How To Root The Sony Xperia Z (Safe & No Data Loss) (C6602 & C6603 - Locked & Unlocked Bootloaders)

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Simeon Marinov: i have a problem only one of the 3 drivers is installing sucsesfully ... i am running windows 8 maybe cause of that ? PS i am trying to root xperia z ultra 4.4.2

Jason Sug: can anyone tell me how to root an xperia z on 4.3.......

Ahmad Asraf Hashim: Does this work on Android 4.3?

DhaGhost: After Display nothing happens please help me...

Hayden Pernia: Newer firmwares found on the T-Mobile version will get stuck on the white screen using this method. I found an updated working toolkit. Click File>Download then extract with the password 'pass' and run the bat file:

Sean Bean: What is root? I know stupid question but could someone asnwer? :T

german campos: xperia z c6606 10.3.1.E.0.191 CAN U do this root i dont find nothing how root me x peria please anwers me tank u

Ahmad Asraf Hashim: Does anyone know if this work with Android 4.3?

DhaGhost: I press on desplay and get a white screen not black and then just nothing happens

bason2010: Does this work with 4.3 as I am a noob ;-) 

ismathullah mohamed: I mean when i click on the link provided above it goes to the following link, but where is the place i can download? (

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How to Root the Sony Xperia Z (Safe & No Data Loss) (C6602 & C6603 - Locked & Unlocked Bootloaders)