How To Open A Locked Outside Cable Box

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Tim Allen: Many years ago cable companies would put something similar on the inside of the boxes that fed the cable lines into each apartment building, thus keeping anyone from hooking up the cable to the coax input inside the box. It was basically a cylinder inside a cylinder. The outside cylinder would turn but the inside cylinder, the one that was actually threaded onto the coax input wouldn't. One night I dumped a glob of super glue into the cylinder and the next night I went out and twisted the damned thing off and hooked up the cable. Super glue or a fork should do the trick.

bud ninefiveo: Worked great!! Thanks

chad Thomas: 104 cable guy's dislike this video

littlegoobie: I just got one of these screwdrivers with a bundle from a 2nd hand store for 75cents and needed to find out what it was i got. 

pinkisntwell: I had one of them tools...about 10 years ago I had got satellite dish and the person installing just disconnected the cable and hooked up the dish. same day phoned the cable company and canceled their service. told them I had a dish. about 1 month later I was watching tv and there was a signal loss. phoned satellite company, and they said that the cable was just I look out the window and there was the cable guy unhooking the cables from the splitter. I yelled at him to get the freak off my property. and he said that it's the company's box and he can do what ever he wanted. I then proceeded to chase him out of the yard with a bat. but he left that tool in the slot. then I lent it out and never got it back..!! thanks for the video it worked great.

Master Chatter: that's a great Forking trick thx

tomas martinez: Everything is going digital so it won't matter anymore no more picture on tv to see

dreikano: yep I"m a tech but you mess with it you will pay for any damage to the cables and or box and lock. lol so funny!

Marvin Thomas: Thanks a whole bunch didn't have to pay my money and wait till after 4th of July to get my cable turned back on after they already got my money

wv fire748: Problem is termination is done at the pole not the box. All that in the box is splitters and now service is also controlled at the main office by computer so break in if ya want nothing in there..

Leslie Hernandez: omg! it actually worked thankyou lol :) 

donald thorton: All that is needed is needle for that type of termination lock is a pair of needle nose pliers. Open the pliers, stick one end all the way in, push in all the way, point tip upward slightly, close pliers and unscrew. If you hear a clicking noise close a little tighter. By the way If this is located on the outside of a home then you can just call your cable provider and they are required to remove it. You have to be allowed access to the side of the cable that enters your home along with the Ground line. 

James LaBelle: lol a fork!! Great thinking. Just about anything that can get in that groove outta work.

AllOneHeart9: OK...Here's my deal. I decided to switch to Comcast from ATT for my internet ONLY. Self install with new Comcast appropriate modem. That was last week. After getting the equipment and talking with 7 different Comcast peeps, while they say I have service to my house and a service person was supposed to be here yesterday, now it is next week. I asked if "magically" the cable (that already comes to the house and I had told them to CUT it right before the box 8 years ago because I never thought I would deal with Comcast again [another story]) got reconnected inside the box before next week, would I have service...and they said yes! SO, I am about to attempt that. Any suggestions? lol...besides Wait till next week and let them do it?

Bobbie Chappell: I tried it and it really work! !

Joe S: Wrong kyliam80 , Anything attached to the customers house is the customers property including the cable, the box and splitters inside of it. Cable companies just put that junk on the box to deter customers from connecting their own lines to demarc so they can charge service calls. I rip those terminators off all the time. 

Eric Wainright: And then when you get the box open, go ahead and freak with a bunch of crap you know nothing about. You still wont have free cable because the cable isn't terminated from the house box. Also, the house box is considered Cable Company property. Whether it is on your house or not is irrelevant.

manuel pineda: Fuccck u kyliam08 suck a dik u snitch.

Grae Wolphe: @WorldTurnBlack Dude, I work for one of the major cable companies, and there's nothing we can change about the way we operate. We have bills to pay just like you do. We pay electric companies as high as $25 per pole connection per year, and on some poles we have as many as 8 connections. We also have to pay for the content we provide, and the reason it doesn't cost more than it does is because of the way we package it. We HAVE to provide some content in order to keep your bill as low as it is.

ashkiller713: @41688johnathan thats illegal dumb ass

Devon Hayes: He fixes the cable?

Carlos Morales: thanks bro

Matthew Robinson: Cable shoppe buy the tap lock tooltip open the cse (customer service enclosure) they cost roughly $40

AmericanNinja85: For anyone that thinks that getting in that box attached to your house will give you free cable if your not paying for it is sadly mistaken that's just where all the cable outlets come to together at what gives you cable it called the tap which is located up a pole or a box in the ground that is locked with special keys

franklin0618: worked like a charm fot cogeco

Melmel91010: Never mind about the fork thing just use super glue dill the tip of it and use pliers to unscrew it works so much easier

whoknew: It worked

Devin McCLeary: @GatheringSticks whats ur point fool? unless you live in a town where its one of the little small cable companies, your signal is All Digital now, which means even if you arent discoed at the tap, you wont get anything but local channels, so what have you accomplished??? absolutely u feel like u a cable dawg now....smh lame

6587567651: It worked for me. I suppose it depends on the plies you have. Maybe you have a different style of lock that needle nose pliers can't open.

BryanTheYellowDart: @PatchNPro Harbor freight sells a security tool kit that might work $6 on sale now. Or just try a bunch of different flat head screw drivers pushing in very hard while you turn. But it is hard to know what exactly you are working with.

lostboi210: Totally worked!! haha thanks!!!

Devin McCLeary: @j7almeida i aint slammin nobody, he slammed himself by postin this dumbass video

bottle2lip: sorry but a terminationt ool is not hard to come by, you can find them at any decent electronics store, like frys. And sometimes at home depot, or where i would go. worked as a cable guy for 9 years

Paul Ostwick: All you have to do is use a pair of channel locks to squeeze the sleeve enough to turn the inner threaded part. Once it's loose, you can pull and turn and it'll come the rest of the way off.

psuedonymephedra: @j7almeida theft is theft hippie!!!!

eric85855: Amazon has them

nine4t4: @mymissymine. Yeah, freak the Cable man (Because servicemen are evil masterminds?)!!! Why stop there? freak the Garbage man, freak the Postman, freak ultilities workers too. freak anyone that does a service to keep you from living in a pickleensian squalor. If a cable tech is your idea of 'authoritarian rule' you are an idiot, very sheltered and haven't see the real deprivation in the world. Steal if you want, but don't act like cable is a civil right.

Mike Mccarthy: You are an idiot

biOne mker: @mjjmal1 How did you open the box without the key. I need it badly.

Grae Wolphe: @WorldTurnBlack And to continue, we pay multiple electric bills to power the power supplies that power amps that supply you with cable. Those Spanish channels you might not want...there are others who do, and they pay their bills just like you do. If you don't like those channels, you have the option of blocking them where you never have to see them. I pay a cable bill just like everyone else, and no one hears me bitching because of the channels I don't watch, which are a vast majority of them.

Steve Willis: @mrtwelvevolts sooooo... now you're into it for a 300 dollar 28' extention ladder.... BTW anyone else here gt that the act of tampering with a cable box, ped, or tap is a FELONY? Go pay for tv you bunch of freeloaders!!

Devin McCLeary: @amcabbott Right again haha All digital, no more "bootleg" cable. this guy is givin instructions on how to remove the terminator and its pointless

noahjonathan1: If this is working for people, then the cableman isn't doing his job. You would be disco'd at the tap, which isn't located on your house.

Maria Tortosa: It works great! Thank you.

twine30: Who cares. Comcast sucks.

Devin McCLeary: @41688johnathan Exactly! This idiot is dumb as crap for even posting this video, im done with the cable game, moved on to Telco now, but anytime i had disco orders, i made sure to disco them at the pole and when i did audits at apartments, if the sub kept on stealing, i would just cut the drop

SpreadingVenom: ill buy one can you drop it off in brampton

AmericanNinja85: depends on the tech I am a tech and when people ask me to hook up the other outlets I do it without charging them and I work with several others that will do that also we will only charge you if the lines are not already there and we have run them

More Lee: You can get a terminator tool at Covi Cable, just google their website

Shivinder Aujla CFP: Amazing video. good job, keep it up. Works like a charm.

How to open a locked outside cable box 4 out of 5

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How to open a locked outside cable box