Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter

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blue grass: I was 25 foot 5 now i am 12 millimeteres from squatting.

FUN TIME: anyone can tell how to decrease ur height of longs leg plz tell me the solution by squart or anyother way

Arber Banushi: squad with out weight do you do small

Kamar Felix: i went from 5ft1 to 4ft9 can i still grow or is it stunted? thanks

SP Studio: sir how can i make my height shorter.........

Hugo Clemedtson: I am still growing and I want to be taller, should I avoid squats and overhead presses?

Trust in Trust: I am a guy.. 17 yrs old and here is a weird thing:
I am insecure about being tall and stronger..
I am 6'3, a bit stronger and bigger than average too.. and ik its not really tall but.. I feel insecure about it because how I feel like a child from the inside..
I don't worthy myself enough.. I have really low self esteem and I don't want to have any life in me because of it..

no name: iam 9 years old my height is 6.1 and then i start squating and pressing with 250lbs and know iam 5.9 , is that ok ??


Davy Innes: So it can shrink you IF YOU LET IT

Silviu Nichitoiu: Learn to accept yourselves, the way you are. Even if you're “too short” or “too tall”, there's nothing you can do about it, so stop worrying what other people think. Accept what you cannot change and improve what you can. Imagine that you are perfect in every way. Do you believe everyone will like you? There will surely be someone that will dislike you for that reason. It doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel about yourself.
Focus in self-improvement in ways that are meaningful and be happy with your life.

Spookay Luna: i want to get shorter lmfao

Virgin Weeaboo: what do you call two african americans freaking ?

Aden Johnson: I'm 13 and 6 foot, my expected height is 6foot6 would doing squats (which im planning on doing to be able to dunk soon) make me more than 1 or 2 inches shorter from my adult height?

Gamer Generation: so does this ONLY go for weighted squats? not just body weight squats with no weights no nothing just squats?

HowToTech: But there's no problem if I do body weight squats right?

Jazmin Hansen: This is so ridiculous squats give u a fat booty not shortness -.- common freaking sense you're all a bunch of asswhole listing to other assholes who listen to this asswhole if you're a tall girl I'm personality 5'1 but if you're tall treasure that crap y'all can be models you're beautiful stay true stay u whore.


Taine Potaka: does it make your legs short to

INSTA_ VEG: Thank you this video really works I needed it because The Sound Of Music auditions height are very important and Ill be auditioning as Brigitta and the height of her is 4'7, I was 4'8 then 4'9 then now Im 4'7 thank you very much

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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter 5 out of 5

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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter