Wouldn't you be compromising your chest and biceps on tuesday by hitting back and triceps the day before though?

G Mayne: I dig your training philosophies a lot, so I'm going to try you out one time on your Pre-Workout. 

AJ Kelley: has anyone had this pre-workout? i think ima try it out

Jonathan Whiteley: Did you say ''Overtraining my biceps...''????????? Overtraining is a myth, huh???

Gokhan Ozen: Why don't you just subscribe to them ? lol

dobe187: am defo tryin this out :-))

Ivan Tenorio: Oh and they have a big following and pretty much liked everywhere on the fitness community or at least the community with the big timers like Pog, TigerFitness, big jay and so on

praybytheiron: this post brought me to tears..soo good such a good reply..i received gains from this post that's how good it is haha

fume423: he said in this vid that he does legs 2 times a week. a heavy day and a light day on sat

Constant Van der Westhuizen: There will come a time where you will have to shake it up like I mentioned to keep your body confused

hrendar: Had an ACL injury not very long ago and your videos motivate me to keep pushing and it helps alot on rehab so thanks . Overtraining is awesome

Phil Khouzam: and who told u that?

windsofhealth: Thanks for the info Mike. I'll be switching from push pull to chest/biceps etc. What u said made a lot of sense. I developed tendinitis in my bicep forearm area on my left arm from over working it doing high volume training back & biceps on the same day. It took months to heal & I still have to be careful with it. I'll also be trying your pre-workout.

TheJasonYamamoto: getting that fade in lol keep doing your thing homeboy!

tissetass96: ait, thx for the respone brother, i actually almost have the same split as you, it works great.

MrSearh: i will buy this :D

König aller: He doesn't mean the overtraining your talking bout..uhhg you dont get it... he just doesnt want to train biceps that much

goldensaiyangod: Mike if u work ur tri befor chest won't that weaken ur tri for chest??

plopher: I don't trust YouTube enough for something this important

TomasMalesMAD: Do you not train abs directly?

mtdor: A 6 days split with a lot of arm overlap and not enough frequency for chest and back...so if you guys are naturals, don't do that. You got much faster results with Full body or Upper/lower... and don't do strength training more than 3-4 days per week.

Alexander Nguyen: Definitely gonna give this a try when my craze/hemavol run out!

iClasssyy: i will be purchasing this. Il give it a try

Flynn Morrison: You said you don't want to over train biceps? I don't know what to think any more!

Michael Miller: Mike, I want to buy your product, but shipping to Australia is $45 which is also the cost for the pre-workout. Is it possible for you guys to provide a cheaper, lower priority shipping option?

vibes981: tri/bi is good, but chest and back, for me, takes too much out of me since they are huge muscle groups so I can't work as hard as I want. Everybody's different though and if it works for you then go for it.

The good guy: I'd advise you to not do shoulders chest and triceps all on one day.. How long are you at the gym for doing that? like 3 hours? i'd never do 3 different muscle groups in one day because once you start to flag after one muscle (if you work hard) You won't really have that energy to push another 2 muscle groups, I'd say just do 2 muscle groups :) but that's just a personal preference, if it works then keep it up

forgotch1: yes but when your tri burnt out for chest and you over come that that will make you a stronger person in the long run I think that's the message he's usually trying to give in a lot of his videos


Drew Andy: took that long for a simple haircut like that?...

Swenderer Swendererr: i was wondering if this is a good workout routine : mon chest/biceps wed shoulders Friday back/triceps sun rest. i have no leg days because tuesday and thursday i have football training and saturday i have to play a match

TheBluespekk: i was distracted by ur barber lol

Jayarea5: Lee Haney also advises againts the infamous Back and Bi routine...too much of the same

dubuliezs3: he made another video about overtraining which explains what he means by the use of over training during chest video. Once you understand what he means you will understand how he uses it in this vid.

mamitelacomo: Question, do you think when you work out chest and bicep the following day your biceps feel sore or not recovered completley from the previous work out? Does that matter or its ok?

Malik W: dont take any pre-workout if you have a heart problem don't risk it man!

Xtern17: his website

KeepCalmCarry OM: is this type training ok for us plus size women?

Kris Jones: what advice would you have for a college student trying to obtain a good physique but has to eat meals at a dining hall that doesnt always serve meals necessary for this?

Nate S: great video bro

Liam Gould: $47 to ship to UK l0l! more then the actual tub

NoBBCGenetics: Nice split but annihilating your triceps the day before a chest workout? Doesn't add up especially if you're natty...

SamramirezTRAX: @EmmanuelClark it was a question. You don't have to be a douche bag. maggot

KJ Lifting: probably the most viewed haircut in the world right here

snaruto001: post website

Chris Nguyen: How do you feel about chest/back and tri/bi

BHammer: What's Glycocyamine?

bveit12: you guys are some freaking sallys. worrying about overtraining is why youre small. you should never go in to the gym scared that youre going overtrain, thats a lazy way to look at it

jamesbond8997: and cardio is athle stuff right clean and ress and everything or boxing mma stuff right on like sundays

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Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog 4.9 out of 5

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Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog
Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog
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Mike Rashid Vlog: Why I created iX3 preworkout
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Mike Rashid's Training split and Pre Workout iX3 Vlog