Extreme Crochet Drop Stitch

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kheria salim: i tried to make these stitch...it was easy following u....god blesses

Lucy Phillips: Amazing video, so simple! You'll have to excuse my other comment on your other video I think, because this tutorial was so so simple to follow! I've started making this as well now! Thank you again! :) -Lucy x

Carlota Chmielewski: For foundation chains left over, if you didn't make your initial slip knot too tight, you can un-pick it back to where you need it.

Jess Louise: I wamt to make a blanket with this stitch....How many stitches for the initial chain for a blanket?

Bernie Carter: Hi, love your videos, but could you please redo the subtitles.....they are all messed up and make no sense, lol

t loppi: am i the only one who thought the caption was funny other than that nice work

Lynette Wykes: Thank you for sharing all your crochet knowledge. It is so much easier to follow than reading a book.

Samantha Clark: I would love to have this written out so i can see what I'm supposed to do since your hand is covering the one part I need.

Snaehbongmouy: I love how u explain the details of the design


Anne-Pia Hansen: This is so beautiful :-) look also to be easy to crochet

susan west: i think il give this a try! lol

blessedangeleyes: I love this stitch, I think it will be my next project after I finish the larkfoot..iThank you for all your videos I really love them...

craftinggal: I love this pattern I have a friend who would like to make one from seeing mine and I have looked every where for the written pattern and cannot find it. Where is this pattern at please? Thanks

CROCHET GEEK: A size C will work as long as you use yarn that is not to large for the hook. You may want to use a lighter yarn such as 2-3 ply or baby weight or sock weight with a C hook.

CROCHET GEEK: Gender colors play into stereotypes. We need to evolve past gender specific colors. Make what you want to make. I would suggest that you go to a Local Yarn Store and compare color combinations together for the best options. I think the forest green and a dusty pink color would look pretty together and be a beautiful blanket.

Ling Ling Babello: Teresa thank you from all the leftys. Please do a left hand african sunrise granny square. Cheers from Melb Australia.

CROCHET GEEK: I appreciate your support, thank you very much.

WWEHardyFan9: Can you use this stitch to make a sweater?

Bobby Emberger: hi thank you glad you like my work i dont know what blanker you are talking about if you let me know i be glad to show you bob

Jakathera: are there written instructions for this one? :D It'd be good to have the reference :D thanks!

lilcrocheter27: Is there a pattern for the hatt at the beg of the vid?

Crystal Rivas: i cant wait to try this when i get the time! your videos have taught me to crochet months ago and ive been addicted ever since!

marichuy lara: you work is beautifuil and very good

Alicia Haxton: I am using a 4-ply 100% acrylic worsted yarn and size I/9 (5.50M) crochet hook, but I am still having difficulty. Your instructions are great and I can see how the project should be coming along, but my project seems very stiff and the stitches seem too bulky. I'm wondering if the brand I have is too coarse? Do you have a particular brand of yarn you prefer for projects like this?

maria rosa maniglia de vargas: amiga me gustaria si fuera posible la traducción en español puede ser por escrito cuando usted habla me encanta sus vídeos pero me cuesta por el idioma soy de Venezuela un gran abrazo

Bobby Emberger: cant wait to try this and stilling working on your blanket and every one loved it i have it on face book Robert Emberger hope you look at them thank you for all your vidoes will you ever do any men vest or sweaters thank you

Bobby Emberger: thank you i did a lot from your vidoes and that color blank was one of your and it came out reale good thank you are you ever going to do adult steawers i hope you do one day any way thanks bob

MissFlux: Wow Teresa this is just amazing!!? Looks like leaves! Or palm trees! I love it!! Could be good for crochet cake decorating too ;) thanks a bunch I hope you know how much we appreciate your tuts :) x

mguerra6: That is so beautiful.TFS

victor ramirez: Good video

kathy kerstetter: I love the video tutorial! Is there a written pattern to follow also? If so where do I find it?

Cheri DeLongfield: The Exteme Crochet Drop Stitch pattern

галина кушнерова: мне нравиться

Sara Malam: I am going to do this in a hat and a scarf using Caron simply soft, was that what you were using because it looked very much like it? would that be good or is it to soft to use?

CROCHET GEEK: Try pulling each loop up horizontal so they are loose. That way you should have plenty of room to pull the hook through.

franniesbigday: That's beautiful!

Sierra French: I am in the middle of making an Afghan blanket for my unborn baby. I would like this to be the border... but I want it facing the other way around, how would I make this happen? Or is that not possible?

morevaseret: Really lovely. Can't wait to try it. Have bookmarked it for future use. Thank-you.

66wildrose: you need to add one more to the chain and use 3 for the first double crochet - that will prevent the "expanding" on the side

Soulfire Airweaver: that's so neat looking and like your "x" to switch colors too. THANKYOU!!!!

ritasilveira123: Beautiful video &clear explanation,Thanks for sharing,God bless U.

tiffany Amber: can i use a c?

Paula Fugate Radford: *raising my hand* If I wanted to make mine shorter (about half the length of yours), what multiples should I use on my first chain? I'm still a newb!

beatlejn: 50 colors!! I wanna see that! ha ha! thanks for this video. Beautiful work.

Vo Hong Minh: That's amazing! I watch you everyday! Your direction is very usefull! Thanks you!

dramaticoreos: Great tutorial! Um, I have a quick question. Why is it called extreme crochet? God bless

CROCHET GEEK: It does look like a maple leaf. This would be very pretty with fall colors.

Extreme Crochet Drop Stitch 4.9 out of 5

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Extreme Crochet Drop Stitch