#9: Basic 1X And 10X Oscilloscope Probe Tutorial

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InnaSoulSounds: This guy is the bee's knees, really.

Chinthaka Ranawaka Arachchige: what is the impedance of Oscilloscope Probe coaxial is it 50 ohms ?

Matt Ownby: Thank you!! this tutorial helped clear up a lot of confusion for me!

Lenient: I've only just found this video and this is the best probe tutorial by far. Thank you.

Bri G.: some HP scopes have a button on the front panel to select x1 or x10 probe. I really like my old Hitachi scope but I wish it had that feature.

Mike Novo: Best tutorial on this ever!

Infinitesap: Amazing guy! 

8233Eire: The worst ever....unless you have a PhD!!!

hweenmask: uhhh ... so... wtf is 1X and 10X ?

DesignMicros: Great explanation, clear and to the point. I'm recommending this to our entry level techs! I've also seen some of your other videos and am impressed with your thoroughness.

Chinthaka Ranawaka Arachchige: nicely explained

asuspower: Wow, this is amazing, I understand this now!! :) :) thank you so much :)

Fusion Music: Great video. There are a lot of very clever people on you tube but can be a bit laboured in their delivery. This is well thought out and said with confidence. It was a pleasure to listen to and subscribe.

Jared Kusner: Had fun adjusting several probes to my scope. Thanks for making it easy to understand! N2KRO

Axel Haar: Very good to know. I compensated my probes to my oscilloscope. Excellent. Thanks a lot!

Tesla Explorer: Great video! I finally got an old tek, never used a scope before. Was wondering what the 5v pwm "ring" was. Now I do! We sometimes forget that we live in an imperfect world!

Washingstone: Great thank you. I like quality channels like this one. Thumbed up and subscribed.

Abrar Shaikh: One of the most amazing thing on YouTube for engineers and hobbyist. I have planned to watch all this videos once my semester exams are over. You are amazing. I never got to see output in our lab scope, and even when I got to see, it was accidental and didn't know how to reproduce it. I'm pretty sure this tutorials of yours will train me in becoming a better engineer.

superdau: How does the trimmeable bypass cap work when it's near the socket, but the 1x/10x selector switch is in the probe? How can they be in parallel in the way you've drawn them?

Tony T.: Great lesson on a key subject! Thank You!

GulfSouthGene: Using Oscilloscopes most of my engineering career, been to Tektronix schools, etc. but your explanations, easy to understand and intuitive. Good Job 73's KC5WS

sean craig: I've always wondered why the leading edge of the square wave changes but not the trailing edge, it stay nice and sharp?

Mustafa Tahsin Güler: Does stray capacitance come from the interaction between core wire and grounded wire in the coaxial cable ? I made 2 probe cable, one from a rg58 and the other from a rg174, rg174 which is thiner has higher noise, what may be the reason ? But I think, they are noy because of capacitive loading if its effect is as shown here at the end of the video, here I am talking about parasitic noise distorting the signal.

Samuel Atkins: I need a 100X probe for dso520 oscilloscope. Can i use any 100X probe? 

Mustafa Tahsin Güler: Hello, I have uploded a video about my question. If you watch and tell me what is happening, I would be very grateful. Grounding type and probe difference having a signal

Chris Greene: So, I was trying to measure a weak signal (about 2 mV [Max resolution on my scope is about .2 mV)) in a fairly simple circuit. Couldn't figure out why I wasn't seeing anything. Then I realized my probe was on 10x. Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial #CircuitsWhatAreThose? #ProgrammersCantSolder

Хлебников Денис: I have to do my own divider, thank you a lot.... You explained everything and showed i needed!

Clifton Jamison: Great tutorial,I learned a lot ,thanks.My uncle's call letters were W2UEN,and he was in Plattsburgh,N.Y.He would repair everyone's TV's in the area,when they first came out.He had one of the first TV's that were available.He was a character.

Jolita J: Thank you very much for this video. Helped unbelievably.

w2aew: @Afrotechmods Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Miguel Rodriguez: Thanks. The main cables are 2 meters long, for normal use I think it is excesive, does tektronix make pasive probes with shorter main cables?

Chris Hinton: you know what -- it's the simple things that i missed in school -- i've never thought about calibrating an o'scope (calibrating a VNA, yes --- but an o'scope never crossed my mind). anyways, thanks for the video! very informative!!

w2aew: @realy1985 Thank you very much!!

bluebelt4life: what should the value of the trimmer cap be? For example with 20pF scope capacitance.

w2aew: In an ideal world, for a 10X probe, the compensation capacitance would be ~2pF. In reality, it will be different because you have to account for the cable's capacitance and other parasitics.

zloben9000: i found this site dealextreme com they have a 60MHz Oscilloscope Probe with X1/X10 Switch (Max 600V) for 6 dollars with free shipping .. i just ordered two.

kc8rwr: I knew my probes had an adjustment but I left it alone because I didn't know how/when to adjust them. Now when I get home I will be checking mine. Thanks!

Max Manner: Brilliant teacher!

foundede: Is there an "awkward" stage between when the signal sees 10X attenuation by the 10 megaohms of pure resistance and when the signal frequency increases high enough to see the 10X attenuation by the input and compensation capacitances?

HammerToneAmps: Excellent basic tutorial .. very helpful. Thanks

w2aew: There are 10x, 20x, 100x, etc. probes designed for a 50 ohm impedance input, but they are hard to come by. However, I find it odd that your scope would have ONLY a 50 ohm input, especially for a scope that has only 100MHz BW. I would expect that it can be switched to have a 1Mohm input as well, in which case you can use ordinary 10x passive probes.

w2aew: @sdscotto If I had access to some active probes and current probes, I would. There are some videos and webinars online. Go to tek.com / power (without the spaces) then select Library and Videos & Webinars. I'd like to do one of my amateur videos on this, but I just don't have the equipment.

Erwin Ried: Hi! My scope says 400V max input, can I connect the probes to Mains? 220V using 10X? or I will blow the probes?

321reh: Keep churning those Videos Out,,,I love to learn!!

BombshellBill: great video man! you really know you're stuff!

65Superhawk: Yep. It was there. I didn't see it at first. Most probes I saw on Youtube had a differently colored "box" near the BNC connector. This one was not a box, but merely a part of the molded black plastic sleeve that was bigger and had a screw inset within it. Thanks!

w2aew: @HCI344 I'm glad you found it useful!

321reh: Thanks for all the Great videos you put out!!! You should do a Video on Consumer Electronics Repair. MR.OHM enjoys ALL your Videos,,,Thanks!!

Afrotechmods: Most comprehensive video on probes I have ever seen. Hats off to you sir!

#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial 5 out of 5

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#9: Basic 1X and 10X Oscilloscope Probe tutorial