Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review

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Syn: But for me it's a good phone to use when u get use to it

Syn: I have that same phone XD... My life sucks dosn,t it guys?

Kosher Blacl: it looks like a blackberry curve

Eli France: I have this tracfone and it will not go to browser and it won't email or text photos. I live in North Central Florida. Is there something I should do do get on the browser? This is the second phone from Tracfone because the one I replaced would not do the same things. Going crazy. Can you help me?

Gage Fischer: For 4.99 this is an absolute steal. Plus free shipping. No brainer if you want a basic phone with a full qwerty keyboard

Steve Thompson: I Am sending the one I got back, I have been messing with Electronic since I was A Kid and 2 things I have Not been able to figure out how to set up a AT&T answering machine My Mom thought I was lying when I told Her I could Not figure out how to set It up. and this I can Not figure out how to activate It, have they ever head of "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID? Just because something Is complicated does Not mean you should make It more complicated. What do they mean by calling card I tried to buy a calling card It would Not process the order I found No slot for a calling card anyway I tried to buy Air time but It wanted Information about the calling card.
I only use a telephone about 5 minutes 4 times a year to make business calls that would be nice just to buy calling card just like putting coins In a public pay phone which No more exist and only pay when need to use phone as I said Its just too confusing I Am sending It can and go to Cricket store and get set up with wireless Internet and get off windstream which Is the reason than I Am having to get a cell phone because telephones No more work with windstream land lines and they removed all the public pay phones, I mean what Am I suppose to do If My Truck breaks down walk home and send the towing service a letter to bring My Truck home? also I put the battery In yesterday and It was almost dead this morning.     

Vern Isbell: I plug the mini usb in and Windows 8 says unknown device. Is there a driver for transferring from the micro sd card to the computer?

torn mask: bro, can this phone download youtube?

wingsonmyback1: I have heard the Samsung 390 calls 911 even when phone is locked. Many people have complained about this

Chris Smith: thanks for the excellent review!  very thorough and comparison to the 390 an added bonus. 

Neenah Guy: Hi, Does this model have voice dialing?

deathlightdb: I have not been able to find a reliable source for which music files this phone will read. It says it has an MP3 player, but I found that the phone would not read WMV files... which is odd, considering how standard they are. It does read MP4's, and obviously probably reads MP3's... since it says it's an MP3 player.

Winston Lucy: When I connect to my computer all it wants to do is charge the phone. I cannot access any files. any suggestions?

Katiuszka: if you want a phone for just making/ receiving calls and texting, Tracfone dot com has many great choices - like this Samsung T404G for $19.99 Includes Triple Minutes for Life FREE! Slider QWERTY Keyboard, Mobile Web Bluetooth® Wireless Technology 2.0 Megapixel Camera & Video Recorder MP3 Player*** MMS Picture Messaging

heather spratley: i am on facebook heather spratley

heather spratley: i might have erased all my songs on this sd card can u put youtube playlist on this phone?

heather spratley: donot hit the refresh button on music media or refresh button or under setting format button u will erase all music and pictures

heather spratley: how do I download an music app I accidently erased all my music I have sd card in it don't know how to pull music off my sd card back to phone did download music from my apple laptop to phone heather spratley facebook 7578493565

Katiuszka: You get connected to Mobil Web but it will cost you minutes. Phones with WiFi provide free connection and browsing.

Patrick Wakefield: Is this phone simple? It seems simple but I really want a phone that's cheap and for texting and calling. Please reply.

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Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review 5 out of 5

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Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review
Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review
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Tracfone Motorola EX431g Review