On My Akuma 125 Pit Bike

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uzlut: well suitable for a 16 yr old

lilshaun250: @125ccpitbikeriderz1 i dont think i did get it from there, was a long time ago, though im sure i was thinking about getting it off that site. i assume theyll ship there, will just cost more maybe :/

lilshaun250: £380 , im british too haha so its all good

lilshaun250: fair enuf, the ghosts are good. ok, well i kno the seat height is 770 mm. im gettin the vibe from the net that the bhp is 18.8, but i wudnt hold me to that cos im not sure

theblade186: im getting this motorbike looks so cool im exited

lilshaun250: yer its definitely a cheap but good bike, ahh thats ok tho tbh cos i sadly dont ride mine enough to wear it out quickly lol. but the good thing is if its cheap it dont matter if it wears out, parts are cheap!

loader140: Norton? in the uk in somerset?

EntityPlayZ: hey mate, what the seat height? is it suitable for a 16yr old, 5ft 10? cheers!

Ashley Nicholls: I have a 125cc pit bike wpb atm and i wanna get a ninja assassin 250cc pit bike and its 750£ but since you have a assassin i wanna though is they are any good ? One more thing can you go on ebay and look at it please lol. Also it is brand new.

lilshaun250: @graffitimonster123 just search about online :)

lilshaun250: er i think its 770 mm, its suitable for 16 yr olds definitely, and adults (Y)

martin dowsett: aright mate, i have a pit bike and i dont know where to rid it ould you tell us where you road yours mate thanks martin

graffitimonster123: were can i get one of these from????

lilshaun250: hey man, they are definitely worth gettin no doubt. mines a 125, it says it top speed is 60 mph, n the aceleration is quik, u pull the throttle n it goes mate, easy to cum off the bak if u fuk up lol. id say get one. theyre cheap too, i paid 380 quid brand new, start perfect;y everytime no issues

dannyp887: this bike runs.. nice ive had a few problems with my back wheel wearing off bolts and stuff.... and the plastics tend to break very easy.. great bike tho and mines the 125 and you can get 60mph out of it on road easy.. one word of advise.. dont hit a breeze block going 50 mph... not good. hahahaha also the tires are very! cheaply made and wear down very easy.. manly the back one

iAmCoopz: Im thinking about gettin a 110 Akuma, any good?

lilshaun250: @graffitimonster123 jst search about online :)

lilshaun250: @125ccpitbikeriderz1 i just found where i got mine from, wheels near u pit bikes - search that in google

lilshaun250: well, i must hav had mine for about a year or sumin now, but i havnt had a single problem with it. i dont ride it extremely often, but wen i ride it im pretty rough with it n its absolutley fine, great bike (Y)

bundy bear: is the akuma assassin made by assassin motorbikes

Tom Evs: how much was it? in £ if you can. im british.

lilshaun250: must be a different norton mate this one is in norfolk!

lilshaun250: @rachyj20 its been fine for me mate, i would recommend it definitely, the only thing is the forks are crap, the jumps im doing there ^ bottom the forks out lol

johniver123: amazon there bout 140 good price i recon

lilshaun250: nah mate its miles away from stoke on trent, its near like ixworth

Tom Evs: cool, hight five :P

lilshaun250: yer its sweet, fun bike to ride and had no problems (Y)

Sammy G: at mypurerush right now you can get one for £349 insted of £399! They arn't the best bikes though for the price your paing your getting lots more than the other bike which are £500.

jackjoevideo: do u ride it in norton stoke on trent m8 or another norton

lilshaun250: tbh, there are better pitbikes out there, but obviously u pay for wot u get, but this bikes definitely worth the money, ran fine n perfect since i got it :]

Canningator: Alright Mate ? I am thinking of getting one of these but I dunno if i should ? Do these bikes have good Acceleration and top speed, Mostly acceleration. Right back, Thanks mate Chris

lilshaun250: arite mate, if its a 4 stroke pit bike, then u just put unleaded petrol on its own in it so its piss easy

Canningator: but then again, there is a Ghost GMX 125 which does look the part and its abit cheaper,,, you probably dont know the answer to this question im about to ask,,, do you know how much BHP the Assasin has ? and what the seat height is... Cheers mayte Chris

rachyj20: I Was Going To Get Akuma Assassin 110cc,But Some People Were Saying They Was crap And Not Worth The Money Ona Review Website..Now Im Not To Sure,I Was Going To Buy a Few Parts For It Like Pro Taper Handle Barz Better Tryes Better Shock,Quck Response Throttle,Petrol Filter,Forks..Jus For a Project But Whats The Engine Like ? And The Frame [chassis] Like ??

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on my akuma 125 pit bike 4.3 out of 5

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on my akuma 125 pit bike