Nintoaster II

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duo2nd: You should make a Switchtoaster

Karma Komics: I've been looking on amazon for a Nintoaster and couldn't find it! Does anyone now where I could buy one instead of making one myself?

Purpleberries Twelve: Why is this a trend?!

Samuraigamer: is the dog still alive now?

ZootWorld1: BAD EDIT

Jimlion Modmanist-Nightcore Songs: that nintoaster is AWESOME can i have one of these

FennecTECH: I would have put a capacitor in there just to simulate the heating elements with the orange glow xD

Zachary Erickson: If the heating mechanism was still there it would burn the game.

Argus: That's the toaster avgn has

TolerantCoot6: Now this Nintoaster Model belongs to AVGN.

Jay N: haha, the bread thing is great man

a boi: i want one of those nintoasters so bad

virtualvelocity111: how much?

Smokey 420: Can you send me one please.

Herobrine Gamer: That's AVGN's toaster

Oscar Garcia-Ramirez: I came here from AVGN

Jasper: If someone were to sell these, would you take offence to it? I guess you kind of invented it.

Mikey Patchy: Then this toaster went on to star in many of the nerd's videos.

ciromf: You're a myth, dude. Awesome stuff. Props to your girl for painting the dust cover, too. ^^

Bloodline Spike: does he have links if you planning to get a nintooster

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Nintoaster II 5 out of 5

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Nintoaster II
Nintoaster II
Nintoaster Instructional Video
Nintoaster Instructional Video
NES 2 Top Loader (Model NES-101) - Gaming Historian
NES 2 Top Loader (Model NES-101) - Gaming Historian
The Nintoaster  --  NES in a toaster
The Nintoaster -- NES in a toaster
NES Front Loader vs Top Loader
NES Front Loader vs Top Loader

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Nintoaster II