#9: Basic 1X And 10X Oscilloscope Probe Tutorial

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Another Skater: cool ! thank youI bought a used scope with 10x probe - had the instructions and calibrated it.Now I know WHY I had to do it - thanks again

Kennynva T.: sounded like a ice maker or refrigerator started up at the end of your video

smashdesystem: I thought the Eevblog was the only channel with extensive videos about electronics, and I´m glad I was wrong, your videos are a great source of information, instant subscribe :)

Dathan Walters: Using a 1X probe has less "loading capacitance" on a circuit? when troubleshooting digital logic TTL/CMOS using a 10X probe can cause loading capacitance, which will add to the rise time/fall time, add to propagation delay time and clock skew time. Does a logic probe cause loading capacitance?

Ray Cooper: Excellent tutorial. Thank you very much!

tenissabbalas: Thank you very much for those amazing Videos..
Guys like you make the youtube very useful.

Birdman: When are you supposed to use the 50 ohm and 1M ohm settings?

B Thayer: i have a Tek P5100 100x 2500v pk probe, with a agilent infiniium 54831B o-scope. I need to verify voltage output of a power supply with outputs in the 800-1400v range. will this probe scale the voltage to the 8-14v range on my oscope? I do have other probes available to me.

Vasudev Mr: the term 10x means if I give 10v at the Intput ,I will get 1 volt at the entrance of the probe . am I right about this ??

Vasudev Mr: how to design 100x attenuator circuit just to measure dc pulse of very low frequency , can we do it using voltage divider ??

Vinay Khurana: Ohh, I finally got to know what that 1x and 10x switch is for. :)
Nicely explained. Thanks.

Kennynva T.: What probe would you suggest for a Hitachi V-302 30mhz scope??

Anjan Kumar: Thank you for the video.

rob b: thanks , i callibrated probe

richard goebel: Excellent video. Short and sweet and to the point.

jamesmasonic: adding 9M attenuates the signal 10 times "only for DC "right? And what did u mean by saying "isolates the coax + scope from the circuit"? thanks

Jose Bravo: Have you watched EEVBlog episode #453? I think he does a good job describing these probes. He actually shows using a straight coax versus a X1 probe. He even gives into some Tecktronics history you may find interesting. Regards

Krish Rao: Thank You

Quint Essential: This is a great little video and thank you for publishing it. Thank you also for not correcting the auto closed captions. Got me a beer and watched them again. TOO FUNNY !!!!

Rosario W: Great explanation I have a much older Tektronix scope that I am trying to learn how to use your videos are very helpful Thank you for posting them

#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial 5 out of 5

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial