Tracfone LG 800G: Video Conversion 1

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R-PDesign: I use the any video converter free version for my video conversions

mark brown: im about to convert videos the same way

Alex Ebelt: im tryin to find a video converter where i dont have to download anything cause i use my ps3 for the internet and i cant download anything like that, and one thats free, any suggestions?

Dajuire Matthews: i got the usb and the sd card for my phone all i need is a converter right!? plus you can put youtube app on a lg800 i thought those app are for phone that like 100 of dollars and over? thanks

Dajuire Matthews: can you help i want to put youtube video and movies on to my lg800 tracfone plus i have 4gb on the phone. how to put video or movie in the phone!

Brandon Kelly: helloooo what resolution for best quality??

Marc Twins: Wat kind of movie can that phone watch

Goidapanda: does it cost money to get the video converter

GuerreroDeLaInfo: thank you for the reply. seems like a decent phone for the cost and i think i can live without android and wifi. thanks again.

Azurieus: It's been awhile since I've used this phone, but if I recall, the phone natively creates videos in the 3gp format, but it can read mp4 as long as it's within the specs I've given.

GuerreroDeLaInfo: i thought the phone only played 3pg videos and not mp4

Shawn28341: Honestly. Get AVS4U convert whatever you want into mp4..I leave it mono.. 176X144 Don't use 3gp, mp4 quality is great.. AVS has a screen to view of movie being converted. I make all movies full to fit entire screen to not have black boarders to them.. Use this same process over and over again on all my videos now..Kids movies look great on it..Despicable Me , MegaMind, etc. Suprises the heck out of everyone who sees it with perfect quality no jagged edges to be 176.

Jessica Anne: Hi AprilTrac, Why can't I use the blackberry cord if it fits??? Where can I find a compatible cord for the LG800G? And by the way my phone is not a tracphone.... It is a Net10 if that helps!

Jessica Anne: Also how long can I take a video for ? 5 min? 10?

Jessica Anne: Can anyone help me .... I just got the LG800G and I want to know if I take a video/picture how and I upload it to my computer???? It didn't come with any driver .... And it didn't come with a USB cable either but I have one that came with my blackberry and it fits ....can I use that cable?? I plugged it in using that cable but my computer didn't detect the device at all!... (And I have a windows vista computer) Does anyone know???

JustWasted3HoursHere: @Azurieus I can't believe that this thing has a 320 x 240 display, but I can only use 176 x 144 of it! LG really dropped the ball on this one. Absolutely ridiculous.

Shawn28341: meet the robinson's looked a little blocky, scooby doo and the legend of the phantosaur looked great and sounded great as well.. I have tried different bit rates and some cause choppy movies while the sound stayed ok.. Sort of stop and go viewable but noted for the choppiness.

Shawn28341: I personally run everything in mono because of the fact that you can hear it a lot better in comparing the same movies done both ways in sound.. I don't use any form of head set so, like that setting the best. I used AVS and put 5 episodes of He-Man on it back to back as if it was just one movie.. Looked and sounded great.. Really loud ,easily heard in another room.. Ghostbusters looked ok, but ran sound as 2 channel, a little quieter than I liked, mega mind looked ok, meet the robinson's look

CJxDeath: @jprimeSEVEN can u use bluetooth?

jimboStar: @Azurieus It worked! Thanks- amazing that this is not in the manual. Now I just need to import my old contacts into the phone.

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Tracfone LG 800G: Video Conversion 1 5 out of 5

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Tracfone LG 800G: Video Conversion 1