EGo-W Vaporizer/ G-pen. (wax)

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Leo Nunez: a bro I got a e- Tgo but can you mode it so you can use it for wax

jimmyt54me: I am a newbie about all these variable pens, and what each can do. So, I dropped a C note on the g-pen pro, ( I know, too much) that does not seem to be working very well, or the herb doesn't burn all the way. So this eGO-W...The salesperson does not partake, and knew nothing about this pen. It is a LA VAPE 101 / eGO-W, and after searching on youtube, on how to actually load the wax, dry herb, or oil, all I can find are videos on what parts are included, but the instructions are very lame, and not helpful at all!!!!  The lady called her boss, and he said that this eGO-W pen is a 3 in 1 ....REALLY?  So I am asking....
How in the heck can I find instructions on how this works, or where can I find out this information, do I have to travel to CHINA?  I just do not know how these parts fit lame?  yes, indeed!
So, does this pen actually "vape", or does it combust?  Is vaping a tad more healthier...?  Thanks!

Brazzers Meet Honda: VV not W you freaking moron, VV stands for variable voltage..

COME CHECK OUT THE NEW 2014 Skyda 8 Personal Pen Vaporizer. 3 in 1, Vape Pen. $33.99 + FREE SHIPPING! + FREE HERB GRINDER!
Use the Skyda 8 for WAX, DRY HERBS, OILS/E-LIQUID + E-JUICE! (COMES WITH 3 month Warranty, Carrying Case, Charger, and Cleaning Kit INCLUDED!

Shannon Gregor: You totally just saved my life. Thank you!!!!

mikeyloc1000: Hahahah ahah suck it wine Lopez 

Dallen Wilkins: Wine Lopez go suck yourself:-):-):-)

Wineo Lopez: hey dumbass try making a video then smoking afterwards so you're not all duh duh duh.. sound like a Sherm head

HeplMeh: once the chamber is clogged you need to just replace that part, no use trying to clean it.

mikeyloc1000: Just buy a new cartridge

Angie Alvarado: How do i clean it..mines is looking kinda gunked up..i don't want it to freak up

mikeyloc1000: Lol you know it !!!!!!

Vegan Stoner: immediately stoned after you take that first good hit. xD

mikeyloc1000: It takes all but the butane will Rez up more most likely

17fili: Yo , what kind of wax do u put in the ego pen? Butane wax or wassup?

mikeyloc1000: You need a life. Lol your mom head game correct. Don't make me come and beat up your dad in front of you

n1njalo: And this is why you need to get an education. . . .

mikeyloc1000: And yes I was very high doing this review ahah !!blaze it !!!!

mikeyloc1000: When you get things straight move out to Cali and live the life with all of us !!!

Randyc2800: Must be sweet to live where it's legal. Sadly, I live in backwards-ass, bible thumping Texas.

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eGo-W vaporizer/ G-pen. (wax) 5 out of 5

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eGo-W vaporizer/ G-pen. (wax)