How To Root The Sony Xperia Z (Safe & No Data Loss) (C6602 & C6603 - Locked & Unlocked Bootloaders)

What do you think about this video?

Jonathan Harding-Rathbone: Does this also work with Z Ultra C6833?

Luke Randlesome: The program keeps saying "adb server is out of date. killing..." Any suggestions on what to do please?

rizwan khan: I have Xperia Z with kitkat so do i still use the above link to root the device ..??? after rooting i want to install MIUI latest version that's running on kitkat do we have miui with kitkat version or i have to settle with 4.2.2 

Ajay Aujla: m nt getting d developers option in my xperia z

shafeeque OT: its saying, daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 daemon started successful * ------------------------------------------ Please help me how can i resolve this screen short >>> 

Sim Goodie: C4ETech if i root my sony xperia z. Will i be able to upgrade my phone to android l, like the google nexus? please let me know asap because i need android l on my android device. Thank you 

Beast Gaming: Will this work for sony xperia z running android 4.4.2

rolando delacruz: when i get to the display setting my phone doesn't reboot ???? 

Noah Zero: I does not work

Ayappa Subramaniam: does this work for the xperia z1?

Solomon Andrew: Towelroot?

brabra636: HI there, thanks for this tuto..i have do all steps good but when i press any button (in runme file) i have "waiting device" but nothing happens. Can you help please?

Aaron Berroya: not working... just stayed in white background...

Hayden Pernia: Newer firmwares found on the T-Mobile version will get stuck on the white screen using this method. I found an updated working toolkit. Click File>Download then extract with the password 'pass' and run the bat file:

Parvez Fernandes: Thanks man it worked! :D My phone's running on 4.1.2 Only one problem tho, the NFC works, but to switch it on/off i have to restart my phone. i.e If it's on and i want to turn it off i'll have to restart my phone,same thing the other way around

Edgars Vidins: i have problem i have 4.4.2. and ''runme.'' says waiting for device... why is thet?

Simeon Marinov: i have a problem only one of the 3 drivers is installing sucsesfully ... i am running windows 8 maybe cause of that ? PS i am trying to root xperia z ultra 4.4.2

Mahmood Alshibly: It works thanks alot ^_^

Ahmad Aboubakar: Mine is stuck on daemon started success fuly in runme.bat

malik bajaha: hey can anyone help??? i couldn't root my sony xperia z C6606 running 4.3, on mac computer. any help??? i'll appriciate it…... 

DuLe Jutulerivc: Does anyone know if this work with Android 4.4.2?

Pramod Kumar: Bro looking forward for the reviews of Sony experia t2 ultra....asap pls :-)

Hanlin Zhang: does it work on 4.4.2

Sean Bean: What is root? I know stupid question but could someone asnwer? :T

Stanley Parikh: make a video for mac pls

Anton Wakowako: Mine only comes to cmd then it says : Wating for device *daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037* *daemon started successfully* Then it's frozen?!!?!

LetsGo Wild: If you want to root your xperia arc in 10 seconds ,watch my latest video

Mansoor Anwar: Any Test this video on 4.4.2 and Build number is 10.5.A.0.230

amerulraven: Is this working on Xperia Z C6603 Android 4.4 KitKat?

shameez dendar: Hi, do i need to flash my device from a 4.3 to a 4.2 before i attempt to root my phone? also, link one is not opening due to an error. please help?

Ricardo Sousa: Does It work with z tablet? 

Abdo Daccache: i always get to "deamon started successfuly " but nothing happen after it can u tell me what to do plz

Mayur Rokde: it showint adb server is out of date. killing ... ".......wht to do now???? plz help

Adva Shitrit: Anyone know if this work with the Z2?

Pramod Kumar: Bro looking forward for the reviews of Sony experia t2 ultra....asap pls :-)

Tyrone kyle: Does this work for z1 

pauleygamer: which version was this tutorial made on? thx

MrJimbotz: Hi mate i think the video is very clear and informative, but i have a problem in that it stops at "Daemon started successfully", before writing this i have searched the net and would have appeared to have tried all fixes available. 

Behruz Sayfullah: didn't work for me. it says adb.exe file is missing when I hit "press any key to continue" after running the runme.bat Please advise Xperia Z 4.3

5c4rl37h castillo: im stuck in the white screen what should i do to continue?

Dymex Dam: It always stop working at "daemon started successfully" Noting happens after that, can you help please?

Mansoor Anwar: Excelent Work 

Christian Wich: thanks a bunch. because i didn't know what to do when my phone got frozen.

Vijay Tottempudi: stuck at "daemon not running . starting it on port 5037" "daemon start successful"

محمد زيرو: when i press any key to continue , it says " adb server is out of date. killing ... " what does it mean , and what should i do ?

TheFrostyBrit: I get to * daemon started successfully * and it stops, nothing comes up on my xperia z1 and nothing happens on the computer. can anyyone help?

Hemanng parghi: run.bat file stops n "wait for device" is written but not any further progress

Dymex Dam: It always stop working at "daemon started successfully" Noting happens after that, can you help please?

bason2010: Does this work with 4.3 as I am a noob ;-) 

ismathullah mohamed: I mean when i click on the link provided above it goes to the following link, but where is the place i can download? (

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How to Root the Sony Xperia Z (Safe & No Data Loss) (C6602 & C6603 - Locked & Unlocked Bootloaders)