Best Video Editing Software For Windows: Late 2017 Review!

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Big Guy: What a bout life time key with payed version

Ifti Awan: Plz guide me,i am absolutely beginer but quick learner and experienced professional(telecom engineer) devinchee vsd or fast express

Arnie's Home Improvements: Just downloaded the VSDC video editor, will let you know later...Thank you for the recommendations Justin, your vids are always informative, and being a beginner, I need all the help I can get...
Also, I use an iphone 6+, a WolfBlitz tripod/selfie stick combo that's awesome, and some Godefa clip on lenses...what is the best way to store pics and videos to free up space on the phone?
Thx again,

Louloupetals: Thank you fur this. New to editing. Going to try the vsdc

Solomon B: cyberlink

Fin Bartram: I use Movavi Video Editor it's good for beginners but I wanna upgrade

Cdquestions: Thank you very much !

RPTV: Great information. I like to crete videos mostly of our kayaking adventures with GOPRO but I use Corel VideoStudio 2018. It works pretty good for me but I was wondering what you thought of it and why you thought it was not worthy of the under $200 group. I would consider switching but barely have time to edit video like I would like much less trying many new programs at the same time. :) Thanks for your video.

MGTOW REDPILL PORTUGAL: hey bros whats up there for win10 32 bits?? im freaking stuck!!!

pyaro nepal: movavi is the best

Tal Bitton: Not true i just dowloaded Windows movie maker

StrangeWarriorGaming: I use davinci resolve and I love the transitions!!!

Dennis Ryckman: Thank you for the reviews and recommendations. Im trying out Davinci free - the feature set is insane! I WAS using Filmora, but it wasnt growing with me, could no longer handle the size and complexity of my projects, and wouldnt do things I wanted and began to need. Love the channel!

King: Thank y for a grate video
I also I advise to use viddyoze

It is one of the best video making online platform, It’s has been one of the best experiences that we have online. We have done all the tasks and CRs within our company. We use it as a video editing software to create promotional 3D animation videos without another vendor, you don’t need to install any software. Simply if you are making business with this software you will be one of the up-voter for it :)

so you get:

A very cheap, automated and simple solution
Increase your revenues through making professional videos
With a few clicks y can Create outstanding studio quality animations
So you choose a animation template from the large library as a first Step then You add your logo or your brand text for customizing your animation. and Finally you can export resulted video.
If you want to get any attention, your videos have to be outstanding :)

Over 80,000 People Use Viddyoze

Viddyoze 3.0 Revealed! and it will be the future of video

you can visit the web site here:

Viddyozoe 3.0 personal

Deanna Alisha: I was using imovie to edit but the macbook broke! What can I use that's similar on my windows laptop? I'm so used to it I don't want to learn a new difficult software. P.s. Can I buy imovie for windows?

- BloopD: Does any of them have the ability to add music from YouTube and speed the pace up ? I wanted to start recording for my YouTube

KatKorn: why are his teeth whiter than mine ._.

Lenore 4life: I’m using iMovie and Vonto

Aldine Tree Services Houston Stump Grinding: Hi Justin, I found this via one of your recent posts. Could you and or the community help me with one question? I've used Windows movie maker, and my experience is at the nursery school level. Which software (Free or Paid) for a desktop (Windows) do you feel is easiest to make basic edits, and is least likely to cause heartburn to re-edit if I realize I've made a mistake upon saving it? Thanks for your help.

Steve Campbell: Beautifully succinct and informative. You have provided me with options though I have noticed some users saying they've been 'refused' access for some unknown reason. Thx anyway.

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Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review! 5 out of 5

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Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review!
Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review!
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Best Video Editing Software for Windows: Late 2017 Review!