FIFA 14 Top 5 New Features

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Thatrandomdemigod: Aftee buying and playing this game, I just want to kill this guy lol

Dustin Markward: Why exactly? The officials try to avoid calling a foul when a player appears to have "flopped".

notJackspedicy2: i think fifa 14 are too much on realistic that they forgot to improve on passing

oxysz: worser lol

mustafa alhumeiy: Teammate intelligece !!! Wtfff .. some players are like lost on the pitch .. they run opposite the pass .. passing is the worse ever

Tommy Simblet: Any chance I can get my money back? Fifa 14 is awful. Build up play? Every game I've played on it, my opponent has been 5.2ft. And bunts it over the top. No effort needed. This game is soooo poor. All this "work" you've put in... Really. Fifa is a joke.

william tyrer: im going to buy it

marco garcia: Yeah i think im sticking with fifa 13

KH X: Sprinting got worser.

Kerry Moturi: nicely realistic but they dint concentrate on the through passing and lobbing.its too easy

RaptorJesus: SSDD all over again

casper maan: @dnkwguw yeah yeah we all know that! AND! this game is tight been playing all day >>>\AP5lO

T10_4E KING!: the through passing became so easy it is ridiculous to try to use anything else.. it is too easy, this game is turning day after day to a game of 2 year old's, it is kind of becoming a pro evolution soccer game.

ThaBoss76000: NO! Fifa should remain fair, and an free kick of penalty should only be awarded when deserved! Diving its a very bad aspect of real life football and shouldnt be in the game. Otherwise everybody would constantly dive.

Kieren Jolivet: It's called neymar

K Gubbas: there should be a way to dive in Fifa, able to dive when a defender is close to you and achive freekicks and penalties. :D

Myriad: Nope, I totally understand what is going on, just because Liverpool are not doing their best doesn't mean that he is a crap FIFA player, you sir are a dumbass.

AgreeableComb: and random pepe rages

Myriad: I support PNE, and I rarely lose on fifa.

Richard Hitchcock: Until they sort out the amazingly unrealstic stretching of play there is in FIFA it isnt gonna work for me. What's so realistic about your attackers standing on the half way line waiting to recieve the ball when your other 6/7 teammates are defending in their own third

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FIFA 14 Top 5 New Features 5 out of 5

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FIFA 14 Top 5 New Features
FIFA 14 Top 5 New Features
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FIFA 14 Top 5 New Features