Nintoaster II

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Bloodline Spike: does he have links if you planning to get a nintooster

Shawn Bateman: You should REALLY start selling these. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

travis thomas: hey dude are you still building the nintoasters!? i would totally buy one from you!!!

mrtibbs: are you selling those, and if you do, what do you charge for one?
I am curiouse and intrigued...

Cem: i love ur videos. ur so talented

Bridgeman: I keep coming back to this video, you're a rockstar

DevilMaster: All Nintoasters toast toast!

Sapristi Rémoulade: great job ! I love the dust cover :)

Derrick Smith: in 2016, it's called Nintendo Switch.

LoquenderoTV: how much

Jove Sun: I need one.

puz golac: this is ginus now you can put it in the bath tub and entertein yourself while dieing

Dillon Lord: Good sir is your name Richard?

hiimash: Jesus, mate CLEAN YOUR DESK

TheGoldminor: can it be use on a hdmi

cutemimi25: AVGN said in his Action 52 video "It's a Nintoaster, and yes it works"

Deanna Whitener: I am making the Holy Grail. By that I mean the Super Nintoaster. Then I will make the Nintoaster Gamecube. Then I will make The Nintoaster Wii. And the Nintoaster 3DS.

Retro Skull: Wish I could buy one of these...I have zero experience opening game systems :(

Joshua Maurer: I really WANT a Nintoaster for me and my lil bro to play on with our TV
Please comment back to me and I'll see what you say.

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Nintoaster II 5 out of 5

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Nintoaster II
Nintoaster II
The Nintoaster Project
The Nintoaster Project
Nintoaster - An NES in a toaster using 3D printed parts
Nintoaster - An NES in a toaster using 3D printed parts
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Bomberman II (NES Video Game) with JonTron - James & Mike Mondays

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Nintoaster II