Halo Wars Strategy - Arbiter Shutdown Rush

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ProAcey: Happy 4 years this video.... ;)

WolfiKurisu: Then why do you guys always complain and lose to it?

Christopher Jimenez: temple first is a joke

MrRedmon26: @RXAlphaWolf you still on the wrong video this is a terrible rush

Evilzombie35: Don hate make a better one

Therdw1: Bottom line this guy knows what hes doing and annoying general 3v3 teams do this allot and this tactic is incredibly effective now get a life and get use to it kid your a NOOB

doveyboy2: worst rush is warthog rush because the time you get army i will have 5 tanks then that rush is a fail

Hugo zavala: Weak old rush!

EmbraceCorruption: @eagermeeger Temple first is actually useful seeing as the leader gathers supplies quicker than other units dumbass

kingmini2: @MrRedmon26 ha i played a game for 11 min so suck a pickle maggot

RuneScapesHeroes: lol not really i upgrade all units at once while rushing it will light up and u wont know whats coming out. gf kid

Andrew McKillen: @ODSTOTTER i have 23,050

MrRedmon26: @RXAlphaWolf i will admit you are right alot of rush are planned well but they could have used that planning for economic porposes and have a much better game

4g32qu1ckly117: for those who say rushing is for noobs your the noob cause you dont know how to defend im not going to sit at my base and wait 30mins for you to attack im destroy you

Aye Cooper: Lol,what kind of Warthog Rush are you doing? Listen, noob. The Warthog Rush is a technique that requires Anders to pull off successfully, since she upgrades to gunner/grenadier the fastest. Ideally, your attack should happen with about 5-7 warthogs around 2:30-3:00, and grenadier hogs should come shortly after that. It isn't difficult, and it isn't ALWAYS successful, but I found it a great way to rush Covenant leaders (provided you spare some supplies to drop a Disruption Bomb).

Austin Lind: "so much more stronger"

WolfiKurisu: But the spartan's are going to have stars from rebel bases. If your spartans are off killing rebels, then what's going to defend your base from a rush? Flamers/marines won't, and turrets wont stay up long, and that's even if the turrets are able to shoot me. In the meantime I'll be getting up my Hall/Double Summit and you'll be wrecked.

lack ofpregnancy: you never know what the rusher is gonna rush with, so you wont have time to build special anti units for his units.

Christian Frick: Thanks helped alot

kingmini2: hey dumb freak i rushed yesterday and then backed off then attacked again then backed off and attacked again for 1hr and got the max points (33600) so get the sand out of your vagina and gtfo

Dylan Barnett: Works well in longer lasting games, not rushes.

WolfiKurisu: I have my strategy, it involves rushing. The rush is only step 1. If you lose at step 1, then just stop playing; you're bad.

Dom J: Best strategy is 2 Cutter 1 Forge all 5 gunner hogs each before 3 minutes or maybe 4 at most and D bomb outside a base = dead = win.

MrRedmon26: @RXAlphaWolf then why did you come to this video?

kehoesatruck: @pinchaloaf779779779 when playing against covenent build two back turrets, build 2 supply pads a reactor then a barracks lock your base and pump out flamers.

Therdw1: I doubt you could upgrade ALL units to maximum in 4-5 minutes so when do you upgrade them 12 minutes when people usually have got a formidable full upgraded army anti to opponents units I can get a formidable tank/hornet or aa army by 7minutes if you still disagree my specialist is not halo wars for noobs encyclopedia

kingmini2: @SykoSkillz well considering i can destroy u i think that makes me better than you. . . .and u really shouldnt talk about yourself like that its kinda creepy knowing that u want to suck your tiny homo pickle

iTrollhardi: @chasejr753 LOL. What? Talking crap? The guy he was fighting was probably a noob lol. Most experienced players can counter that rush...easy. Still, IF this was a RUSH, he wouldn't have lost his arbiter...He would have destroyed the opponents base before having his arbiter die. If his opponent was more experienced, he could have countered that epic fail easily. Still, rushing is gay...I like those big army epic fights, ehh.

MrRedmon26: @kishanman1 ?

F5Twister12: thanks actually won for once

SykoSkillz: @kingmini2 Oh my god...Yes I must be a worthless pile of crap because you're smart, that makes total sense, Jesus christ freak off you little saddo stop bullcrapting and go learn some common sense

kingmini2: how was that in any way irrelevent u ignorant fag? maybe you should consider going back to school for a change instead of trolling online

Ruincape: Then you aren't using them right. Though it was an example of how, when used correctly, I would counter a rush. Still working on Scarab rushes.

chasejr753: @iTrollhardi Stupid troll is stupid.

Therdw1: this can easily be countered with turrets and anti infantry

leonidas317spartans: unless the spartans have 1 star or 2 because then they can make it hard

Therdw1: Rushing is nooby and can easily be counter with a skilled scout master

Gavin Dowell: And even if you do get your Army destroyed while taking out his Reactors and then what ever else you see as a High Valued target if you have successfully destroyed the majority of Buildings on his base he will not be able to produce any military structure what so ever until later on in the game Which should Stall him and give you enough time to prepare for a fully armed assault with a Stronger massed army with upgrades and that is a lot more efficient and able to kill off enemy resistance :)

MrParamos2000: Nice now all i have to do is build tirets when tish happens:)

PhantomArcher: you realy need to learn to put your rally flag on the teleporter instead of wasteing your time going back to your base when you could be controling the arbiter

ScottieIsPro: noobs that cant fend off a rush cant play

RuneScapesHeroes: scouts dont do any thing any more. ppl scout 2-3 mins in and by then u cant tell what im making bc i have two bases up

Gavin Dowell: That you may have to face when you come back, which Nine times out of ten is usually a small Defensive force that probably would die at the hands of a leader if he is upgraded fully. Personal Message to all who read these comments if you want to ask me for any Advice on anything or even strategies that you would like to know about please don't feel threatened to ask me and i will get back to you as soon as Possible and if you wish to add me my gamer tag is Deathmoney1211. Enjoy Everyone :D

Patrick Maskell: He didn't loose his Arbiter, it got on low health but it didn't die.

MrRedmon26: @RXAlphaWolf they just might get screwed over but they'll have a damn good time will they do =)

LUCARIO1171: @ODSTOTTER i have 14652

austintsmart: Thanks slot im on a 5 winning streak for rushes now

lack ofpregnancy: then how exactly do you rush? make a video and show us eh

MrRedmon26: @kingmini2 that doesnt mean you can have fun playin the game

TH3HAMM3R3751: @4LSniper

Halo Wars Strategy - Arbiter Shutdown Rush 4.4 out of 5

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