Ubuntu On Acer C720 Chromebook

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Carl Tua: do you have any tutorial for making a chrubuntu

Chronic Fever: How did you get the apps on the side

Matthew Moore: I don't understand why people do this. I own a chromebook, and i also develop a Linux DIstro and help maintain 3 others.  Chromebooks are not optimized for this, not even close. I really don't understand why so many people do this.  Even the best Linux distro will run worse then ChromeOS  one on of these things. i don't get it. 

Agnes McArthur: I bought this for my daughter for her birthday. She needs a basic, simple book with cloud storage and google apps for school, browsing the internet and social media sites.

Roberto Canales: where I can find a tutorial that shows me how to install ubuntu on my chromebook c720. 
truth want a full OS for multiple jobs, which I do not l ChromeOS 

thanks for reading my comment....

jason wong: how do you download Ubuntu

Josh Matthews: I am 11 and i treat electronics super well. Would u reccomend this? (I dont plan to do any gaming)

Анатолий Выскимонов: Great job, man! Can you make video "how to install Ubuntu on Acer C720 Chromebook" ? Please!!!

Snowyy97: When steam OS comes out could you try it? It would be powerful enough for slighty older games, oh it's free btw

Andrew Shepard: Just installed on my C720. Trackpad, trackpad buttons, two finger scrolling all working beautifully.

For £170 this was a god send.

Matt Kimura: All the 4 GB models are sold out, this sucks!

TheMourningsEnd: Can you install other distributions?  I want this laptop since the price is very affordable, but I do not want to use ChromeOS or Ubuntu.

David Suarez: you should make a guide on how you did this

TheBiloi: Is the install process just like installing to any other computer? Could you boot to a live usb of lubuntu and install from there? Just wanting to be sure I can install other distros. Thanks.

Joshua Forest: I too want to know if you got the trackpad working in ubuntu!

MrMoneyHelper: I initially wanted to have a dual boot C720. Then I decided that it would be better to put the Ubuntu OS on an external drive and boot from it. Can that be done easily? I know my Mac Book has the ability to boot using an external drive. They call it target disc. Keeping Chrome OS gives it plenty of room for apps. Booting Ubuntu from a 1 TB external HDD would give me all the speed of the C720 and the storage of the HDD. via USB3. Any suggestions on how to make this work?

Tyler Frum: Is graphics acceleration working fine? I've thought of getting one of these and putting Debian on it for light editing and some lower end games.

Amir Rees: How to u get back chrome os

Carlos Villegas: thanks for the video. 2 questions: 1) did you getthe the trackpad pad to work. 2) do you know of a way to boot into Ubuntu directly without getting to the chromebook developer screens ?

muyoso: Have you loaded up steam at all and seen how games run?

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Ubuntu on Acer C720 Chromebook 5 out of 5

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Ubuntu on Acer C720 Chromebook