Racing CDI Unit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATV Quad Dirt Pit Bike

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Zahir Islam: I'm planning on to get one does it make a big difference is it worth it?

jonaskey: I bought this CDI for my china made 49cc scooter and it ran exactly the same as it did with the stock CDI. Do your research before buying one

Jordan Angeles: Hi, is this possible to attach in 200cc Honda for drag race? Do you think the he can carry the power of RPM?

David Moore: Hi I bought one and its has to be fitted to a bike with no plug and play so I to rewire , can you tell me which wire goes where, red , blue , black ,yellow , green , thanks

abel berenguer: Tks 4 yor video I have a new cdi same your cdi the blue, the moment my scooter not start my question is the cdi have a bulb on this bulb need to stay on wheen scooter is running tank you Vinnie

Fabio Romero: Hi there I bought one of this new racing cdi but I don't know the name of each wire....for example: black wire is the ground, blue wire is the ignition coil....could you help me?

then3rdboy: i had one for my motorbike but it didn't do anything. well what i know of just felt the same

Charm Paulo: if possible, buy racing cdi, for 125cc and up, i have that kind of cdi, but my motorcycle is 125cc...

CantNOCKmaHUSTLE: how much is it for the raceing cdi unit? and cAN you make a video on where all the wires go for the 110cc?

marie jeanne: @CantNOCKmaHUSTLE je lé acheter 22 euro moi c pas chere et sa a de bonne perf

Jae21Millz: I need someone to show me how to wire a whole qaud up! 110!

Rory Murphy: better spark plug and ignition coil... and free flow airfilter.. does it roll over at all?

justin durden: does the atv have to be a fuel injected engine?

Secret Scot: @peterherault Il peut fonctionner sur votre vélo, mais elle est destinée à un autre. Je ne parle pas merde. C'est un fait, qu'il est destiné à l'origine d'un accident vasculaire cérébral 2 avec une limite plus élevée de la rev donc il permettra l'AVC 4 à rev till Il secoue elle-même en pièces.

Ramil Talavera: isn't good for racing cdi to use for long ride?

ralfy578230: do they really work or wat??

carlcallycharly: how to fit/ freakin hell if you cant unplug old one and plug this in then give up and kill yourself

chepe1234100: @jessebassmaster is it ?

ThomRanks98: 0:38 i got that one laying in my garage :)

netkongen: Sick voice.

aldorico7: do you need a battery for the CDI ,, because i have a dirtbike and its a baja 150cc and on ebay they have one like that CDI but its chines and i whanted to know if it will work on my dirtbike even thou it does not have a batter(kick start 4stroke)

jonathanb014: i got mine for a 10er

Charm Paulo: that cdi in the video is for 110cc

Secret Scot: This CDI is for a 2 stroke not a 4 stroke engine. I bought one of these for a 4 stroke bike of mine only to find it said TZR 50 (a 2 strke Jap bike) on the unit. The ignition timings and power curve are totally different for these types of bike. The only advantage it has is there is no rev limit which means you can rev it beyond it's capabilities and blow it up. This is just another example of shiny stuff being worse than plain black...

GB- REFLEX: i have a 140 cc engine in my pit bike and it has a limiter if i buy this cdi unit will it get rid of the limiter ?

logun94: first scottish person on youtube

vanko3411: hi i have the same cdi and i have problem whit the cables is the same connector but i have six cables on the old one but i think the pink cable is restriction so let say 5. When i connect new one is not starting at all how to check which cable where is going

Ricky Frost: hi m8 iv got an ATV but its still a 110cc and im bying the CDI soon >? but iv got 5 pins on mine bruv .lol lol is there a way around it ye lol lol lol

James Bristow: You have a kilt, I KNOW IT!

jei0613: ive already use that kind of racing cdi and its suck.. at first its good.. but when you use it for a long distance it will explode.. try another brand,or its better to use the rextor cdi. =)

Bartinz Metallizer: how to get buy this from malaysia..???

Alejandro Garcia: do you also sell or have racing cdi´s for 150cc? can u give me your website thanx!

marie jeanne: @secretscot tu raconte que dla merde c pour les dirt, g exactement le meme sur mon dirt apollo 140cc est sa marche trés bien, se cdi c pour les moteur 4 temp (dirt bike, pit bike)

Rory Murphy: yews not by very by its self.. but with other mods .. yes... bigger air filter... and no baffle exhaust

jessebassmaster: i bought this cdi from ebay and its crap and useless did nothing

lightningloader: hahaha, generic racing CDI. some of those units are even faulty. ive got one with even lower performance than the original/stock. i suggest get a decent one like the BRT or kitti. :)

idusclothing: sounds like your saying "CDA unit"

mattvtec1: where did you buy it because the ones with the led light are good need it for my 250cc dirtbike

marie jeanne: @secretscot écoute, je comprend rien a ske tu bave, moi en tout ka j'ai se cdi, exactement le mème, je tenvoi une photo, mème une vidéo si tu ve, se cdi et pour les dirt et quad 4 TEMP de 50cc a 150cc sur des allumage dorigine a rotor externe, uniquement sur les moteur a plat, sa existe aussi pour les moteur vertical, et aussi le branchement sous dotre forme ( 6 broche, 5 broche, 4 broche, 1 ou 2 boitier etc...) a +

james robin: irish voice is so piss funy mate no hate but u sound quality :D ahahhahha

Boondox665: Can someone help? I bought two racing CDI's for 50cc Chinese moped, neither one works, it will not start with the racing cdi hooked up but starts fine with the stock. Why is it not working? Its 6 pin, two in the small plug so its AC fire, the cdis I ordered are AC fire. I don't understand why its not working. someone please give me some pointers. is there a trick to get it working? or maybe I just happened to get two faulty units.

GB- REFLEX: it doesnt m8 :( still has limiter and myns a 140 stomp engine.

kenny johnson: if i put this on my baja 70cc wil it go faster, please someone?

lilmama7191: does it run good with it

MrBonami2: its a good racing cdi

Charm Paulo: you have to change your hi-tension wire with racing hi-tension wire twing core sparkplug booster and racing ignition coil

Brokenmotorsports: freak YOU AND YOUR VOICE

mapdog71: hey dude look for a stage 3 cdi have you runnig like shyt

xtrissex: Hey will thsi CDI box work on a Kymco Mxu 50?.

Scootertuner1000: @logun94 he's Northern Irish dude.

Racing CDI Unit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATV Quad Dirt Pit Bike 4.1 out of 5

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Racing CDI Unit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATV Quad Dirt Pit Bike
Racing CDI Unit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATV Quad Dirt Pit Bike
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Racing CDI Unit 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc ATV Quad Dirt Pit Bike