How To Open A Locked Outside Cable Box

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Jack Meknoff: I tried a bent fork like you show, Its way to big ???

Bob Tavares: sqeeze?? What does that mean??

Randy Burrell: You can also buy one too if you have a few days patience and want to use a cheap quality tool short term. :)

TheTodd74: I realize this is an old video but here's my issue. I don't want to steal cable or tamper with the cable box, I want it removed from my house period. I'm not a Comcast subscriber and the current cable provider does not tap into that box for anything. There's an easement on my property the cable company can encroach into and that's fine. I don't know if they charge to take it off the house and move the box to an area within the easement on the property though.

The box is currently not near the electric meter either, it's connected to the house, alone in an area I need for something else (a pool). The local code is this or anything else electrical must be 6 ft from the waterline, so I need it gone or fine move it to where the electric box is, which is no where near this part of the property. This box and connecting cable lines are running where the pool will be dug. I'm unsure if they will charge me or not but need this thing outta here.

Zuri Lovett: You're music was a bit much

Christopher Witherspoon: you can buy the tool to open the cable box on eBay for $3

Donovan Robins: you can also just buy the 6 dollar terminator tool...

elTorpedo: It would have been super helpful to make a video demonstrating this.

William Kirker Jr.: Worked like a charm. Thanks!

Jimmy S: Vice grips and crush the barrel of the lock will allow you to spin them off.

PamP1m: I need to open my box to move the connection location for my cable internet. I dont wanna run a long Ethernet cable along the basement and up the living room upstairs..... can I use wires

Enoch: too bad we disconnect the service at the tap. so doing this will just open up the house box. big waste of time. and tampering with the cable will land you in jail.

George McIntyre: They sell the tool all over the internet now for very cheap. This video was uploaded in 2009. Now it's 2016. I think by now, you can get anything off of eBay.

The Truth: Just wanted it off the wall to paint...then put it back on...duh! Thanks for the help.

Greg Adams: 1:47 Just the tip

Brian Hall: lmao doesn't make a difference, being a cable guy myself we know what's suppose to be in the box and the cable companies now audit every 3 months and remove anything illegal not to mention it's a federal crime that will land you a felony theft charge

Madbull338hit: worked perfectly thanks!!

Bob Donjacour: I just used a 17/64 "" drill bit. it spun the lock right off.

Callmebeautiful __x3: Or, just go to  and order the tool for $7 and will ship free to you home. it beats the hell out of taking the time to bend a fork.

Robert Vincent: ...Or you can just cut the cord and add a new head with nothing more than a razor blade and a crimper.

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How to open a locked outside cable box
How to open a locked outside cable box
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How to open a locked outside cable box