Snoop Dogg Herbal G Pen Vaporizer

What do you think about this video?

Zack Lee: Great vid! :)

DaRedbull6: does the tank work on an Ego style battery?? is it 510 connection?

nerfherder thirtynine: How's it smell could I use it at the movies?

T- DIDDY T: its not a Vaporizer people !

silentone503: Turn that lame music off

Christopher Adams: If you were to grind your herb up you would get a better hit

Ervin chappell: I heard some people say it gets clogged & Do u got to clean the mouth piece also where does the charger go 

Dan Wright: People say it breaks easy, does it?

Jack Clancy: yo you NEED to grind up your bud when you vape it will work infinitely better if you do

Randy Sandoval: Grind that crap 

paulo kendall: Please do another video on the G pen herb tank, there are none out there and I wanna see a real rip off that thing after ground herb not bud

ASgFilms9: combustion????? you just payed for an electric pipe bud

Bran Ben: You're suppose to break that up real fine so it burns good. Js.

Joseph Jenkins: does anyone know if it still smells or not?

chino nwinyinya: Yoo dude what's song is on the back ground 

Hugo Robles: fake vaporizers there is no real pen vaporizer.... a vape is not suposto combust your product and all g-pens do that

Sebastian Crider: are you just putting straight buds in like that and vaping, as opposed to grinding it first?

Juan Ayon: that crap looks dank cant wait til I get mine :D

Ervin chappell: was it worth the money & How do u clean it

nerfherder thirtynine: Could u make a vid showing how it burns and weather it combusts or vapes like a break down and crap u kno

matt13habs: Does this smell a lot? Would I be able to smoke inside without the smell leaving my room?

john diaz: yo how does this crap work? i just got mine in the mail but the snoop dogg bs isnt what i ordered. i waited so freakin long for my thermovape t1 ands got this instead. does it actually vaporize it or just combust it..?? hmu asap pls

TwoOfAKindd: DON'T BUY THIS!!!! it's absolutely terrible, waste of money

RAGGARADEthirst: "take a rip white boy" lmfao nothing better than different races smoking and making fun of each other ;)

Johnny Utah: Portable electric pipe

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Snoop Dogg Herbal G pen Vaporizer 3.5 out of 5

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Snoop Dogg Herbal G pen Vaporizer