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jublywubly: Interesting review. Thanks. :-) I have a Maxpedition FR-1 pouch for my EDC, but I'm looking at adding one of these 5x7x2 pouches to my newly aquired Maxpedition Vulture II bag. Maxpedition make the best qualty gear, I've seen. Incidentally, ballistic nylon was used in bullet-resistant vests until some time in the '80s, when they switched to kevlar. :-)

bankmind80: Nice fruity pouch!!!!!!!!!!

sherman614: Cant have a fruity pouch! Lol ;) Very nice pouch, I'm looking into getting one myself. And the paracord loop on the inside is called a dummy loop. It's so you can attache keys or whatnot to it :)

William Lee: Good vid. I just ordered the same pouch to put on the back of my Monsoon Gearslinger. I think that little paracord loop is for that keyper thingy for your keys. Thanks for pointing out the seam tape inside the pouch not many reviewers do that, the seam tape is used to cover the stiff ragged (sharp) edges of the ballistic nylon. Keep the good vids coming!

BanjoOz: Ha! I had a yellow version of that exact 'fruity' that *I* got Maxpedition stuff to replace! :)

dangerpower95: kool pouch...hahaha so glad you got rid of that fruity bag of the way you review items...keep it up

RoscoeBa: Love that pouch. Check out batteryjunction's battery cases or countycomm's new zippo case. Great work on your vids!

ColinOutdoors: Cool review, looks like a useful pouch, I like the Digi camo, nice one
MAXPEDITION 5x7x2 GP PUOCH 5 out of 5

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