Product Review: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers

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Janet sheppard: Pales hues, there a color chart on spectrum

Alli Lavorato: 7.88 at AC moore

Nova Dijkstra: Does someone know fast they are empty and when they're dry? (I mean dry in case of you can't use them anymore). I maybe want to buy them, but I don't know how good they are.

Kittiepopz: You can get them in packs of 24 or 6

You sound like you hate these markers..

Phan Trash: A few of the markers in the Pale Hues pack are good skin colours.

TeaOfTruth: A youtuber named Florence Cannady has this video. Looks like they stole it from you.

erik cyree: I have to find some different marker than copic- they are too expensive for me. sucks to be poor.

sherry Last: You sound like you hate these markers

FoxyWhite: You get all the colors in the 24 packs. They come in packs of six, and packs of 24, and some of the colors you can only get in the big packs. I don't think they sell them individually. 

Sassy Cards, Planners and more by Alicia: skin colr are call pale hues

Lycia: LOL PM me!!!!!!!!!!

VianneyCreates: LOL! Thanks!

Lycia: you are so talented ........yaayyy talented albertans canadians :D hahaha

mimafiga: Thank you for the video, :-)

VianneyCreates: I just took a class with them, so look forward to re-doing this type of video using their suggestions. Thank you!

mimafiga: The company that makes spectrum markers recommends using pigment ink instead of dye ink.

VianneyCreates: Good to know, I'm actually taking a class on them this weekend at the Scrapbook Expo! Excited to see what they show us!

melissa cooper: buy the video it helped alot how to use them

VianneyCreates: Jeje, cuestan entre $7-10 cada estampa/dibujo. No se a donde mandan, los puedes comprar en muchos diferentes sitios. Como vivo en los estados, no me preocupo por ver a donde mandan o no. Copics son caros, los Spectrum noir cuestan menos pero no son tan buenos como los Copics.

VianneyCreates: Los compre en un expo/show. Pero los puedes endcontrar en el internet, son de una compania que se llama "greeting farms stamps," y la nina se llama "anya."

Product review: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers 5 out of 5

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Product review: Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers