FIFA 13 | IF Neymar | Player Review

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Jordi Celen: so for neymar it isn't a problem to have low strength, but for messi it's a disaster? come on

Leonardo Misceo: name squad of shirt yellow and blue please??? (brazil) ;)

Big Weezing: I don't think this is the IF Neymar, as he had # 14 in game? U swapped him for Ze Eduardo? Why would you do that? Proof of neymar in your team would be handy Curtis

Ty Mc: How do u use hybrid squad builder

lucas rangel: Yeah , Ironic... 2 weeks later he scores the penalty that wins the ''Super Clássico das Américas'' against Argentina =)

NoReezN: Was that Hazard and Neymar in the same squad?

OHY1995: As I've said before the stats you include right at the start (position, club, nationality etc.) are totally pointless as we already know them, perhaps include other stats such as his performances IRL such as his recent hat-track v cruzeiro and the rumours to Europe, hope this helps :)

iAMaReaperGotprobZ: Guy Curtis gets coins from trading though he does get a discount on coins not for free.


Hamish Wilson: Can you do a Ultimate team series?

Tony Yo: Neymar is my favorite player in the world and it sucks how he is getting so much crap for one miss, but I`ll give it to you...that was pretty clever...

MrGT5005: i <3 that scoop

Francisco Nunes: I have the normal neymar and he is a BEASSTT!!!

TheGamerCan: I don't get free coins ;) Most of my coins are from packs / trading

Anav Sawhney: buy those yourself

Anav Sawhney: trading

millzi88: How the hell u menner get 820.000 coins? Most ive had is 15.000 and thats when i won div 1, i dont get that u just play games for 500 coins to save up to hundred of thousands, anyone explain? Cheers.

Bryan Bello: Neymar is overrated.

the guy: @kn0wner that also happened to me and i went to the ea website and select contact us and i selected live chat with the ea helpers and 5 days later they gave back the player to me, you should do the live chat with them mate :) hope it helped :)

StuNasty07: Do some lesser known players. We already know neymar is good. Do some silvers in the Dutch league or something.

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FIFA 13 | IF Neymar | Player Review