Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter

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St Jean Venita: I'm 11 and I'm 5'1 and people usually stop growing by 20 and I'm a girl...

I'm too tall 😶😥

Kaemor Davis: Dude I was 5'6 now I'm 5'5 in a half

IceANDFire: Wanna be freaking 4.9

Dee Jeyy Cayanan Baking: Can bodyweight squats makes you shorter?

Clayton Barber: My legs crack a bit when I do squats


DelMonté: The reason why it's good to be tall is because you won't look younger and cops don't have to stop you for looking small. 😂

Michael Java: that's why I'm short. I love shoulder day and squat day

Harjeet Kaur: Hey... I am 5'8 and 18 .. I just wanna reduce an inch please please ..... Help...just an to squatting...without weight is fine ??? Or not...and when in a day ?? Like in morning ....??

Konata Izumi: Any way to get 3 inches shorter?

Vicky Hayes: Wow I'm shocked this is actually true squats shrink your hieght

ol: Clarence Kennedy squats 551 lbs for reps is still 5'10. same height since when he was 15 or 16

The shrewd magnate: elliot hulse's strength camp...please do a video on one leg squat and will they make you short if done without weights on spine?

Smoof Plef: Everyone's talking about how they want to get shorter blah blah blah...CAN WE TALK ABOUT HIS EYES THO?!

Vania Mendoza: by 2050 the average hight will be. 5 6 or 5 7

Roxana Lopez: im 5'4 😭

Quran Richardson: I'm 15 and I do squats my high is 5'9 if I keep doing it will I be shorter

milky: O.o and I thought being 5'1 was tall, while reading these comments people are freaking 5'3 or taller???! 🙄😶 Where have I been.

538659 comments: It’s surprising to see so many girls here commenting that they want to get shorter and using this video as a tutorial. Even though being shorter is considered more feminine and cute, being taller is actually a universal advantage for both males and females, even if it is mostly a social advantage for males. If you are tall, you tend to be more physically capable, and have longer legs. This video was originally meant to deem getting shorter by doing squats, as a negative thing happening to you, due to worsening posture. The worsening posture of the neck, aka thoracic kyphosis, like Elliot said, is NOT something you want, especially as a female. Therefore, you should not try so hard to get shorter. Being tall does not make you look like a man. Being too muscular or hairy does. But a tall girl can still look very feminine and have feminine proportions. Short and tall girls are both beautiful in their own ways. However, it’s amazing how the fashion culture sends girls mixed, contradictory messages. Like first they want them to be tall so they can be closer to those skinny runway models, or they want them to be ‘petite’.

അജ്മൽ മുഹമ്മദ്: I am 193 cm and iam a skinny boy plz suggest a useful way to reduce my height 6'3 to 6'0 in my friends and family circle iam the taller one plz suggest a way to reduce the length of my legs

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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter