Wireless N Repeater - Latest Firmware!!

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Kelvin Tan: wtf man. after the update hit 100% it just got stuck there. After 15min I had to reset te repeater and its dead. Connecting it with the cable just gives me a "unidentified network". Geez thanks

Hananh Jackson: someone please help?? the plug won't go into the adapter ... so i can't plug it in 

Michael Elcome: I have had mine for over a year now and it is still working fantastically. I have had no problems with it at all. If the need to upgrade the firmware then where do I look for reliable firmware. I got mine from eSynic via Amazon. It is version 1.3 at the moment.

Montague Flange: What country did you set it to I couldn't find UK in the list.

James Lloyd: Thanks! :) I was having a few issues with the throughput speed on mine with the local network, flashed this and fixed! Fantastic.

Montague Flange: Also warning others this firmware is from 2013

Christopher Headcase: Im trying to set up my repeater and after I do all the changes and set it to my wifi and enter my site key and apply and reboot.. it reboots disappears from my available networks list and i have to reset and try it again and same thing.. i get to the wizard set it as a repeater find my network enter the key apply and reboot and then it disappears from my list.. the lights are chasing on the device as if they are working but i cant find it to connect to it.. PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATIVE!

Jeffrey Torres bello: I try update firmware and this one fail.and it does work.can I flash it 

webglider1962: Thank you, your short clip, finally allowed me to connect properly with this range extender. I wish I had this first, instead of the confusing instruction manual. Thanks again.

Goran Mrvaljevic: After upgrading frimware repeater no have sign of life !!! does not work !!! help !!!

LanceRooke: This firmware bricked my device.

Lucas Pinheiro: My device don't work anymore after this. And I even can't restore to factory default settings!

John Nolan: Should the wired option allow me to connect a wired ip camera once the repeater is connected to a wireless network? I tried this earlier but couldn't get it to work. Should I persevere? Thanks

Frank Acosta: cool thank easy setup.

thurm101: Ok I went to the firmware and it shows a few different updates. Dont know which one to apply. Don't know if I should use it after reading the comments. Any help I would appreciate...thank u.

Ramunas Kavaliauskas: don't working.... access is ,,limited'' . I can't open any website page any ideas?

Drew Stitt: Thank you for a very simple video on how to set up this WiFi repeater. Excellent 

DavidGPeters: Hi , I loaded the new "Windows 8 style" Firmware, now I get a green login screen with language selection (German/English) and Username/Password input boxes. However. the repeater does not accept "admin/admin" as Username/Password. Help! What is the correct initial username/password combination?

Joel Devlin: In reply to Andre, yes you can sent internet OUT thru the ethernet after connecting the repeater VIA WIRELESS to your main wireless router. It's a ripper of a little device!

agentbarnesgb: Hi, thanks for covering this on you tube, I was about to return or bin the repeater I bought after many frustrated hours of testing and changing settings, your update worked a treat and I now have the repeater working straight away. Thanks.

Dawid Trojan: My repeter after that update stopped working... Eny ideas how to fix that? Reset button dosnt do eny thing 

markuk247: Hello can u help I'm having a problem getting it connected to my windows 8 laptop

Ali: i dont know what is wrong with mine. I have the Blurex one. It sets up the repeater as its own network and I have to manually connect. I can't get it to actually extend the network. Please Help!!

Bash90: once you have set it up another access points appears called 'wirelessrepeater1' do you use this access point or do you connect to your own wireless network? every time I set it up on the routers configuration page it just crashes and I don't know if the repeater is working or not.. if I use a Ethernet cable to connect directly from repeater to laptop it does not connect for some reason.

Willians Rodrigues Cordeiro: AIDYMP, i wanna thank you by firmware link avaliable on your channel. You did help me lot here in Brazil! Thanks!!!

fastra: Noob question, but you don't have to have an ethernet cable plugged in all the time do you - I take it that's just for setting it up?

aidymp: Hi, yes I can try to help you! Can you email me as typing in YouTube on iPhone is a nightmare Aidymp@gmail.com

ouzomitsos: these things are hopeless steer clear

StreatyBoy: How do you reset it?

vinny69clark: Hi can you help. when i plug my wireless-n straight into the wall with no cables running to my router i can see the wireless router on my laptop but when i ask to connect it asks me for a password, can you help. regards vince

aidymp: i think the reset button is pressed when you power the unit on so press and keep hold, plug it in still holding and then release after 8 seconds

DestroyX: oh :) will it limit my bandwidth ? I have 30mb fibre..

aidymp: Thanks! I'm glad to be of service! ;)

DestroyX: how does it extend if you have it in the same place as the hub?

yan2bitk: For those having problems resetting settings with the little button on the side like I was then you can do it by accessing the repeaters settings menu in you web browser as shown in the above video default IP address for this is user: admin p/w: admin If though you find you can't get access to it still then search on youtube for "User's Guide_Wireless-N Wifi Repeater" specifically the bit at 2.35 then 5.52 to put it back to how it was

aidymp: Hi can you email me, aidymp@gmail.com its very hard trying to type in here on iPhone!

aidymp: Hi yes, this works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 as well as Mac and Linux also the latest firmware makes the user interface look like windows 8!!!! i will put the link to the firmware on my page later on today! Thanks

Peter Kent: Hey, every time I set up the repeater using the wizard it says no internet access a few mins later. Any idea why?? Thanks

Garry Adam: hi I have a quick question, I plug the wifi repeater into the wall connect with my laptop put the ip address into internet but it doesn't load, any advice?? thanks

KILL4M4N: If you installed this correctly and get a signal from repeater to computer, but no internet, THIS WILL MOST PROBABLY HELP YOU! took me 3-4 hours of experimenting.. 1. make sure your repeater is set to factory settings 2. Connect to the repeater (DO NOT set up security when prompted) 3. type in into address bar 4. Setup wizard -> AP Mode -> Save & Reboot 5. Again, Setup wizard, but now repeater mode. 6. Choose your modem, enter password. 7.When done, connect to "Wifi-Repeater 1"

paluezas: hi, I have the same problem. Using the wizard it says Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE) after a few minutes. My firmware is 2.5. Where i can download the last one? Any solution? Thanks in advance

aidymp: Hi, sorry to hear that! The only thing I can suggest is power the repeater up whilst holding the reset but for around 10 seconds! If that helps let me know Thanks

aidymp: yes you just use the cable to set it up then you just plug it into the mains and it will work

Icepooo: does this slow down your internet/cut down bandwidth in half like most repeater?

Sharnie Shakeel: Hey, I have one of them... Wireless-N Repeater... I'm having difficulties, I can not reset it, I've done it once before by pressing the reset button on the side and it worked, I'm trying again and the device doesn't respond, I've only had it for 2 weeks but it isn't that good in being able to connect to my ipad...

aidymp: Thanks

aidymp: Hi, try turning your router off, I have noticed that when its connected to the internet the IP address of the repeater changes but i cant remember the address off the top of my head! but if you disconnect from the internet its accessible on the default IP address. check my site aidymp.weebly.com thanks

Glen England: I've noticed that this unit is very sensitive to movement. Just slightly touching it even to press the reset button and the unit powers off and, on again. I've had quite alot of trouble with the stock firmware. It will only stay working for a few hours, then I have to reset it again. Hopefully this newer firmware will work better.

aidymp: Yes but once it's done you just plug it into mains!

Bash90: I want to use this to wirelessly extend my signal do i need to connect it to my computer first time to set it up before plugging it in anywhere to extend range wirelessly?

Wireless N Repeater - Latest Firmware!! 4 out of 5

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Wireless N Repeater - Latest Firmware!!