External Microphone Mod For 1st Gen GoPro HD (old Video For The GoPro Hero 1)

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paul williams: i copied your idea. only thing different is added a switching plug for any external mic. with a 3.5 jack. so i can use the existing mic when a (zoom H1 mic) isnt needed.

The Welsh Motovlogger: could you use the mic adaptor?

Kawaii Ninja: What kind of wirer did you use to connect to the mic, normal brass, or a headphone ( like cut off the earphone part and use the leftover wirer)

TvOz: Fantastic video! Very descriptive and informational. I won't be doing this but I watched the entire thing haha! thank you.

Lazer8855: thank you, I found the perfect spare part today and will try to repair my gopro with it.

lowlypawn: Yes I did, I used a microphone out of an old cordless telephone that met its untimely demise. I never uploaded a follow-up video because the newer GoPros allow an external mic. So this video is pretty much obsolete.

Lazer8855: Hey, my gopro HD mic broke too and I'm intrested in a spare part... did you use a particular mic? I could not find the update video you mentioned above about replacing the mic...

MRnickee Jones: i want to do this but i am from the uk it ranes a lot what shood idoo

Rob Groves: You've gotta be pretty happy with that!

Alejandro Caro: do a tutorial please!

Dear Sleeper: is this why my external microphone isn't working with my gopro. Does it not have the capability to have an external mic? I'm getting so frustrated, might have to buy the hd hero 2 next year in order to do some vlogging as this looks kind of dodgy, but i'm unsure

Tim Chick: Thanks for the mod tip. I have a hero hd1 I may do this to.

commando25101: "sodder" its "solder"!

lowlypawn: The video was made before the GoPro TWO was out. The "GoPro HD" did not have an external microphone jack, thus the video.

cobra60six: why didnt you get a skellie case and just jack in a mic?

a1930ford: Typo in the word (external) in post below. Sorry, but keyboard jam on my computer. I did this type of mod on my 2011 Tachyon HDXC action cam. The problem with that was the wind noise for the external mic I chose. I like this mod, but I am a bit scared to open up my 960 and play with clipping wires. My big mitts are just too large for such intricate work and I'd likely ruin something instead of improving it. I have some of the movable Sony mics and I may get brave and try this at some point.

a1930ford: If the GoPro is a 960 in this clip, it has no externam microphone jack on the case. the hole that others refer to is a combo TV/Usdio out area and not a jack for a microphone. There is also an HDTV/out port which may look like a mic jack on the case, but it is not. It is not as simple as just picking up a cheapie mic on Ebay and sticking it in to work. You have to have a microphone jack to do that. Not sure if this is a HERO 960 or not, but I have one and this may help if I decide to add a mic.

Shane Mc Geown: Soldering. fat yank

leloodallasmultipass: yeah yeah, you limey ignoramus. that's how we say it and it's the ONLY way.

knoxieman: there isnt a mic jack on the hero, its only on the hero 2, still I dont think I would butcher the camera either, I would use a simple voice recorder and mix the 2 in the video editor.

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External microphone mod for 1st gen GoPro HD (old video for the GoPro hero 1) 5 out of 5

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External microphone mod for 1st gen GoPro HD (old video for the GoPro hero 1)
External microphone mod for 1st gen GoPro HD (old video for the GoPro hero 1)
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External microphone mod for 1st gen GoPro HD (old video for the GoPro hero 1)