Ignite Black Ops M4 Viper Airsoft Gun Review

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jerry smith: I don't know if yours came with a cheek rest, but i would like to remove mine. Any idea on how to do it?

Gage Calabrese: What magazines are compatible, g&g?

SkylarHuffman: What type of bbs does it take

Bobby Hudson: you can also get single rails to screw into the holes of the hand guard to add extra accessories and still have room for the battery inside. Its a really good gun and weight. However you should up grade the upper and lower receiver to metal, simply because after continuous gaming the original plastic receiver tends to chip away. 

Austin Rice: Ones any one know how to disable blow back

Wwonderbread Man: If you like your scopes it would be a good idea to find a guard to keep people from shooting out your lens.

Michael Ellis: Wear did you get the light for the nunchuck battery's?

Jonny Forbes: What is the weight of this gun?

Certified Chef: What rails did u get??

Leon Lewis: I'm sorry if you said this already in a previous comment but how long is the Handguard?

Neo Reveral: do you know what the threading is , is it negative or positive and how long air the ris rail system is it 6'' or 7''

Andrew Kirk: there is a cheap upper receiver that will fix the problem of the upper and lower seperating. it is also alot thicker. you can get it through evike for 20.00.

GameChanger5310: Great vid and thanks for telling me what fps is with 20g pellots!!! Needed 350 so win THANK YOU


Daniel Brady: I just got the, what i believe to be, the m4 viper genration 2. It has a built in cheeck riser, RIS, and different rear sight. I have both the first and the second generation of the m4 viper and the second is more strongly built. In my opinion the second is more invested then the first.

Honey Badger Airsoft Tennessee: What u do 4 the ris is there is 2 Allen key holes on the triangular sight losses them and then fit it to the delta ring then tighten

Kansasrailfan101: I just got mine today !

SockDog: not all the attachments are that expensive

Manuel Menendez: f4ggot

Russell Knox: lol ohhh i dont have any money holds up gun with a freaking crap load of attachments hahahahahahahaha

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Ignite Black Ops M4 Viper airsoft gun review 5 out of 5

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Ignite Black Ops M4 Viper airsoft gun review