Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter

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Yung HyperZ: Should i stop squating im 16 years old and im kinda short, Like should i do other exercises like leg press, or do leg press effect the length of me. Should i just do.
Leg Extension
And leg press (if it doesn't effect my length)

Persian Music: Will bodyweight squats make me shorter or stunt my growth even a little bit

LiveMk555: Tyler1 got from 6'5 to 5'6 :^)

Archex Gaming: What about bodyweight squat?

Parvesh D. Singh: So what if we don't use any weights. Will it still affect my height?

Mihir Nankani: it is right?height can be shrink?plz tell

PikUpYourPantsPatrol: craps so unfair, if I want to work out my legs I'll get shorter. But what if someone wants to be taller. Nothing you can freaking do to get taller

IIArrowII: yay so I can get shorter by this

Xhakas Mom: Does it work ? Pls say yes

1Million Subcribers: My height ranges from 5'8 to 6'0 when i get back into working out i drop as low as 5'8 then when i stop working out at the gym i normelly do things like running/swimming and end up hitting 6'0

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Mario Acosta: what about air squats does it make your shorter?

Idk Tbh: If squats do shorten you then even deadlifts and rackpulls shortens you even more... freak.

Brian Figueroa: is this guy daddy bioscience

PakkiNakki: Elliot is right and many idiots in the comment section who don't understand what he said... sad

Ramls Javed: I'm 12 and I'm the height of a 14 yrs old.

Ineedbrother: do you still get shorter even if you squat without weights?

abraxis20: From my own reading it seems that any height reduction is likely to be temporary. We all lose height with age anyway, but could squatting accelerate that process? I guess it's possible.

James Felix: I came for some funny ass girl comments about "i want to get shorter!!" not knowing tall is a good thing coming from a short person!!

princess smith: my dad is really tall will it make me ahorter

Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter 5 out of 5

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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter