Rc Wankel 2, OS Wankel Engine

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matthew walker: so can you port them? put a big port on it and mount it in a rc car up the rpms lol would sound cool and might make more the 1.2hp

SK1DMARK1975: I am not sure yet, I have not put it in a plane. It is one of the easiest engines to start. Just keep them running rich.

T Bragg: Do you still have this engine and would you be willing to sell it? Thanks, Tod

montecar87ss: is that motor mounted on a center bearing plate from a garage door?

SK1DMARK1975: No, Its mounted on a piece of 125 x 40mm Aluminium Angle, we cut the corners off. The aluminium gets really hot.

john bon: how relable are those engines do they where out fast i am interested in buying one

VestedUTuber: Could an engine like this turn a 1-1/2' Diameter metal drum with a 4:1 Drive Ratio? I'm planing on using an internal combustion engine to power the weapon on a heavyweight combat robot I'm building, and a rotary engine immediately came to mind for its compact size in comparison to power.

Bamchucknorris: well these os wankels have high rpms and put out over 1.2 hp, for an engine you can hold in ur hand that is amaying


Chad Bremer: Can you bridge port it?

Justin Anger: do they have different size wankel engines by os? like a .54 or 46 engine?
Rc Wankel 2, OS Wankel Engine 4.8 out of 5

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Rc Wankel 2, OS Wankel Engine