Cheap DIY Bato/Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System

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Atlas Tobin: You know you can use your urine as hydroponic fertilizer if you boil it...

Harri Suryana: Wow great

Walter Moll: ๐ŸŒพย ๐ŸŽ‹๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒทThis book is exactly what I was hoping it was [Check Details Here >==> ]! It gives you all the information needed to start up any level you wish from one plant to theoretically a commercial system. To me there was a lot of "fodder" but once you get through all of that it's rich in all the information you need to make your own Dry Aquaponics garden! Definitely a good resource to have if you're serious about growing your own food using this method.

Richard Peterson: try maybe flood and drain? bell siphon. still mechanical, and still one pump, but will oxigenate roots better. I know exactly what heat your dealing with, born and raised in the south. only thing I may suggest there is to monitor root zone temp, and find a way to keep it at like 70 degrees. if the roots are getting to hot the plant will defo be pissy. one way I can think of is making a copper tube coil to set in the resivor, and run cool water through that copper tubing to cool the nutes. that may help. little more maitnence but might work.

jim noyb: add a tee to the pump, move the valve to one of the open ends of the tee on the pump and you will not need the return line, plus it will be quieter

Poo Guru: Good luck on the harvest. Thanks for the video.

Soonmush: You should make a ground mounted water reservoir and those buckets should be into ground too... And buckets in buckets so it'll be easier to clean them up once in a while.

dean nachbar: could draw mist water out of res. in veg but nuterients could mess in bloom could solve your heat issue?????

dean nachbar: mist the area fam mist like they do for sports side lines cools area by 10 degrees....

aintskairt olskol: first i would paint the res,then add another with over flow then put air stones in water,white in the sun just as your buckets,mainly recirculation with air in the water,,the air does raise your ph so it will swing,,as long as you check once a day at least you will get the ph to the sweet spot,,also wrap res with bubble foil ,same stuff used in rv camper insulation,,hope this helps

fishlovr1: if you bury your water in the ground your water will drop 10 to 15 degrees...

Kevin C: keep in mind that it's not safe to Garden by Your Home.
Pesticides like Chlordane ! We're Sprayed for Termites.
So Please Do Not ! Stay at least 5'. Away from structures.

G Truminati: sup bro im in central florida trying to learn about hydroponics and these videos help alot good looks

dan brammer: Lift your water container off the ground for about 4" of air space and water temp will fall

frackcha: Im guessing that the returning water is colder cos it mixes with the water in the white buckets, white reflects much of the heat from the sun and helps to keep the water in the white buckets cooler than in the darker colored main res tank.

Cool video, thanks for sharing it :)

Josh Hyma: old video. Not sure if you read the comments or not. But if you goto a scrap yard and find an old freezer chest (smaller one) Use that in place of your tote.. fill up an old milk jug and freeze it. Should last a few days if your concerned about the heat. I do that in my off-grid cabin for refrig. Lasts a few days.

Gundula Stehfick: You know why your pump gives out hotter water than your return line ? Because your reservoir is black and your pots are white...

Steven Brennick: There are chillers for aquariums that would work.

The First Watch: You could probably add a pond with Tilapia and use that instead of a tote, the fish detritus would be great fertilizer.

TheKi11erj: dig your well into the earth a few feet

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Cheap DIY Bato/Dutch Bucket Hydroponic System