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Steve Coleman: 4,000 Revs per second? really? must be fitted with a jet engine :)

arbimd2: The whole review sounds like just because it's French it's crap .

Hardwyck: Twenty-o-eight, not two thousand and eight.

Mark J Hill: When will you be test driving the new Peugeot Rifter.

Clifton Karl Barbara: I currently own the diesel version of this car for two years now....and I have to say that I loved it till it the heating unit froze and could not blow hot air.....then issues with car handling started and still experiencing such issues. There is no decent Peugeot authorised garage in Oxfordshire. Keep needing to track my car twice a year and replace tyres already.......This is my 1st french car and will be my last. The outer design looks mean, the interior look posh (but cannot even put two coffee cups next to each other nor can you get the cup out of the holders while you are on the highest gear) but this car performance lacks balls......WORST CAR I EVER OWNED...Cannot wait to get it replaced but stuck with this crap for now. Ruined my joy of driving and drilled a hole in my pocket!

Terry Hayter: french cars good for first 5 years

kongresi manastirit: 4000 revs per minute Mat!!

Derek Tucker: niceeeeeeeeeeeee

Jack: I like the look of the hand break
Armrests get in the way

Onur Güzel: Lots of material and durability faults like 208.

smartroadbiker: This has to be the worst car I have ever driven. I have had it as a hire car while mine was in the shop and it is terrible. Lets start with a couple of positives, the suspension is amazing, soft and supple with bumps and pot holes but firm enough that you aren't rolling into the next county when you go around a corner. The version I had also has Android Auto (and Apple's version) which is so good it should be mandatory with the all the rules on (not) using your phone while driving but still needing a satnav. And I guess the looks actually aren't to bad.

With that over and in no particular order: I have no idea what engine it has, but I have seen gagged snails that accelerate quicker, and it has no torque so going up a steep hill means you actually loose speed even dropping down gears. The driving position is awful and caused me mild to severe lower back pain on a longer journey. The cup holders are pointless, even if you can get a cup in them it will be hard to get out as the gear stick obstructs it when in 1st, 3rd or 5th. If you mute the radio and are using your phone - via Android Auto - for sat nav, it will display it is muted every time the phone gives out an instruction, dimming the screen so you can't see it clearly until it goes off or you touch the screen. I learnt to turn the volume right down to stop that happening. Every time you connect your phone you end up having to select Android Auto then confirm you want it rather than mirrorlink (what ever that is). The central compartment needs to be a hinged arm rest because with the driving position you'll need it. And the hand brake... I have no idea what the designers were thinking with it but OMG it is so uncomfortable to use. Normal manual handbrakes leave your hand and arm in a natural position, Peugeot shuns that (and comfort) making you have to twist your wrist in order to apply or release it. The volume dials on the radio and steering wheel are really unresponsive. The steering is so light that you have no real idea what the wheels are doing and the slightest input has you careening across the road like a magpie to something shiny. There is no discernable bite point on the clutch so I either start stalling out or have to rev the engine because I brought it up to quickly.

Overall there is so little I can really say is any good with this thing. I drove the new Nissan Micra and while that has an equally weedy engine - like this one it NEEDS a turbo charger, it made up by being surprisingly well built, comfortable and really fun to drive. Yep, I hate the 2008 LOL

Theweescot: What’s the point if it’s only 2 wheel drive! At least make AWD an option!

Juan Lopez: Just got this as a rental. I hated it at the beginning...however it grows on you (now I can just about tolerate it). The driving position is too high to reach the gear stick (or the gear stick is too low), having the steering wheel covering the dashboard ain't great and that hand break is just weird (and quite an effort to use)

DARKVUD: How stupid to ride with a steering wheel on the right ... It's not natural .. By the time you shift the speed with your left hand ..And the same command to touch the screen, you have to type with your left hand. It's all unnatural, and that's the wrong one

Haris Sabanovic: 4000 revs per second??

TheSilentGameTestR: I recently picked up a 43k mike 63 plate in same colour as review, but mine is the top spec feline model with a nicer non black interior and panoramic roof etc and mine is the 1.6 Petrol, never drove one before not even the 208 as I came from a 1.4hdi 307 and because it’s a 16v engine engine is had the typical sluggish low down power of yiu try to push beyond normal driving, but once it’s on the move and you at 50mph and put your foot down it really pulls, great on motorways, certainly better than the 1.6 110hp Petrol in the 307 and 2002 Renault scenic, okay it’s range is 422 miles to a tank so a big difference to 700 miles in the 1.4hdi and about 70 miles out from the older scenic(missus has one) at full tank, but it’s so much better to drive it’s irrelevant plus that’s down to the design of the car as being suv like and a 107 I had prior only managed 425 to a tank, I have seen 37-42mpg on my runs, but I have a little bit of a heavy foot, but I certainly wouldn’t pass up the petrol just because a reviewer prefers a diesel car designed with much more torque for better pulling..... also she seemed to have forgotten one feature assuming it’s across all the range, mine has a dial near the gear stick that has a mud/snow/sand option as well as normal meaning it will adjust the grip to match for each scenario, not had to test it yet, but the brand new fwd Range Rover evogue doesn’t even have anything like that and that’s a 40k car purposed for these things.. certainly as practical as my 307 was which I needed, so this 2008 is a great car.

Dazzletoad: Matt is by far the best motoring journalist out there.

Shanjan Usman: SUV- crap Utility Vehicle. It's a fake SUV. It cannot even handle snow.

Kaylee B: Thumb down for the Obama appearance. LOL

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Peugeot 2008 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews 5 out of 5

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Peugeot 2008 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews
Peugeot 2008 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews
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Peugeot 2008 SUV 2018 review | Mat Watson Reviews