Get Rid Of Ants With TERRO Liquid Ant Bait

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MyJt7: I bought combat source kill max ant baits....and the ants just ignored it. So I researched what works and came across Terro...ordered some, and wow does it work great. You can see it work fast.

Harate San: I've used the plastic traps to kill a colony invading through a window sill and also use them as defenses at doorway entrances to the home. Incredible results. 

Jerod Overfield: I have dogs in my house is this poisonous to dogs? Is 1 of the reason I don't buy at traps because of the dogs ate them in the pass and had to take them to the vet to get the stomach pop. 

Carlo D: Amazing product. Always recommend. I've used this when I was in the east coast USA with Argentina ants and boy did it control the ants. One thing I found most difficult about the product is, how tempting it is not to kill the ants myself!

jkready111: One mean product it is. Absolutely destroyed a colony that once lived under my kitchen counter top.

DHeart335: I have 2 species of small ants in my kitchen here on the eastern shore of MD. They are driving me crazy! I buy cereal and, BOOM, they get into the bag and are all over the cereal and they are all over my counter tops. I will follow this guys directions with Terro and see what happens. Will post back after a few months and let u know how it worked out.

Kathryn Myers: Is this safe to use with pets? I have a cat.

Jerry Scotti: does this product work on carpenter ant?

Bobby Williams: Are the ants supposed to drown in it?

Dee killa: i have three of them in my house right now. The small ants don't eat it. The crawl in the traps and get stuck. I even poured it out in an aluminum pan on drops. some come some don't but it doesn't seem to have colony killing power.

Dosflamingos: Just bought the liquid bait, we will see how it goes...

Jason Towne: Need some tips, I had two baits set out in the kitchen, it's been ant genocide in my kitchen but there seems to be no end to the ants. It's been about a week and a half, I have no clue where there coming from except they look like like they live in the countertop. I gave in and killed the mass throng yesterday. I'll put out two more traps. Some tips would be nice. 

Ignatius Grippa: Tried the liquid bait. Killed tons of ants in first 3 days. A bunch remained but mostly avoided the bait. Put out new traps but no interest. Had a new surge 2 weeks later. Same pattern.

Lou Garcia: Stew, the liquid drops worked great for years. We would get ants on the window sill in the kitchen about every third year. This year however, this stuff is not working. It's been two months. They eat it and keep coming back for more. I bought new bottles this year, so I don't know if this new batch is less effective than before or the ants are becoming immune to the sweet poison. Any suggestions? I really don't want to lose faith in this product after so many years of success with it.

Trey Matt: I didn't know there were different types of ant bait - protein vs sugar. I had bought the Raid protein baits and the ants just passed it by. I set up one of these Terror liquid baits and the ants swarmed to it.

Deathless2288: This stuff works very well, I recommend it

snowkap69: if the liquid comes out of the liquid bait trap when i set it down what should i do? the ants are just gathering under it but by the liquid.

Al Schmitt: make your own. ±5% borax. [i bought a few ounces in a little jar at the drugstore. ±$3 the borax will last me for many years] ±40% honey [or sugar] the rest warm water. mix & shake, to dissolve the white powder. i use a small plastic squeeze bottle. put out only a few drops where they're walking, & replenish it when it's getting low. they eat it & carry some back to the nest. everybody's dead within ±3 days 

aznboi1214: some good crap! hot shot doesnt come close

Don Jenkins: I purchased and started using the T100 1 oz. bottle 19days ago, with 10 stations baited, and they just keep eating it, I keep refilling when empty. They seem to taper off in quantity then 3 days later another surge. They keep eating but they haven't stopped coming back, any comments would be helpful. When will the process be complete?

Winnie Wang: I saw this video yesterday and go to lowes buy one. I put the gel on the table when i got home, oooooo, it's really work. I didn't see a lot ants at home before, sometime one or two. But after i put this thing, wow, a lot ants came out. a lot , a lot, i never saw before at home. Thanks for share this video.

sushilander: biggest prob areas: 2 b-rooms (shower, around toilet, sink & even ceiling). took 2-3 mos and a bunch of "rounds" to kill them all (ea round, 100's would "feed" at liquid, then after 1 week disappear, only to re-appear within another week. i think they were takin it "home", killed a bunch, but so many that colony recovered. little by little i cut numbers until last ones died. either that or multiple colonies. don't use too much liquid...they won't eat it after it you just wasted it.

vinylsoup: I think this stuff is just ant food, the more you put the more ants you have....they love it

robo mantis: Any baits that work of carpenter ants?

kirbyman1kanden7pf: superb product.

eliluong: i love this liquid ant bait. i used to use some of this combat liquid gel that comes in a little syringe, but i couldn't find it in any store again. so i found these. i just put two of them out, i hope they die soon so they stop biting my toes in my room when i'm trying to study >:(

ANeonTiger: @thephilwells ROFL

orlock20: Lowe's sells it, well they sell out of it. I went to get some and the store was out, but the space for the competitors was completely full. So not only do the local ants love this stuff, so does the local consumers.

Phil Wells: Antfghanistan?

randburk: I used Raid ant bait. The ants multiplied - probably because they loved eating the Raid crap.... CRAP is right ... RAID sucks ! THEN, I got some Terro, put it out, went out of town for two days, and when I came back.... NO ANTS !!!! THIS STUFF IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!

Victoria Ong: I currently have an ant problem and I found out that it was from the uplifted carpet and floor in my apartment near the screen door to the patio. Anyways, I vacuumed around the area first and then put the liquid bait right by the ants. They didn't see interested in it, so I poured a little bit of the stuff into the crevice between the carpet and wall, and like 5 minutes later, a colony has arrived! I hope it wasn't a stupid idea to lure them that way.

Nippelwulf: @RandomConcepts Wow, that sounds like quite a large colony. I would just get the bottle and make lots of little stations around where they come in. Empty your trash often too, decaying food attracts them (especially snack foods and sweets).

hauntedscarecrowmurd: I'm going to miss this daily aunt war...i was squirting them with lysol cleaner with bleach but only when I caught them in the open on kitchen or bathoom floor...(they loved empty soda cans in my I rinse cans out before tossing)

bonnieyode: How long do I have to wait?

Jasmine Shafley: dude if it works i totaly need it.. i got a biiiiig ant problem... they just appear as soon as we get warm weather there are just hundreds

Caped Crusader: Finally I found an ant bait that works. I tried Grants and all the rest with no results. Seems like the ants didn't like the bait. This stuff a real killer.

TheSonjaxfactor: are insane!

Yazin Aziz: That's why it's called a BAIT. Give it a few days and all ants will disappear.

swiss chard: good stuff.. im using hot shot liquid ant bait hope it works

John Ksoy: @hazizo homie this crap works.. raid is the crap that you dont want to buy

bonnieyode: I hope it better work.

tornpaper: where is this sold

TERRO: Check this video out - have you been baiting outdoors and indoors?

happy543210: I had a bit of a problem with the bait. It seems the liquid is not fragrant enough to attract the ants in my bedroom, so I placed a piece of cherry pie crumb on the paper pad, and once the ants gathered around, I poured the liquid bait over the crumb. That was enough to start a chain reaction and get loads of ants on the bait. Now, I wait to see if the colony is destroyed.

oddsource: These work great... its like liquid sugar/killer. They love it and die with few days :)

nhatbinhkg: killing ant is fun..

TERRO: Thanks, Daria, we appreciate the positive feedback!

paindoll: Im gonna buy tomorrow! They just wont go away, even if its clean etc...

LeopardGeckoTree: Viantnam? really?

John Rambo: It's just sugar water with Borax. If you don't like their formula, you can make your own at home.

Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait 4.8 out of 5

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Get rid of ants with Terro Liquid Ant Bait
Get rid of ants with Terro Liquid Ant Bait
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Get rid of ants with TERRO Liquid Ant Bait