External Microphone Mod For GoPro HD

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Austin Stidham: Fantastic video! Very descriptive and informational. I won't be doing this but I watched the entire thing haha! thank you.

RED SILVA: would this work with the lense ...extending it same idea

TheHappyThought: You did an awesome job. I think it sounds good. I just go the go pro and love the image but I really wanted to be able to motovlog too.

Rob Groves: You've gotta be pretty happy with that!

Paul Finch: @lowlypawn Yep my way works fine. I'll upload i vid u can see I have a gopro mounted to the wing of a plan, on off and mic all wireless, as im stood by the plane b4 i get in it... I'll get it uploaded over the weekend and send you the link.

Derek Michaels: I really wonder If you voided the warranty on that camera...

commando25101: "sodder" its "solder"!

lowlypawn: @finchpaul Is this working for sure? If so you should post your findings at gopro user free forums, topic "how to connect an external microphone to a GoPro". The last I heard you still need to disconnect the internal mic for this to work. Am I wrong? Anyway I'll post a link in the comments of this video. My solution works and is cheap but it is primitive.

Smoky Tyrz: @finchpaul please tell me where to buy a cable with connector so i may take advantage of pin 14 and 15 as you suggest. thx!

ShiftNMove: Wow thats pretty cool, but i know i'd screw mine up. Maybe if i come across another one for cheap ill try it. Always wanted to see how a go pro would work as a moto vlog camera

Tim Chick: Thanks for the mod tip. I have a hero hd1 I may do this to.

lowlypawn: @KILLZORsCHANNEL I don't see why not. I did read about someone who wired the microphone to the video out jack in the GoPro. I never use the video out so it sounds like a good solution. Too bad I didn't think of it before I did the mod.

Lazer8855: Hey, my gopro HD mic broke too and I'm intrested in a spare part... did you use a particular mic? I could not find the update video you mentioned above about replacing the mic...

roninsoul: i have the same mount

lowlypawn: @GLPStandard It was shot in Las Vegas. No I didn't worry about static, I've never fried anything and put together lots of computers. Just touch a ground (like the center screw on a wall socket). I will be making an update video soon about how my GoPro mic broke, so I took the mic out of an old cordless phone and it works good with the GoPro! That means other mics might work even better! Just got to find the best mic from an online electronics store! I'll talk more about it soon.

leloodallasmultipass: yeah yeah, you limey ignoramus. that's how we say it and it's the ONLY way.

Lazer8855: thank you, I found the perfect spare part today and will try to repair my gopro with it.

lowlypawn: Yes I did, I used a microphone out of an old cordless telephone that met its untimely demise. I never uploaded a follow-up video because the newer GoPros allow an external mic. So this video is pretty much obsolete.

Hunter Lee: meow

Estdudde: Technically you could solder a better microphone to Gopro Hero 1, right?

skyler poston: now the gopro 2 has an external mic input that would solve this

Oscar Ramirez: lol freaking cat

MomentaryMe: is this why my external microphone isn't working with my gopro. Does it not have the capability to have an external mic? I'm getting so frustrated, might have to buy the hd hero 2 next year in order to do some vlogging as this looks kind of dodgy, but i'm unsure

Smoky Tyrz: @finchpaul Very cool. Thx! Does pin 1 (or 0?) start at the top when look at the camera from the rear? Or from the bottom? I figure I can purchase a header (ipod style) and wire up the cable myself. This is very useful info. Thx!

knoxieman: there isnt a mic jack on the hero, its only on the hero 2, still I dont think I would butcher the camera either, I would use a simple voice recorder and mix the 2 in the video editor.

SEEtheREPLAY: wouldn't it be easier to just buy a mic for the GoPro? They have some for $3 free shipping on ebay. it doesn't sound as "robotic" as the GoPro mic. I'm not hating on what you did, it takes a lot of guts to open up the GoPro and move the internal mic; externally. However Why not just buy an external jack?

Derek Michaels: Looks like you didn't signal at 5:18 when you changed lanes, at least It didn't look like you did.

Frickin Jim: Neat mod! Glad you guinea pigged it for the rest of us :D Were you using a wind screen or anything to reduce wind noise on the mic?

bikeramy: Love your cat :D

Shane Mc Geown: soddered, lol

ijustwannabeadrummer: great video i wish they would just make a mic input jack for the go pro... i would run a mic down to the engine

ToastToGo: Love it! You could probably make some extra cash off us motovloggers. Sound quality is much better than just sticking the GoPro in the helmet. Great job!

Arthur John: i just got a gopro and the sound is faster than the video, not in real time. what setting should i adjust? ive been using r4

a1930ford: If the GoPro is a 960 in this clip, it has no externam microphone jack on the case. the hole that others refer to is a combo TV/Usdio out area and not a jack for a microphone. There is also an HDTV/out port which may look like a mic jack on the case, but it is not. It is not as simple as just picking up a cheapie mic on Ebay and sticking it in to work. You have to have a microphone jack to do that. Not sure if this is a HERO 960 or not, but I have one and this may help if I decide to add a mic.

peshgeorgiev: What if I solder wires ot a 3,5mm jack to the same wires for the internal mic without removing it? How is the camera going to know which signal to record - the one from the internal mic or the one from the external mic? Do I solder both parallel or not ? This is in case I want to keep the original mic and sometime I want to use an external mic.

Shane Mc Geown: Soldering. fat yank

a1930ford: Typo in the word (external) in post below. Sorry, but keyboard jam on my computer. I did this type of mod on my 2011 Tachyon HDXC action cam. The problem with that was the wind noise for the external mic I chose. I like this mod, but I am a bit scared to open up my 960 and play with clipping wires. My big mitts are just too large for such intricate work and I'd likely ruin something instead of improving it. I have some of the movable Sony mics and I may get brave and try this at some point.

PeanutButteR1elly: Cat owns weeeee

F8H: Is there any way that you could get this gopro to fit on a stock waterproof case now? I've been thinking on doing this to my gopro and just found this video :)

Paul Finch: 1GND 2R video out 3G video out 4B video out 5USB 5V power 9GND 10Audio out Right 11Audio out Left 12Pwr/Mode button 14Audio in Right 15Audio in Left 16IR input 18GND 23Adapter output 25VBat 27GND 30GND

G Man: I think I'll just get a GoPro 3 and use my old GoPro 1 for rear view patch-in. Great idea though.

cobra60six: why didnt you get a skellie case and just jack in a mic?

Alejandro Caro: do a tutorial please!

Paul Finch: @smokytyrz Sorry for the slow reply matey.. Here are the pin layouts, i have managed a remote on/off by shorting 12 and 1 for 2 seconds (and a keyfob luggage locator), i linked in a 5v wireless mic powerered by pin 5 and pin 9. Pin 10 & 30 left side audio and pin 11 & 30 right side audio... Atleast subscribe to my on here for the valuable advice ;)

GLPStandard: Hey was this shot in phoenix? It looks a lot like phoenix and i thought i recognized some of the area you rode in. Maybe not? Were you at all worried about static electricity ruining the camera when you opened it up? What did you do to prevent that? I really wanna get a gopro and start vlogging and will probably do this mod when i do

Paul Finch: Dont drill dude, just use the interface bus on the back !!! ahhhhr pins 14&15 are audio !

MRnickee Jones: i want to do this but i am from the uk it ranes a lot what shood idoo

Derek Michaels: Yep you voided the warranty on your camera. You really should just leave it alone and just deal with the sound it has. It could be alot worse too.

Kevin Ahrweiler: @Leeman593 i was going to say the same thing, lol

lowlypawn: The video was made before the GoPro TWO was out. The "GoPro HD" did not have an external microphone jack, thus the video.

External microphone mod for GoPro HD 4.7 out of 5

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External microphone mod for GoPro HD