Dota 2 Hud Skins (Preview)

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IgorTheRocker: Can someone help me? In any kind of HUD I don't have the space between the abilities and the item slots. How do I fix this?

xfurywind: i m wondering if furnace is worth buying ,cuz i play lina alot and i have arcana

cu teo: what is Hud Skins use for?

Talinea1: I HATE BETFAIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xXxCHOKADOKADAxXx: Thanks for this :) 

Suhail Ahmed: lol was looking at pudge rather tha HUD :D

Jose C.A.: Thank u dotacimena!

herman sutikno: poor drow ranger

Reaper Sweet: the HUD of this game is terrible, is big a hugly.

RainMaker Rain: ._.

SouIEater676: last hook made WAY more sense

khalid 1997: it is already out :)

ProZ34: Too many HUD skins, that's all the Workshop has become

Amir Al'Quaym: Your resolution might be too small to display it

BlackOpsHR: Frozen touch and tempest wings look awesome...

MonochromaticTechnicolour: Aw I wish LoL for this ):

Charlie's Gaming Channel: Nature hud is the best!!

FrankyTheCyborg: When is the Valor one coming out? The one for compendium owners.

Kilo King: He didn't expect luna to turn back

djedamraz1: He did fail the last one.

Vengoto Gaming: Nature the best !

piroman90zonki: deepest depths far by best

Shadow Dark: Thanks now I know what to get from the store :)

Melvin Hong: is that really neil? lol its impossible!

Jose Torres: lol these are great but i like my compendium one better.

DrackenDarck: The ingame Preview button don't work ;(

Danlee Magaso: your really good

prototypeplaya5: Stone ruined and/or frozen touch is the best.

Tyler Cook: Lol i focused on watching u dragon hook people more than than showing the hud skins!

blub11234: buy it from the store.

GrizzlyanCristian: the Tempest Wing and Stone Ruin look different to me. Any reason? I ca't see the moon and the shield in the left side of the HUD.

The4n70: What do you think, Tempest Wing or Deepest Depths?

zengamer321: U! Obvious Neil is bad according to Sunsfan and... um....

dhmhtraras GR: furnace (the new one must be reviewd)

Иисус Доты: click on the Dota 2 Right-click and go to properties of the masonry, then set the startup type, international background and you will be blue instead of red wavy.

Drathamus Gaming: I personally picked up the Frozen Touch. I like the nice contrast of colors. But between the two, Tempest Wing all the way.

Kuraremendoza: poor drow xD

MrFrannk0: dat hook 1:25

77JOHNNYTESLA77: Natures looks like elf in dota 1

Doddy Gwapo: Only 1 fail on pudge.

Akshay S: tempest wing

Phrosnite: Every hero in the game will have his own custom HUD. wow!

Jason M: I dont get it?

Slavomír Današ: Actually I discovered a bug recently when I spectated a game, selected a HUD skin, then quit spectating and started a game that was being searched in background by my friend in a party and the HUD skin remained for me since then... :)

Patric Landström: I believe Furnace, Elder Bark and Jungle Ruin were released after this video was uploaded. Those are the three newest HUD skins which didn't appear in this video. :)

thomas feinherb: Sunsdan and Reaves...seriously..who of you two plays in neils account?

عناد سطام: 1:22 nail miss a hook XP

DenisTechnics: Empowered Best!

princedagpin22: Stone ruin

SliferxD: No Drow Rangers were harmed in the making of this film.

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Dota 2 Hud Skins (Preview) 4.9 out of 5

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Dota 2 Hud Skins (Preview)
Dota 2 Hud Skins (Preview)
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Dota 2 Hud Skins (Preview)