#9: Basic 1X And 10X Oscilloscope Probe Tutorial

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Quint Essential: This is a great little video and thank you for publishing it. Thank you also for not correcting the auto closed captions. Got me a beer and watched them again. TOO FUNNY !!!!

Rosario W: Great explanation I have a much older Tektronix scope that I am trying to learn how to use your videos are very helpful Thank you for posting them

Galova: I got an old analog oscilloscope in working condition but the probe is broken and roughly fixed by replacing a cable with some piece of audio cable. It has option of switching from 1x to 10x. It has the scheme in tech manual and it says that it has 9М resistor and 6.8p capacitor in parallel and also adjustable capacitor of 8/30 pf (so it says) between signal and ground. Oscilloscope input is signed 1M 30pf. When I check it in 10x with calibrating signal it appears distorted, so the probe is obviously bad. What can I do to fix it?

fabts4: Isn't there a difference between a switchable probe in 1X mode and a pure 1X?

RSP: Great didactic!

devilkillerz777: very informative thank you so much

Charles Gervasi: It's a nice clear explanation of aspects of a 10x probe I've always been aware of but never fully understood.Thanks for posting it.

joe black: I know this is an old video
but is it ok to use cheap Chinese scope vs say Tektronix probes ???The reason I ask cause I picked up a Tek 2215 for a good price but to get stock oem probes are going to cost more than what I paid for the scope..

Silas Fatchett: Very interesting, extremely useful. Thank you.

jrcenina85: Haha, nice touch on the fold over drawings to show the circuit variations! Engineers are artists. Thanks for all the helpful videos!

Doug Dingus: I'm enjoying your channel. Well done and informative. Thank you.

Ross P: Hello w2aew! We have some PCBs with some high freq signals travelling around 100 ohm differential transmission lines and being terminated in a load (also on the PCB). We want to test the signal integrity and look at data eyes on the existing circuit, but all of our higher frequency scopes say "50 ohm only" near the prob hookup. There are some exposed pads that we are using to probe the device. We think that even touching some test pads with 50 ohm probes is affecting the existing circuit and not giving us an accurate representation of the signal. Any suggestions?

Anand Padhi: very well explained. Special appreciation for the concepts in the first half.

John Floyd: +w2aew Can you briefly explain why you chose to use 100MHz probes on your Heath 25MHz scope?

jon123423: On my 2215 Tektronix scope it has marking of 1xscope and 10xscope but not "pull for 5 or 10 x Mag" what is the difference?

when I set 10 x its reading OK. When I set 1x its off the scale. Why is that?

When I set very low millivolts and connect probe I get awful noise, why would that be?

Any help would be appreciated.

jon123423: As always Great explanation.


Would this be compatible with any scope?

ElectroEncoder: Thanks for this video it's really interesting as always! I'm just wondering now why when i touch the groung probe of my Rigol DS1052E i get shocks on my finger. I found also that if i have no shoes it's really worse, probably because i'm not isolated?? maybe this happens because the probe is collecting every noise in my room around the oscilloscope and when i touch the ground this noise finds a path through my body? Hope to receive an answer i'm really curious about that

Kreetcha: Hi, love your videos, they have helped me learn so much! :) I am trying to make an oscilloscope out of a salvaged CRT from a small TV, and I'm having some issues displaying square waves properly.(square waves turn into round sawtooth). Would soldering in a compensation rc circuit simillar to these probes maybe solve the issue, or is it an issue with the deflection coil that would have to be rewound to have lower capacitance/impedence? I am currently using the vertical coil to draw the line, and the horizontal to coil for the vertical amplifier. Thanks regardless :)

Joop Terwijn: Super exploration thanks Alan

Dog Rox: I still found this educational, as I'm a new to oscilloscope. I used to have an old Heath model many years ago that never worked because the CRT was gone and it and I never got one after that so I never learned how to use one. But I just recently picked up a Siglent SDS1102CML to learn from. there is a lot to comprehend on these things but I think your video is getting me on the right track. So I subscribed. :-)

#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial 5 out of 5

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial