Saiga 7.62x39mm Rifle - AK47 Comparison And Full Review

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1 Love: Is that butt stock legal in California?

†Here lies Joey Salads†: its sai ga

psy ga

bigelie1: If you bought this rifle today, do you think this skeleton stock would be SAFE Act compliant?

660magnum: To bad that stock is a no go since the safe act.

yankeesuperstar: Join the NRA

Gordon Leonard: hey bushcraft, first of all the rifle looks great, i have always enjoyed the skeleton stocks. i have a question, where did you get the rear picatinny rail/dust cover from, or is it just one of the side mounts that wraps to the top of the rifle? i have been looking around for them and have yet to find them cheaper than 150$. how much did you spend on it and where did you purchase it from?

MykTheOccultist: Nice Sega Saturn you got there.

Triston Toquero: What buttstock is that

Bushcraft412: Check on legality of this. But I do believe it is perfectly legal (at least for 922r) if you put in the bullet ramp that allows you to use ak47 mags. Provided however that you use american made 10 round magazine (they count as 3 922r compliant parts). It's a simple job to put them in, just drill and tap. The part costs around $15. However... I'm not certain if that setup violates the safe act. But I'm sure it's 922r compliant.

lifted0422: bush craft are there decent cheap mags you can get for this I was thinking of getting one of these im in the evil empire state as well

jauchiu: I am only spelling it . How in the world would you know how i pronounce it. You're just trolling.

Chris Tafel: Convert it!!!

Chris Tafel: Actually a saiga is an east Russian antelope

Stance Punk: Amurika

mmstudios95: I sold my aks and bought this sporting rifle I don't regret it at all this gun is awesome

jauchiu: Say-Ga. We live in America.

Charsept: mines in 223/556. loud as hell, maybe the ak action wasnt designed to accommodate 3000+ fps rounds. the shells a ejected so violently that the brass gets bent and are therefore unreloadable. but i dont reload and ive had no real problems as far as function goes. great rifles

crosshairjunky: Texas Weapon Systems has a nice top rail cover and rear peep sight upgrade, it illiminates the need for the side mount piece by adding a picitiny rail on top and the rear sight gets moved to the verry back of the reciever.

crosshairjunky: i have the 308/7.62×51 and i love it.. It is the first rifle i grab for the range and i have 2 AR's, a PS90, FS200, and asortted shotguns to choose from. It is by far my fav. most reliable rifle in my cabinet.

Mjtny77: Hey if you said anything about this in the video, then I am sorry for asking. The speakers on my laptop are broken. I am wanting to buy this stock for my saiga, but the website says that it is not compatible with the 100 series. I am not sure how to tell if I have the 100 series or not. Anybody on here know how i can tell? Any help is much apreciated.

Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle - AK47 Comparison and full review 5 out of 5

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Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle - AK47 Comparison and full review