How To Open A Locked Outside Cable Box

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The Truth: Just wanted it off the wall to paint...then put it back on...duh! Thanks for the help.

Greg Adams: 1:47 Just the tip

Brian Hall: lmao doesn't make a difference, being a cable guy myself we know what's suppose to be in the box and the cable companies now audit every 3 months and remove anything illegal not to mention it's a federal crime that will land you a felony theft charge

Madbull338hit: worked perfectly thanks!!

Bob Donjacour: I just used a 17/64 "" drill bit. it spun the lock right off.

Teddi Gould: Or, just go to  and order the tool for $7 and will ship free to you home. it beats the hell out of taking the time to bend a fork.

Robert Vincent: ...Or you can just cut the cord and add a new head with nothing more than a razor blade and a crimper.

SouthernFun: 1st step mess with cable
2nd step add crappy connections and low grade splitters
3rd step call your local cable company and complain that nothing works right
this is dumb this is half a cable companys problem with providing good service to its PAYING customers, morons going out and tampering with everything.  stop being a LEACH!

Travis Justin: watched another video that had the same instructions but it isnt working for me. any pointers

Bradley Schepper: You will get caught its not hard to tell its being stolen 

sepheroth885: My cable box just had a twisty tie XD

chad Thomas: 104 cable guy's dislike this video

bud ninefiveo: Worked great!! Thanks

tomas martinez: Everything is going digital so it won't matter anymore no more picture on tv to see

pinkisntwell: I had one of them tools...about 10 years ago I had got satellite dish and the person installing just disconnected the cable and hooked up the dish. same day phoned the cable company and canceled their service. told them I had a dish. about 1 month later I was watching tv and there was a signal loss. phoned satellite company, and they said that the cable was just I look out the window and there was the cable guy unhooking the cables from the splitter. I yelled at him to get the freak off my property. and he said that it's the company's box and he can do what ever he wanted. I then proceeded to chase him out of the yard with a bat. but he left that tool in the slot. then I lent it out and never got it back..!! thanks for the video it worked great.

Tim Allen: Many years ago cable companies would put something similar on the inside of the boxes that fed the cable lines into each apartment building, thus keeping anyone from hooking up the cable to the coax input inside the box. It was basically a cylinder inside a cylinder. The outside cylinder would turn but the inside cylinder, the one that was actually threaded onto the coax input wouldn't. One night I dumped a glob of super glue into the cylinder and the next night I went out and twisted the damned thing off and hooked up the cable. Super glue or a fork should do the trick.

Marvin Thomas: Thanks a whole bunch didn't have to pay my money and wait till after 4th of July to get my cable turned back on after they already got my money

donald thorton: All that is needed is needle for that type of termination lock is a pair of needle nose pliers. Open the pliers, stick one end all the way in, push in all the way, point tip upward slightly, close pliers and unscrew. If you hear a clicking noise close a little tighter. By the way If this is located on the outside of a home then you can just call your cable provider and they are required to remove it. You have to be allowed access to the side of the cable that enters your home along with the Ground line. 

littlegoobie: I just got one of these screwdrivers with a bundle from a 2nd hand store for 75cents and needed to find out what it was i got. 

James LaBelle: lol a fork!!  Great thinking.  Just about anything that can get in that groove outta work.

How to open a locked outside cable box 5 out of 5

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How to open a locked outside cable box
How to open a locked outside cable box
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How to open a locked outside cable box