Get Rid Of Ants With TERRO Liquid Ant Bait

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Tom Bom: Does this kill ants that love salty things too? I hear that the baits are for sweets lovin ants, and my ants seem to run for salty things, like crumbs or chips.

WarInSpirit: This product is extremely effective.... took about 3 days and the little sugar ants that had invaded my pantry are gone..... I will now recommend this to anyone I come across with an ant problem...

Jim Olowkow: Thanks for the advice about holding the bait container upright before cutting the hole. I discovered that technique the hard way.

Yu Jeff: Does this work for pharaoh ants though?

Carolyn Gibbs: this inside ant bait really works!! I havent seen any ants for almost a week. I will let the baits stay for awhile to be sure the ants are gone!! Of course, I had the regular house ants so, it worked for me. I am sure it will work with the other types of ants...the best point is, they didnt go to any other places in the house, only to that bait and I kept the bait right where I saw them gotta love this stuff, it works!!

Carolyn Gibbs: came home one day and found ants going up and down my exterior wall..I came inside and found them on my bath tub. I had a pack of terro liquid ant bait. I cut the red strip on the bottom, placed one on my bath tub and in no time, ants came to that bait. I watched them as they went back and forth to the bait. Some of them died before they could get back to "where" the hive was. Suddenly, more ants came and I knew I had an effective product. I put 3 more baits in the same area and the good point about that is, they dont leave that area and they stay right there near the bait. I checked other areas of my house and no ants. They were all after that bait Next day, there were no ants but, I let the bait stay there. Sure enough, some more ants came to the bait. Little by little, the ants decreased. I am now watching the bait and going to let them stay there a few more days and will replace the baits for awhile. I sprayed the perimeter outside to keep them away from the foundation. None outside so I think the hive is under the house. Someone will come to check tomorrow and the entire hive will be sprayed. I recommend the baits for inside the house. Very effective product. Somehow, they manage to get through that cut on the bottom of the bait so, that isnt a problem.

Glenn Martin: I use Terro in my kitchen anytime I have an ant problem, usually once a year. It works like a champ. I've tried other ant traps with no success. This stuff rocks!

Linda Reimel: We had ants in our kitchen, got a Terro trap and in a few days they were all gone. Put one in our guest bedroom where there were just a few ants and within 24 hours, there were hundreds! Left it on the windowsill for a week and they kept coming, eating the liquid butmore kept coming. Put a second and now third trap next to each other on the window sill and despite no food or water o humans in the room, they keep coming out of the wall plug on the outside wall and up to the traps. They are nowhere else in our home. Suggestions??

Scott Johnson: TERRO Liquid Ant Bait, an awesome product! Am just now ordering direct to sample more of your product line.

Dumb Freddy: I BOUGHT over $170 worth of this stuff Put every where Out door ant stations under house put loads of them under home maybe 20 ?? And several around home.PUT Indoor ant stations all over inside home Also Got hand held spray and powder -(powder under home) Ants went crazy then seemed to subside for a few days NOW THEY ARE BACK in full force I have NEVER seen one ant go into an outdoor station AND YES I opened them correctly BUMMER didnt work for me and spent A LOT OF MULA

Girlzilla Manila: Will the plastic pre filled indoor bait stations kill carpenter ants?

youngsta1977: Anything for termites?

Kelly Kakes: now ive used 6 of these within the last 3 weeks, same spot and the whole container is  always full of dead ants inside of it...they're still coming in! i see the trail in the living room floor molding.. Do you have any advice on how long I have to keep putting them out for?

Critical484: How long will it take for the ants to develop a liking to the liquid bate traps? 

Gabriel Pulido: Me and my dad just put 9 little puddles of this all around our house! I'm hoping it kills all the ants that like to come in and take our food.

Sandy Baker: I bought I brand new truck. It came with an additional package I did not order. An ant colony. Only on the outside, none in the cabin. Took it back to the dealership. They cleaned it and set bait traps (don't know what kind). I saw a few strays for a week until yesterday. I saw several so I went and put Terro liquid bait traps on the windshield, wheel wells and bed. They appear to be living below the windshield possibly behind the dashboard They came out by the hundreds to feed! Problem is I need to use my truck. I have to remove the traps to drive. The traps are full of ants. How should I proceed? Toss these and put new ones out each evening? Will this method be effective to kill the colony or would another medium for delivery be a better idea? And why are they there in the first place. It literally just came from the factory. Was only at the dealership a few days.

domybestatallthings: Terro works great and fast (within 12 hours) with my car!!
Somehow my car got infested by large pools of ants recently and couldn't get rid of them completely. (my advise is never to park under a fruit bearing tree!!) We've used so much ant killer spray, wiping, cleaning, vacuuming, car wash,... everything we can think of to get rid of them only to find they moved to a deeper corner to thrive. The worst part is that they finally moved inside the car... you could imagine our devastation...
After a few days fighting with these little strong and stubborn creatures, we found Terro on youtube. We bought a pack and placed 2 stations in the car. I was a little concerned, b/c in other replies on youtube, Terro said it could take 24-48 hours to work and it will first attract more ants... (if it can take out the entire colony then we are willing to wait for the best...) Out of our surprise, we found that the ants were ALL GONE after only 1 night (12 hours)! And we didn't see more ants!! I saw only 1 alive ant shaking in the car (probably dying) while all others were dead. I am soooo happy!! What a nice surprise and relief!! Thank you, Terro!!

hokanut: I've been using this for two weeks now. The ants seem to love it and keep coming back for more. I have three baits out, drop new bait in the morning and at night. I think they're thriving on it.

Adam Savage: I'm about to go to the store and pick up some Terro. I have a question though. I have ants going up the side of a window outside the house, and going into a crack at the top. I don't have a horizontal surface to set it on near the entrance. Can I pin one of the liquid traps to the vertical side of the window? My other option would be to go in through the attic, and I don't like getting up there when it's 100 degrees outside, so I'd like to avoid it.

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Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait 5 out of 5

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Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait
Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait
Kill Ants with TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes
Kill Ants with TERRO Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes
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Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits
Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Baits
TERRO Liquid Ant Killer:  Bait. Wait. Eliminate
TERRO Liquid Ant Killer: Bait. Wait. Eliminate

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Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait