How To Walmart Tint Your Windows | Subaru Outback XT

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Mike Rivera JR: Im a pro tinter and this has to be one of the most relalistic but funny videos i have ever seen. This is similar to what i experienced back in 2004 when i tried to tint for the first time except i said a lot more curse words. . .lol. . . i have come a long way from there . Your postive attitude will get you there if you wish to keep it up. . . its a scam how this works tho with the auto zone/walmart tint. . . . because it goes like. . .a newb says. . hay i dont want to pay 150-200 to tint my car. . ill just get walmart tint. . . .and only spend 15-20 dollars a roll [youll need 3 so 45-60 bucks total] and save some money. . .little do you know you are going to waste almost every last bit of that because lets face it . . you have no idea what your doing. . . so 7 hours later you managed to tint 1 window for 60 dollars worth of tint and it came out horrible. so then you still have to take it to a pro and pay 150-200 to have it done right. . . the rip off part is that EASTMAN the same company you makes the top of the line llumar and suntek film also makes the gila junk tint sold at walmart and autozone. . . and they know for a fact that with the junk instructions they give in the box that you absolutely most positively fail at installing it . which means they get double the money. . . 60 bucks at walmart then also the money from the dealer from installing it. I have read the instructions and it is almost should be illegal and how misleading the instructions . . . . . I hope you dont mind but i posted this youtube link on a pro tint forum . your positive attitude while dealing with such frustration gave me a really good laugh

Crystal A: I learned absolutely nothing but I'm ok with that because you're very attractive and funny.

Alien On Vacation: I tried the Walmart tint after watching many videos.. and learned the heat gun method does NOT shrink it at ALL so the back window part of the job became a nightmare.

Rudy Quezada: Great try , appreciate the honesty n your opinion on diy .

Eduardo Duarte: Lol

dam bro: Auto sub
I'ma try it out 💯

Banana Phone: Step 1 to DIY tinting: Get more supplies than you think you will need. Probably should get double the tint film needed.

Step 2: Set aside five times more time than you think it will take. If you think it will take an hour, it's going to take five or six hours. Maybe more... per window.

Step 3: After a day of trying, you will either succeed, or say fuk it and go to a professional.

Hoods Place: DUDE!!!!!!!! I used the same stuff, had the same issues, and got so damn frustrated by the end that I threw all the crap AWAY!!! The video's I watched make it look soooooooo easy!! I was dying laughing, cause I felt your pain and thought the same damn crap! freak THE DUMBcrap AND LET A PROFESSIONAL TO DO IT!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Christina Martinez: 😂

redbird saraceno: Im new to tinting as well and got this same black magic brand window tint and a heat gun and i cant get it to even shrink at all using the wet or dry techniques . Also this tint is really difficult to separate the tint clear layer . I previously got some tint off ebay and did my 2 back windows and that tint was much easier to work with although it was precut not the roll like this walmart stuff. Ive tried 3 xs on the rear window thats curved a lot but each time i rip it out cause it looks crap . The curved windows are where it gets really difficult , especially for rookies like me , who have to do it outside fighting wind and screaming trailer park kids while meth heads are peeling out on the dirt road in front of my place . Very frustrating ! Ahahaha ! If i can find a pro for just that rear window for $60 or under im going that way instead . Big time frustrating !!! . Once you get the dam tint film separated you better hope you dont get it stuck sticky side together after trying to separate it for 25 mins . Its definitely not as easy as youtube videos at all. You need a good place to do it , all the tools . then a lot of practice over and over and in the end you wont save money from having to keep buying tint and the tools . Some people could have good luck , im apparently not one of them . I think having your own garage or quite space with no wind is a good start. Anyways .... nice video dude !

Thomas Lowery: Pretty funny actually but seems really realistic and honest. Really helps with the decision to do it yourself or not

Michael David Diaz Sr: I wouldn't trust myself doing this.

B Lam: After seeing your video, definitely going to a pro now. I would of smashed all my windows by now. Thanks for saving me 60 plus bucks and all my windows.

James Weiss: That was awesome!! Lmao!! I'm gonna try it!!

Ronald Hernandez: For a second I thought this was triple H

RoyaltyTV: Baby soap works best fyi

Scottydubs: Some things are just worth paying a pro for.

Michael 87: Great video! Saved me from trying!

Born Free: I wanted to see you do the back window. Dracula style! Lol, great job!

Galicia 322: I feel like it would have been easier if he did wet install to begin with and cut a hard cut out (not the whole roll). So it wouldn't have stuck to itself and cause the creases and dirt patches also there is no reason to heat shrink on those windows since they are straight. I tinted my back windows of an outback with straight vinyl (the ones you make decals with) and it came out well.

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How To Walmart Tint Your Windows | Subaru Outback XT
How To Walmart Tint Your Windows | Subaru Outback XT
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How To Walmart Tint Your Windows | Subaru Outback XT