Cheap DIY Bato/Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

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sirtom68: I have some videos here of my aeroponic outdoor system. The best way I found to combat heat and bacteria is about 5 to 6, maybe 7 drops of household bleach per gallon of nutrient water. It has worked for me very well and I haven't grown an extra arm out of my neck or anythang. If you can keep your reservoir covered and add a white external covering about a foot around and over it you can reflect a lot of the suns heat away from ya nutrient, which in turn will keep ya roots cooler. Like many have said, keep the sun off your plants roots. Vent cool air from the vents under your house crawlspace to blow into the reservoir if you can and don't run the system in cycles outdoors in the heat, keep it running. Heat is the bane of oxygenated water. Add an airstone if you can, overkill it. More Oxygen is better. Keep ya pH in check, 5.8 to 6. Hope ya haven't given up. ;) 

sandertel: First of: If you use a larger container for the main water supply you get more thermal mass and thus less hectic temperature swings.. Secondly I recommend you bury the main water supply container. Let's say you use one of these blue barrels. They come in various sizes (have the largest one that you can), they usually have a practical (screw down) lid to them and they are already opaque in nature. I recommend you plumb all the lines which need to go in or out of the main water container from the sides, thus leaving the lid free to open at will without having to deal with the various tubes and pipes and such... Also device a type of covering/shading for the exposed bit of the main water container. I like the 275 gallon IBC totes a lot but they are large and in your case an IBC would definitely be a thing set in place with growth in mind... Thirdly: Try and cover the buckets which the plants sit in, this will keep radiant heat of the buckets and helps in keeping things cool. Maybe use a second bucket to nest the actual planter bucket into to provide shade to the inner bucket. Don't use any insulation if you may be tempted to try that. Insulation may become water logged with all the negative (pests/bugs/rotting/smelling) effects that may have... Fourthly: I recommend you look into the use of fish (of any persuasion) instead of the hydroponic chemical fertilization thing... You could grow Tilapia or any warm water species and harvest the fish as well every now and again. You just have to feed the fish and supplement some micro nutrients every week or two. You should be able to find a micro nutrient mix and ome seperate chelated iron powder to help the plants grow well. The fish feed and fish waste will provide you with the main nutrients: the famous N P and K elements. Good luck, Sander Tel.

jffrywad: its your white buckets they conduct too much heat you need to cover them with some black material then you'll have better results. or use black buckets. Gl Thanks for the video.

Ellenn Oits: if u cant bury your water bucket paint it white to reflect most sun

billrock12: Bring your setup in the house and that will stop a lot of problems like too much heat, bugs that eat the plants, acid rains ect.. Home Depot sells a 150watt grow light for $90 and it's more then enough lighting for your garden.

mj leandro: Wow like this idea. Thanks for posting it. 

Jay Michalak: Hey man... Just a thought might help you out... Try using a big cooler for your Rez man that may help keep it cool 

Rob Boone: Where are u located? I'm in Titusville on the east coast and am looking for fellow gardeners to exchange ideas in our environment.

Judelia Medard: Tremendous!! I want to get into this for the new year. Building the reservoir looks intimidating. But I think that Hydroponics is worth the investment.

Gene Torres: you may also want to add a shade cloth, I'm in south Florida and had similar situations and found that a 40% shade cloth works wonders in keeping your system cool and promotes better growth for veggies.

Stephen Edwards: keep the water cooler by digging a hole to put it into the ground temperature will help

joseph zimbler: TOO CLOSE TO A WALL, NOT ENOUGH SUN LIGHT, HOW DO YOU PLAN ON GROWING ANYTHING?and you cant move it now......

randall lloyd: The reason your water is warmer going in is due to the black reservoir absorbs the heat & the white reflects the heat. Put a few pieces of wood under the reservoir to get it off the hot cement and either put some styrofoam around the reservoir or some bricks around the outside.

Henry Fairbairn: definitely bury your resevoir

xbloodz1: Check ur PH man i am sure that it well help if u have it at 5.8-6.0 

KevinRayKnight: Sink your res. into the ground. It will stay much cooler.

xbloodz1: and yes u should do Black buckets next time or put some black paint on them

John Cozad: I have extensive experience with hydro .

Sean Kelley: looks good but the water gets warm and they don't like it gets the roots which it gives the plants stress

lunker012: I too am from Central Florida. Just started doing hydro for vegetables but have some observations to possibly help. You need to use dark buckets to reduce the light in the bucket so painting them black would help. Over the black paint you should then paint them white to help shed the heat. I would also do the same to your reservoir. I would also dig a hole and submerge the reservoir approximately 3/4 into the ground and insulate the exterior of the reservoir. I also have a sheet of thin foam insulation that I place over the top the the reservoir lid to keep the sun off the reservoir. I do aerate the water with a large air stone. I too use the pump to empty my reservoir by installing a hose bib above the pump PVC line above the reservoir with a shut off above that and use a short piece of garden hose to drain the water or get water samples to test the PH or TDS or to recirculate the reservoir when making PH or TDS adjustments then open the shut off valve and close the hose bib to sent nutrient water to the plants again. You system looks good. Congrats to you on the new baby!

saborguerito: Use a black buckets for light problems in the buckets and a lid on the reservoir to keep out light

John Cozad: I am from orlando , live in n/w fl now

John Cozad: also put a lid on it . light creates problems with nutrient

Tony Martalk: put it in the shade bro... your pool

John Cozad: the problem is your nutrient temp . you need to use a cooler outside and freeze 2 liter of water and throw them in there . temp should never go above 73 %

Tony Martalk: hope your weed plants look better! :) nice setup, heat management got to be hard to deal with!

mj leandro: Wow like this idea. Thanks for posting it. 

Hydro Redux: I'm glad you liked the video and thanks for the tip of the wooden box I currently wrap the tote in foam panels but may have to try out the wooden box to create more insulation also to keep it off the concrete slab as it also radiates heat. I've been debating on adding a timer but don't know if it will benefit the plants since there isn't any media in those buckets. They are constantly being fed by the drip lines what would be the benefits of adding a timer?

Frank guillen: hi mate, you roots are brown because the is too much light in the bucket light water & nutrients produce algae is recommended to keep as dark as possible .heat cause lack of oxygen in the water you can use an air pump that well help regards from down under

toonces2011: Nice set up, looks like mine. I too am a fan of MHP and Urban sunshine. You could try to build a wooden box around your fill system that's what I did to help keep the water cooler, I do put ice bottles in it. That was a great tip on the grocery stores for buckets, I bought mine at Lowe's and built them fairly cheap.I have mine on a outdoor timer Lowe's $15 and it feeds 10 times a day and I think that helps with the heat also. Great to see other central fl people doing the buckets.

Holiday: We don\t make alot, but our group do get to travel frequently. Just this year we went to Bangkok to get pictures and their holiday schedules. We are still in a growing phrase so best we can aim for is break even. I think everyone have to overcome the same type of challenge when starting something new. Don\t give up!
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Cheap DIY Bato/Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System