Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter

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Michael Cellula: I was tall 178 cm before squat and i am 179 today.

Kool Burn: More accurately, it should be "CAN", not so much "WILL".

AsianAnson: What if you use a squat machine that puts the pressure on the shoulders?

Young XBardock: Yeah I was in the gym deadlifting about 360 and I felt such strain on my back a week later I think I lost a couple centimeters my friends were saying I look smaller especially my girlfriend that and putting on muscle early I don't want to stunt my growth with weights I'm just doing it because I'm in high school and I play for the football team and coach has gotten most of us free gym memberships any advice? Feb 2 I turned 17 I'm 6'4 in a quarter when I got my height checked. I might of lost that quarter tho because they always say I'm 6'3. Shoot I'm always sitting in a massage chair after I work out

Cade Sky: I'm 5 6 at 23 years old.. I can't afford to lose any height Cuz I'm already short

Daniel Roque: At least with huge muscles you can squash 5 lemons at the same time to make apple bees that taste like orange xD

viper 94: Was going to ask what about step ups would they not really effect the spine as it's an upward motion ,new to fitness lol

Marcus McJelly: Omg these comments. Squats DO make your shorter but it is NOT permanent. Elliott is emphasizing BALANCE . If you keep working the same muscles without working the OPPOSING muscles, your posture will get freaked which is what makes you shorter. That can be FIXED through stretching, foam rolling, yoga, working the opposing muscles, etc.

MG ησlimit: My height:
Before After
1.53 2.40
After doing squats:
Before After
2.40 1.61

delete end: seriously? Im 23years old(male) 5.5 ft and i do squats and i dont want to be shorter than my height right now.

Shaden Alshareef: Is there another way to get shorter ?

créme ❤: 1 blue 1 green :))

ItzzzOlivia MaCkAy: Wow you look like the hodgetwins!!!!

Ts K: Elliot is right.

I was almost 5'9" and 1/2 (that is around 177 cm) at my peak (teen years) but as I kept doing squats over the years, my height went from 177 cm to 174 cm today (5'8" and half). Lost like little more than an inch. But my squat at that time went from 90 lbs (puny weight) weak ass scrawny teen to 550 lbs max. But the price I paid was my height. At least now I'm buff and strong as ox.

P D G A F: Wise analysis E. I'll look into it, but I no doubt can envision how overloading superficials while beating down a weak core can elicit spine truncation, a.k.a. foreshortening the upper body. Those I perceive suffering from this at my gym purposely IGNORE their core and legs, and look like idiots. We even gave them a name: the "white boy disease" gang. They are the JOKES in the gym EVERYBODY RECOGNIZES by their slumped, stooping, ridiculously downward facing matrix. LOL! Its gross. Watching their progression just over this year (if you would term it "progress") they DO actually look more midget-y and caged than they did back in January...go figure! LOL!!!! Great share though. Keep up the work brotha man.
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Denis Zadymov: I believe that any weight in your back you will get shorter. All the astronauts in the ISS get 3 inches taller during their stay because of the lack of gravity pulling in the back. The spine has spaces between each of the smaller bones and the more pressure the tighter they come together, plus like Elliot said the curve of the spine will exaggerate.

Pankaj Verma: damn everyone's joking the comment section!

SweetShayla: Hes hott...not listening to what u have to say..just clicked on here to look at ur cute face

Jacobo Studios: This is not a joke idiots, why do you think professional weight lifters are all short?

Shix Gaming: Do i get shorter from normal calisthenics squats?

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Yes, Squats Will Make You Shorter