#9: Basic 1X And 10X Oscilloscope Probe Tutorial

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Fried Mule: Thanks a lot for making so much work for our enjoyment!
I have subbed! :-)

Nathan McKay: Thank you for this great video. This was everything I wanted to know about this topic. 110%.

Alley Cat Jack: Quick question for ya. I am looking into getting probes for my two analog scopes. They are both 100Mhz scopes. One takes BNC and the other banana plugs. The probes I will be getting will be relatively cheap ones for now as I don't have the money to spend on expensive ones. I have herd that I should get probes that have one and a half times the bandwidth of my scope, other say to match the bandwidth. Should I be getting 100Mhz probes or 150Mhz probes? I will likely get BNC connecter probes and an adapter for the banana plugged scope. Probes would be the P6100 or P6150.
Thanks for all the great videos and advice!

Goran Radivojevic: Excellent lesson. Thanks!

Sergei Sotnikov: I have old oscilloscope that has no information on it's front about it's "in" capacitance and resistance. When I opened it I saw 220 Ohm resistor and 100 nF capacitors at connectors. I purchased 100:1 probes for this oscilloscope. It has Input Capacitance - 6pf Input Resistance - 100 Mohm and compensation Range - 10pf-35pf. When I try to compensate probes to oscilloscope input it always shows insufficient compensation. What can I do to correct that? Thank you!

Austin Burleson: How are you getting 500mV once the 10x probe in connected

Persona: Excellent video! Thanks for explaining the subject so clearly.

Frode Stokke: Your videos are just excellent! I have learned so much from watching them. Thanks!

Thhvggnk Rthffhjjjbh: Thanks very helpful.

JpHDev: Great vids, but please PLEASE stop saying "N'Kay?" - it is like listening to 'Southpark' and bloody annoying.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bushougoma: I was surprised when my HP 54645D I purchased had the 1x/10x auto sensing rings on the BNC connectors. It seems all of the HP 54600 series scopes have them.

I always thought Tektronix had a patent on it or something that prevented other manufacturers from using it.

Surging Circuits: Do you publish your notes? I would pay for them.

bertoid: Great video, a short extract of the lecture without the background noise.
After decades of (occasional) scope use, I've only recently learned that 10x is typical or normal probe usage. I always thought it was an exceptional usage for high voltage inputs, and was not really conscious of the loading aspects. I always had my probes set to 1x, but then I was mostly dealing with digital circuits, so less effect.
I also only learned recently that the sharp internal tip was intended as an actual probe, I always thought the springy hook was they only way it should connect to the circuit.
Anyway, I had a question, just saw it was answered further down. (If the 9M resistor must be at the probe end, before the coax, and the compensation trimcap is in parallel with it, how can it work when the trimcap is at the scope end of the coax?)

Skeptical Open-mind: amazing video and explanation

Another Skater: cool ! thank youI bought a used scope with 10x probe - had the instructions and calibrated it.Now I know WHY I had to do it - thanks again

Kennynva T.: sounded like a ice maker or refrigerator started up at the end of your video

smashdesystem: I thought the Eevblog was the only channel with extensive videos about electronics, and I´m glad I was wrong, your videos are a great source of information, instant subscribe :)

Dathan Walters: Using a 1X probe has less "loading capacitance" on a circuit? when troubleshooting digital logic TTL/CMOS using a 10X probe can cause loading capacitance, which will add to the rise time/fall time, add to propagation delay time and clock skew time. Does a logic probe cause loading capacitance?

Ray Cooper: Excellent tutorial. Thank you very much!

tenissabbalas: Thank you very much for those amazing Videos..
Guys like you make the youtube very useful.

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial 5 out of 5

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial