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Eric Talbot: Marvelous!!!!!!!!!!

LifeisGooD4everever: что ті его гладиш ?!!!!

Jus Boss: your just slapping it around do some real technics not the crap your doing call freestye

Kai Sai Wing Chun: Good freestyle. It is rare that one can apply Wing Chun naturally. I also find it quite amusing when people comment but wont post a video of themselves. Usually that is an indication that they aren't very good.

Emanuele Graniglia: Nice and soft,but your arms is too large..keep your arms closer...

rafecolii: The sound of the slaps is an indication that he's an external fighter. If he were using internal energy, that dummy would be bouncing all of the place and you'd hear thuds instead of slaps.

Alex Cheng: 如果木樁是人 那人一定全身紅曬,但係一點傷都無

pierusa123: This guy is rich, I can't even afford to buy one dummy.

HibariMartialArts: @mokti789 I think you aint have an answer yet, its from a motion picture soundtrack ! album: crouching tiger, hidden dragon (tiger & dragon) track: to the south

Yim Wing Chun: @DizzyDerwish tu es un imbécile car il faut vraiment être stupide et immature pour poser des question pareille.Si tu ne comprends tant pis pour toi mais là tu me fatigues; Si tu t'ennuie tant que ça, va donc t'entraîner! et arrête de me polluer avec tes questions d'adolescent attardé! txao

gambleyourhealth: I notice that everyone has a comment but only One person here (other than myself) actually has his own videos. Its easy to be an armchair Sifu isnt it guys (thats not a question) Great vid of freestyle BTW. I dont think that they notice just how good your range and stick is because you are very quick.

David Finnegan: Nice freestyle but move in closer and stick more

Law Tuck Mun: Please dont post.

BrylliumDsgns: i dont understand, is this bad or good? internal external???

Cakardic: lol... speed over quality... not so good... u should go to a school from the WSL lineage... the vtkfae organisations has good schools... go there and try out ur wing chun u show in this vid...

Great Extremes Long Boxing: BEAUTUFUL

1985cogs: No disrespect but being "white" has noting to do with it. It's all about the individual & the way he or she learns the art :) my sifu, his sifu before him & so on all focus alot on being relaxed.

nick: Ummm.... As a white person.... I have been on muay Thai for 13 years and have beat the crap out of people that train in Thai land... As well have had my ass kicked. Region doesn't matter time, training,how far you work for it, sparring everything comes down to it... Not just where your from.

moontyger: kinda cool but not much variety in his technology. Mook Jong has this and much more to offer

Charles D: Merci pour cette vidéo

DippShits: Of course... long as they stand still with their limbs held out rigid and motionless!

pascal delice: super, je suis toujours autant impressionné lorsque je regarde cette vidéo. mais la première chose que je me dit c'est...j'ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire pour arriver à ce j'y arrive.

Felipe Del Castillo: Great!!!!!

gambleyourhealth: Of course you can, you just watched a video of someone doing it. I freestyle on my dummy all the time. You cant just get too set in the form otherwise you will unconsciously "follow" moves.

Jonas Christensen: is not Wooden! is Wing Chun! :D

Fun Ky: hmm, quel dommage que ca soit à Paris, en regardant les divers videos proposé on s'apercoit de la diversité mais aussi de l'unité de tout les participants, une certaine atmosphere.. j"apprends" le wing chun seul en piochant par ci par là, les bases.. c'est pas evidant et on bloque très très vite... il faudrait plus de gens comme vous !!! Sur lyon aparement il ya une ecole mix jet kun do etc mais ca à l'air nettement moin interessant..

sandypramadi: Why are you slapping that dummy

LeSaucissonFurtif: @DizzyDerwish Je déterre la question, mais j'ai envie d'apporter une réponse :) Chez Beddar, la salle est assez spécial. Elle possède des grandes fenêtres et a une mauvaise climatisation. Résultat, à chaque rayon de soleil tout le monde crève de chaud !

alex b: what is this gaycrap? is this sadomaso?

joesashiify: Go faster!!!!!!!!

Dizzy Derwish: @yimwingchun108 D'avoir poser une question, je deviens a la fois jaloux et imbecile? Non, pas suffisant, ca. Je voulais savoir pourquoi on trouve en WC que chez les uns, on porte de vetements particuliers, et chez les autres, on ne porte pas de tels vetements, tandis qu'ici, le mec est tout chinoisie en bas, mais aussi moitie nu... Et maintenent, chose encore plus inconsistent et bizarre, tu sugeres que je suis jaloux... dis- selon toi- je se suis jaloux de quoi, quand-meme? Explique!

Inti Chabert: But why shirtless?

thomas barnes: No disrespect on my side either. But your sifu is white. He loves to have sex with Asian woman and pratice his form of wing chun. It is not pure like the hong kong form of wing chun. Bruce Lee or any Hong Kong martial artist would kick your sifu's white ass. So got to hong kong and learn proper wing chun from the experts not a white wannabee chinese dude.

rafecolii: As far as my training and what makes sense to me, internal power is preferred. There is a a difference. Internal power, being a soft energy, is faster, attacks the internal organs and is less telegraphic.

Yim Wing Chun: @DizzyDerwish peut être qu'il ne porte pas de chemise pour faire parler les imbéciles dans ton genre... ou peut être qu'il avait juste chaud :D banane!

thomas barnes: The problem with white people learning wing chun, they cannot learn the relaxation aspect of the art. Why was Bruce Lee so good? Watch his videos. He was so relaxed and watching the opponent that he could counter before the strike was made.

Antionessence perry: or your form

bonzaum013310: AMAZING!!!

Patrick Matthews: lol

sifujack702: Nice video great style of movements very natural reaction and use of footwork . I ve been perfoming the wooden dummy training for over 31 years we perform on the wing chun dummy as well as the long range dummy that you can do all ranges of fighting which is a multi purpose dummy check out my you tube under Sifu Jack or cdf Academy i have over 400 videos if you type in my name or my school under wooden dummies you will see them all i seel videos on the forms as well . great job Sifu Jack


Morgen Holz: "Free style." In other words... How does this go again?

WingChun Rocks: no, it just means he's using his whole palm when he strikes--as opposed to just the heel of the palm.

Dizzy Derwish: Jaloux? Je devrais etre jaloux? De quoi? Je ne suis pas jaloux de son travaille sur le wooden dummy, c'est certe... est-ce que je devrais etre jaloux de quelque chose d'autre? Quoi, donc? Tu n'as cependent PAS explique pourquoi le mec ne porte pas de chemise. Explique!

José BOURQUENCIER: Je suis toujours admiratif devant une belle démonstration, j'ai déjà vu pratiquer Adrien au cours de stages, je suis toujours aussi impressionné. Encore que, on ne voit pas ses déplacements, mais à mon humble niveau de pratique, je le trouve incroyablement propre et précis. C'est toujours bien d'avoir des références dans sa pratique, alors merci pour la vidéo ;) !

ipfan1: c pas avec des petites claquettes que tu va arreter des gros punch en tou cas moi je trouve que tes blocages sont pas assez appuyés c juste des touchettes... beaucoup de bruit pr pas grand chose

Tjandra: yeh sure u can, but there is a correct way to use the wooden dummy to its potential. its purpose is to teach urself wc concepts trough practise, imo its jst a waste of time if one does not use its dummy in a propper manner

Jack Maquire: i want to learn to fight like this.

CrossMr78: wahnsinn!

gringolazlo: Both are effective.. but the internal guys like to think they know the 'secrets' that external guys dont.

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