My Sister Shooting Suppressed Pistols

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pox001: Lara Croft?

yosha medic: peanut jelly, your retarded

fireman1291: Its a public indoor range....others shooting didn't have suppressors. And its required to wear earpro when you shoot there.....

NKA23: I wasn´t talking about your sister, I was talking about me rather liking to watch a girl sucking my pickle, than to watch a girl firing two surpressed guns.

bryantongue: Always wondered what they sounded like not bad at all nice video

Indeego: Ah, what's better than a pretty girl firing two supressed guns?

AlexanderGarrettFUN: I can't believe that guy said that to someone that has numerous suppressed weapons at his disposal. lmao

BLU35TR1K3: @ Zxc 1199 fOr her birthday

Indeego: firing two supressed guns...? :not bad:

5tinkfist: @fireman1291 Yeah I can see its an indoor range sorry I was just being a pickle :p good video anyway

madsteve9: Nice

flash3999: You have a badass sister

fireman1291: oooo gotcha. Agreed. lol

fireman1291: Yeah it was recorded in HD and I;ve found that camera does a good job of picking up the actual sound. You can hear the bullet impact the backstop in this video. Checkout my other videos where i place the camera downrange. ;)

UndeadNavy 2000: which comment are u talking to

5tinkfist: @fireman1291 Yep I do like it and will defo check it out. Absolutely no disrespect intended, I'll keep my wiseass remarks to myself in future lol

DarkDreamT2: Is that the actual sound? Is it really that quiet?

fireman1291: lol. 'Merica!

daniel williams: why can people in america have guns and the most dangerous thing we can probably get is a pellet gun

fireman1291: Some people don't think before they speak.....

peanutjelly: silencers only change the loudness from deafening to super loud.

Jay Kaye: You should have bought more targets. How accurate was everybody? The lady was settling in for a good score I thought, but alas, no targets. Still, great guns with cool features, and great presentation. ( For the above troll, I think the lady is more than capable of ruining his day.)

19TuRnEr86: was that lara croft lol

fireman1291: @palmbeachcitizen Silencerco Sparrow and AWC Archangel Ti

BLU35TR1K3: It's pretty freaking cool to take your sister shootng f

fireman1291: Thats my sister. Go freak yourself.

fireman1291: @5tinkfist Its a indoor shooting range idiot. There are others there that shoot without suppressors.

palmbeachcitizen: Great silenced .22s. What cans were you using?

Pentagon1311: If your sister has a boyfriend, send him this video as a preventive measure. I doubt he'll ever think of cheating on her or break her heart in any way. :P

Edwin Mendoza: Howcome they wear those ear protection with the silence pistols ? There not even loud???

aarikc17: careful with hot brass falling in open ammo

GoshnicH93: Киллеры блеять....

fireman1291: @5tinkfist lol. Its all good. If you liked this video you'll deff want to check out my channel. ;)

fireman1291: Thats my sister you freak.

lethelgirth87: This videos pretty badass. Love the supressor.

fireman1291: The ones I review on my channel....

mizznana28: I can tell she more accuracy with her right hand

5tinkfist: Suppressors + ear protectors = candy ass

Edwin Mendoza: Btw I live in Compton Cali nd some wannabe gangbangers kept tagging infront of my property wall lol- so I'm looking for really silence pistol incase something gone wrong.

fireman1291: Said no one ever......

Eric's random junk: so what suppressors were you using?

phantomshtter: 0:02 ... I wanna freak that chick.

NKA23: Hmmm, a pretty girl sucking my pickle....

NKA23: Now, that kitchen looks strange....

Cade Lancaster: Would first freak her with gun then freak her with my pickle

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My sister shooting suppressed pistols 4.5 out of 5

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My sister shooting suppressed pistols