DIY E-Pipe Mod

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John Piper: * QUESTIONS PLEASE * Thanks for this video - I prefer the traditional looking curved & straight high gloss stem pipes like this. You know the piano key gloss looking pipes and this offers the potential to make your own. I notice on ebay there are no straight stem pipes. Thanks for this. BTW too bad there is not a automatic switch available for this. Any suggestions - it is now 2016 as of this entry.

warren goldstein: Nice result. Simple build. Excellent instructions. Thankyou.

周汉江: good

VultureCat337: This gives me a lot of ideas. Wanting to get/ build a Gandalf style pipe, or just a long pipe in general. 

moviking: Great idea & vid, thx for posting :)

MrMeanpie: I think it would look amazing with something like the rocket sax clearomizer

LemusHD: since he's using the Ego connection (which was the metal housing with the button) he might have used the Ego charger which screws on that connection since thats how the ego ecigs charge.

GatlinMovies: I left out video of the actual soldering because I really suck at it and make a horrible mess. Sometimes it takes me several messy attempts to get the solder to stick where I want it to. I found that adding little bits of extra wire gave me more room to work and more room for my mistakes.

GatlinMovies: Anywhere on the sleeve. The sleeve itself is the negative contact.

GatlinMovies: I think I ground out the inside because the battery wouldn't quite fit. Then it was prone to rattling around, so I added the rubber washers as shock absorbers.

Alfie Ford: do you solder the black wire were it starts from the circuit board these are probably dumb questions but im kind of newby and you skipped from the diagram to having put all the wiring in?

Alfie Ford: one question man the black wire can that be soldered anywere to on the inside of the connect sleeve or does it have to be specific

Ryan Welsh: This might be a dumb question: If your wires are soldered directly to the battery, what's your method for charging it?

LiamChadey: Great instructional video. I followed it to the letter. I even managed to buy exactly the same pipe on ebay for £1.50. For the battery and ego tube, button and controller pcb, I dismantled an old ego mini. It works perfectly. Thanks.

GatlinMovies: It looks like MadVapes is out of stock. In comparing my SmokTech eGo Mega dual coil cartomizer, it looks like the diameter is the same as the empty eGo tube. So you might want to buy one of these cartos, then after it's used up its useful life (about a week of vaping for me), you can then cut it up to the desired length.

InvaderMyk: I've collected all the necessary parts (but using an inherited pipe with similar dimensions). But, even after searching high and low for months now, I can't find the 3185 Empty eGo Tube anywhere. Any suggestions on an alternative?

GatlinMovies: BTW, I found that soldering small lead wires first, then soldering those onto the switch wires made it possible to test for shorts before having the switch permanently soldered.....if this makes sense.

GatlinMovies: It's not awkward to hold it, but it's most comfortable if you use your thumb for the button. This means that you're not quite holding it as you would a regular pipe, almost, but your thumb lies up the stem instead of wrapped around the bowl. If you've got small hands it might be a little awkward, though.

GatlinMovies: Sparks on the battery or the switch? Either way, this indicates that you're shorting something out. If you've got sparks on the battery solder, I'd say you're shorting the battery by heating it up too much. If it's in the connections on the switch/tube, I'd say you have some wire insulation melted off or you have excess solder bridging the gap between the positive center pin and the negative body of the tube.

CH121S: i like it. but i wanna see you vape on it. cause i wanna see how awkward it is to use that button if it at all. thanks for the idea though!

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DIY E-Pipe Mod 5 out of 5

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DIY E-Pipe Mod