Shooting The COLT 1911 Gold Cup Trophy 45 ACP Pistol

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Mike Murphy: At 1:17 you forgot to put your safety glasses back on....

Tyrone McBride: Big Daddy. love your video's! love the 1911's! best gun I've ever shot. I've shot low end models I've shot high end models, i just love the 1911's. it look like you really enjoy doing the video's and shooting that beautiful Colt Gold Cup! keep up the good work! (thats what I'm talking about!) love that line!!

Paul Silva: "that's what I'm talking about!"

Hector Oregon: Great video, Ooorah!

Motoroil: Love your "play ground", I have a 1976 Gold Cup.

Mick Moriarty: Most Bullseye and target shooters (who this model is aimed at) don't actually aim at the black bullseye, but use 'area aiming', aiming slightly below the bull to avoid distortion and also to get the finest sight picture. They adjust the sights to strike centrally. I have a NM, bought recently which is a blued version and has the original 1911A1 beavertail, which chops my big paws up badly. My 38Super Colt 1911 (SS), has the same beavertail as yours, much better. Thanks for the video.

Paul Ruth: What a sweet Colt. I have a Colt Combat Target that I am buying. Not much info out there on that one.

scott k: Sweet cherry pie for sure on that one!

Abdulhamid Darwish: i like 1911 colt45.

David Spin: Big Daddy,  I'm picking up that exact weapon used in a couple days.  That holster and belt matches the awesomeness of the Colt.  I'm thinking about changing my sites too.  Hooah!!!

Savage Beardsmen: I recently got a sig sauer 1911 tacops what holster would you recommend for open carry until i get my concealed carry? Thanks for the great vids!

Joe Guzman: Can you polish it brite like a mirror, may be a jewelry store can do that

Joe Guzman: I can't make my mind between the black or stainless i can only buy one

Alfonso Martinez: The Best .45 ACP

Charles van Dijk: Still my favourite, wonder which brain exchanged it for the Beretta 92F in your army.

BigDaddyHoffman1911: @ luis gamboa  Just seen this comment.  How are you doing with that fine shooting pistol?  Thanks

luis gamboa: thanks for the video< i just got one, this is my first gun... i'm very excited to shoot it.

Conker: Love the gun,! Just subscribed. Can you tell me if it shoots anything you put in it or does it need swc? I heard that it couldn't shoot jhp's, only target ammo. I just saved up for one and probably pick it up this weekend.

dennis codera: Let's get ready to ramble! Hi bigdaddy what can you say about Hickok45 he is a glock fanatic?

George Butcher: Nice shooting range

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Shooting The COLT 1911 Gold Cup Trophy 45 ACP Pistol 5 out of 5

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Shooting The COLT 1911 Gold Cup Trophy 45 ACP Pistol