How To Clean And Sharpen A Carbon Steel Knife, MORA KNIFE

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MudlipV: Thank you for the video!

Sharpens Best: That was Interesting - We like to cruise around YouTube and find worthwhile videos - For whatever reason, we ended up here and we like it... Thanks.

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Ben McCloy: I thought that you shouldn't polish carbon steel... it ruins the patina.

Thomas Hoctor: Great hands on information and you do the thing I wish more instruction videos did, you instruct verbally WHILE you demonstrate the technique at the same time. So much better for the viewer to really learn what they need to know in a timely manner. Great job and now I feel even better about caring for my brand new Mora carbon steel knife!

CommanderX: In the beginning your house looks like it's from a horror movie.

Niki de Brun: Thanks, I purchased a Mora knife awhile back, glad you showed this

Jakob Trägårdh: Hi there, nice video. If you want to, you can polish your blade with staniol foil coiled up to a small ball, just rub it well for a while and perhaps ad some wd40 (or not) and then wipe it. That will give you the original shine back. Regards

Max Miliano: I would recommend some Rem Oil or BlasOil to protect the steel. But if Canola is all that's around it would work in a pinch

Levga2627: won't the blade get scratched up by the sandpaper?

vstarbiker: Rust, in the woods (AKA bush) some soft dirt with no rocks, stab the knife into the dirt a few times. Rust gone.

rAdiant Jet: Is this good for a 1060 steel tactical wakisashie?

doccadaver: Guys guys guys! Do not use any type of cooking oils. Those oils will cause rust on your blade. Hence why this shmo has to remove the rust im sure. Use mineral oil. Its safe for the blade and safe for you. You can find it at any store as well. Using a fine grit sand paper is ok to use if needed for the rust. And dont not store your blade in the sheath for very long. Wile sharpening use long steady strokes in stead of rapid short ones. Your trying to sharpen it not jack it off.

AWeebleWobble: dude did you make the sheath yourself or buy it from somewhere? i want a nice leather sheath like that, the one that comes with it sucks.

Miguel: That was very helpful, especially that simple method of determining the correct angle. I recently bought a Mora Carbon blade and it already has some rust from a recent backpacking trip. I just started carrying fixed blade knives because I use a wood burning stove for backpacking. Great video.

Zebra Ops: i was told batoning with my full tang d2 custom knife was abusing it i was like thats what knives are for!

pisuarez: it's a "two sided" diamond sharpener, one side is coarse and the other side is really fine. I bought it a couple of years ago at a sporting goods store

Zaney Janey: does canola oil work?

AssertingFries: If I dont have any gun oil or something like that for the blade, can i use olive oil or cooking oil, and then switch off to gun oil later?

uraniumjoe: sick flannel


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How to clean and sharpen a carbon steel knife, MORA KNIFE