How To Tell If A Louis Vuitton Is Authentic Or Fake

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Sharon Lott: all that clutter!!!
just buy direct from lv!!!

Story Daniels: Did you really upload this video?.. Omg you live in what looks like a basement room with an old tv. You don't strike me as someone who could afford to spend LV money. I just can't believe you 😣

Britni Veretto: The are so many problems with the things your saying... not true about the insides at all... not true about the weight.. have real and replicas. I am an expert... please don't confuse people!

Cerena Walker: Under the outside gave of the speedy is the size of the bag not the serial number

Lee Linda: Not Expert, but great video..
I recommend using professional authenticating services for help. (There are few out there) For Louis Vuitton, I recommend +Yonnit Authentications 

halina stonka: what are u think about this bag, i have the same fasion like you. This has a number inside, but i'm not shure that it is a oryginal. checks out foto.
ra 1780-003

Slave2beauty: You can afford "real" Louis but you're having crapty camera. Hmm I also thing your bags are high quality FAKES! You're not a Louis vitton expert Hunnie

Katethemate: I cannot take your poor quality video serious. It also looks to be shot in a trailer park with all of that clutter everywhere. Yikes!

missan2net: Nope! That number isn't even a date code!

missan2net: It only says Louis Vuitton France because the newer bags only have this now and not the added "made in France" line.

Laura Stebbings: Please can you look at a bag on eBay for me and say if you think it is real? Thank you

lyalaxsparkle: Wow!! Thank you so much!!! This videos really really helped me! Thank you again:)

hairbarbie1: Hi I purchased a Louis bag directly from Louis 1 year ago nd now Im trying to sell it, On the tag that says Louis Vuitton Paris Then it either says made in France or USA,  well my tag does not say either. It just says Louis Vuitton Paris,  do you have any idea why this could be?  The potential buyer now has doubts  thx alot

zakoblivioa: You really need a better cam

chronicreader: I am sorry but there is no way I can take your video seriously. There are some fake LVs out there that are so good that even a person who authenticates bags can have a hard time judging.


Christine Kaise: hi sissy! i am really interested in buying one LV bag online (ebay), i am really not that into knowing if its real or not as this will be my very first LV bag, and this is not the usual brown LV i used to see.
the add says "LOUIS VUITTON LV Encre Monogram Idylle Romance Shoulder Bag Canvas Leather Blue" from a seller Jen-ah.
can you pls help me on this? apprecite

kimmybbbyeah: I can't believe you're filming this video claiming your fake bags are authentic.

kimmybbbyeah: Embossed. Not engraved.

Donna Axelson-Stinnett: On the older speedy bags, (1980's) is the lining made of suede or a leathery type material? Or is it just a good fake. (I've seen great fakes as well as bad ones)
Thank you.

EMT: Thanks! They sometimes skip corners and take the easy way. If they ever did that, I suggest you consult with a paralegal or lawyer. This way they won't be able to cheat you.
How to tell if a Louis Vuitton Is Authentic or Fake 5 out of 5

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How to tell if a Louis Vuitton Is Authentic or Fake