Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter

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Emilio Martinez: Is this really true?

ginger: I think you should publish your incredible findings of this "human shortening technique". This ideally should be presented during the next American Medical Association conference during one of their satirical sessions. It will be a hit.

dalton graham: ok so basically (for the ignorant people), squatting makes you shorter, but stretching your spine and doing other exercises of that sort will get your height back 

DJAbatoOfficial: Squats DOES NOT stunt your growth!

Yo Mamma: Elliot, you're one of the very few guys on Youtube I actually respect because you know what you're talking about, even though I'm still skeptical about this particular topic. You seem to have good knowledge on anatomical and physiological terms which is great because we need more people like you on Youtube, kudos brotha. This all coming from a Fitness and Health student. Keep it up!

Mouse Bunny: this guy knows so much damn

Michael L: I am getting really disheartened atm. I wanted to start the 5X5 so I did. I get that stupid 'butt twink' so that's putting me off because I know i'm gonna get injured. Secondly, as soon as add any weight (the 20kg bar) When i squat i get a tingly sensation on my left leg, on the outside, just to the left of the knee. Can anyone help?

brad skux: This is true, but squats only stunt your growth if your squatting a really high amount of weight.

ana alvarez: Cant this give you back problems?

Brandon Taylor: Yay,I wanna become shorter,I hate being tall,I just don't feel right

gyovannah guimaraes: How many squats exactly?!

Nathalie Smistakamp: I am 6'9 and i want to little bit shorter

frankiezzzzzz100: if u really think about it we should all be stretching before and after a workout that should enough no need for yoga

ColdBoi: I've been wondering about this question today.

Shloxey: This is NOT a video telling you NOT to squat. You need to squat, it's one of the best, most beneficial exercises you can perform to grow. So, SQUAT, SQUAT, SQUAT.

Akbar Gaziev: squats and deadlifts ,benh press,hang and snatch,cleand and jerk,clean press,etc are rpoven to increase ur HGH and tesosterone therefore making U TALLER{ IF UR UNDER 20 \STILL GROWING]

Omid Menawari: Squats dont make you shorter what a bullcrap most strong mans are 2,10+

benjaav07: as of today id stop squats

Malik Golden: This really works I did over 150 squats and I was 5'2 to 4'11

Lexi Dallas: Okay. I'm taller than both of my parents at 13 years old and the same hight as my boyfriend. This might sound weird but I want to be short. And I'm not sure if this works for all people and the amount you do will determine your height. So.. Yes?😂

Ismail Othelo: Thank you so much Elliot for the info .Please, Can you tell me how to train my legs without getting shorter ?

Heisenberg: I just thought of starting to do squats tomo when I saw this :O

brandon9491: could you hang upside down with like 20lbs to stretch your spine out?

CHEN ZENN: freak!! i sud hv never military pressed so much wen i was 17 yo, DAMN IT!!!

Eric Nguyen: All this talk without scientific data proving your point makes all your statements invalid, bullcrap, and a waste. How come if I'm doing bench press, which presses my chest, it doesn't become 

PearlPoopSmellsGood: So is it only if you're squatting with a weight on your shoulders?

emmanuel torres: I'm 16 and just started training a month ago I've been squatting and dead lifting but I'm already short and don't want to be any shorter :( I've still been growing this month i grew almost 2 inches but what i really wanted to know is can squatting stunt my growth, right now I'm 5'5 i would at least like to be 5'7. please answer my question anyone. I'll keep training either way because I'm very happy with the result I'm getting.

Tyler Z: Yo Elliot you should be a doctor 

Darius Anderson: that shirt is legit, i gotta get me one

Matt Grainger: Love all the Sport & Exercise Science, by far the most informative videos on Youtube! 

Joey Deak: Squats won't make you shorter PERMANENTLY. It may compress your spine for a few hours like most activities like running etc can. But after a good night sleep it should be back to normal. So no worries guys..

David Nguyen: Somewhat have these things called intervertebral discs between each vertebrae that act as shock absorbers, which are filled with H2O. When you have too much axial loading on your spine, some of the water in the discs seeps out causing you to lose height temporary. However, you will rehydrate those discs when you sleep. More so, the illusion of shortness is solely due to your posture. The majority of weight lifters out there have forward head translation between their pecs are way over facilitated and their rhomboids and/or intrinsic back muscles are inhibited. Meaning that their pecs pull their head forward caused by the origin and insert of the muscle which is straining their cervical extensors. When this happens your whole biophysical mechanics completely change. Your cervical spine will not maintain its normal "C" shape curve and straightens (military neck) and then the rest of your spine follows causing muscle imbalances throughout your entire body. The reason why you can maintain your balance is because biomechanically your sella turcica in your skull (where the pituitary gland resides) is trying to stay parallel over your coccyx (tail bone). This may cause some muscles to be over facilitated and some weakness may be found also so that you can maintain your balance. So I urge you to get a free consult from your local chiropractor to keep that spine healthy and free of nerve interferences.

Antonio Hernandez: Wow! By doing this exorcise "Squats" make you grow shorter but there's no exorcise to make you taller. THAT'S SO UNFAIR!!! 

Dan Reilly: axial skeleton is your spine

Colin DeWaay: I read these comments and it's like people don't even watch the video and then comment on how dumb it is...

Ray Jimenez: what about joint mobility instead of yoga

darine sisi: hi, im a girl, turning 24, im 1m76cm and i want to reduce my height of 3 cm at least, should i squat or what ?

RJ Laxamana: Will they stunt your growth if you do squats without weights? Are those squats even effective?

Jack Mildwaters: I'm not sure how to contact you by a message so I'm just going to post this on lots of video. Can you please do a video on how to increase your striking power. I'm a 15 year old boxer with pretty hard hits because I've been boxing for three years and working out at home but I always want to improve and I'm not sure about any solid workouts. You seem to know a crap tonne of stuff relevant to exercise and the human biology. 

onemanteamBTG: If this guy was a teacher when I was at school I would've paid soooooooooooo much more attention in PE class. lol

Samuel Siskovic: Kristian Pedavoli, 16, Sydney, Nymboida st. Pls visit him, he loves you and applies all your strategies in the gym <3

IRunOverKidsInMyVan: This is really shedding bad light on squats. Squats help build bone density so if anything they stop you from being shorter

Nathalie Smistakamp: I am 16 and 6'9 i want to be short help me

Eric Nguyen: smaller?

TheUnboundSlayer12: yea if your like 10 and you do it not when u hit 13-14

stacey valenzuela: Everyone needs to stop denying, even though you wish it wasnt true, it is still the fact. I was originally 5'3 and after working out a lot and doing squats im now 5'0 and im only 20!! Dont believe me? Next time go to the gym and look at all the people around you, everyone is like a midget. The only tall people you see have probably only been there for a week or are just cardio junkies, and dont really do weight lifting. I know it sucks, but its the truth. The only thing you can do is just get a good night sleep, stretch, and let your body take in a bunch of calcium. Good luck everyone :\

Aesthetic Brah: freak Squats! First I never got my form right in it (butt wink, knees over toes n crap) ! I was stuck with 185 for a good year! N then I realized my posture was getting freaked by all those times I had the bar on me! I would rather leg press for the rest of my life and get to 6ft then squat 1000lbs n be a manlet! 

antman8646: this guy is so awesome

bubbletea8888: LMAO this video has shattered alot of Squat dreams.

Carlos Sarceno: Hodgetwins + Harvard education = this guy. I feel like I should be writing down vocabulary words haha.

Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter 4.9 out of 5

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Yes. Squats Will Make You Shorter
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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter