#9: Basic 1X And 10X Oscilloscope Probe Tutorial

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Kennynva T.: sounded like a ice maker or refrigerator started up at the end of your video

smashdesystem: I thought the Eevblog was the only channel with extensive videos about electronics, and I´m glad I was wrong, your videos are a great source of information, instant subscribe :)

Dathan Walters: Using a 1X probe has less "loading capacitance" on a circuit? when troubleshooting digital logic TTL/CMOS using a 10X probe can cause loading capacitance, which will add to the rise time/fall time, add to propagation delay time and clock skew time. Does a logic probe cause loading capacitance?

Ray Cooper: Excellent tutorial. Thank you very much!

tenissabbalas: Thank you very much for those amazing Videos..
Guys like you make the youtube very useful.

Birdman: When are you supposed to use the 50 ohm and 1M ohm settings?

B Thayer: i have a Tek P5100 100x 2500v pk probe, with a agilent infiniium 54831B o-scope. I need to verify voltage output of a power supply with outputs in the 800-1400v range. will this probe scale the voltage to the 8-14v range on my oscope? I do have other probes available to me.

Vasudev Mr: the term 10x means if I give 10v at the Intput ,I will get 1 volt at the entrance of the probe . am I right about this ??

Vasudev Mr: how to design 100x attenuator circuit just to measure dc pulse of very low frequency , can we do it using voltage divider ??

Vinay Khurana: Ohh, I finally got to know what that 1x and 10x switch is for. :)
Nicely explained. Thanks.

Kennynva T.: What probe would you suggest for a Hitachi V-302 30mhz scope??

Anjan Kumar: Thank you for the video.

rob b: thanks , i callibrated probe

richard goebel: Excellent video. Short and sweet and to the point.

jamesmasonic: adding 9M attenuates the signal 10 times "only for DC "right? And what did u mean by saying "isolates the coax + scope from the circuit"? thanks

Jose Bravo: Have you watched EEVBlog episode #453? I think he does a good job describing these probes. He actually shows using a straight coax versus a X1 probe. He even gives into some Tecktronics history you may find interesting. Regards

Krish Rao: Thank You

Quint Essential: This is a great little video and thank you for publishing it. Thank you also for not correcting the auto closed captions. Got me a beer and watched them again. TOO FUNNY !!!!

Rosario W: Great explanation I have a much older Tektronix scope that I am trying to learn how to use your videos are very helpful Thank you for posting them

Galova: I got an old analog oscilloscope in working condition but the probe is broken and roughly fixed by replacing a cable with some piece of audio cable. It has option of switching from 1x to 10x. It has the scheme in tech manual and it says that it has 9М resistor and 6.8p capacitor in parallel and also adjustable capacitor of 8/30 pf (so it says) between signal and ground. Oscilloscope input is signed 1M 30pf. When I check it in 10x with calibrating signal it appears distorted, so the probe is obviously bad. What can I do to fix it?

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial 5 out of 5

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial