Homemade Case Tumbler

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River man: Thanks, I wish I had read your post earlier today. I just sold an wahing mashine to a fella this afternoon. So now its time to go find a washing machine motor..again.... The youtube community is a wonderful place to see solutions like yours. Thanks again. What part of the world are you posting from?

Greg Farlow: Hi Mate , it works well. Just made out of an old washing machine motor and some other bits i had laying around the shed. The container is a 4lt plastic jar i had stolen out of the wifes kitchen (they sell olives and pickles in these - check out your local supermarket for the big bulk size ones). I originally built it to polish rocks but thought i might use it for poilishing brass as well. the thing is about 10 years old now and still going strong.

River man: How is it working out for cleaning brass? What container is that, or what was in it, and where did you get it. Thanks

Matthew Lowdermilk: Annealing the ends with torch before sizing.

Pushyhog: I guess by now you have learned to use SS media, dawn, water, lemi-shine if you want it to look like jewelry .

Jonathan Oxlade: will a tumbler be ideal for not just reloading but for selling like clean brass bullet to people to use for reloading because reloading is too hard for me to do and i rather sell the used shells for a very low price of £10 per a bag of 1000 shells

thegenrl: do you have a way to keep the shells from splitting at the end? i get like 3 reloads and they start splitting at the end.

John K: @disturbedone5009 not true about the cast bullets not being match ammo. i shoot .5 inch groups with my 45-70 and 405grain cast bullets with 3f goex at 100 yards. my .243 gets the same groups with a 95 grain gas check. match ammo shoots the same out of the .243.

fusionstar916: @lavid2006 why throw money at something that you could build yourself or have laying around?

Brett Hobbs: How is that cutting things out? If you can find them for free every time you need it then it is free and you don't count the cost of the brass and lead.

Brett Hobbs: How are cast bullets cutting corners? The reason to use cast rounds is to reduce price allowing for more shooting. If you are trying to make match ammo you won't use cast bullets but reloading is still far cheaper than factory match. And yes why would you not say that is free ammo because it is free to you.

Brett Hobbs: If you use lead cast bullets I was talking to a guy that reloaded 100 .45 ACP rounds for 5 bucks. The brass was used before but in low powered charges so it will last a long time.

romansten9: @lavid2006 Many people reload for 5 cents a round. I'm talking about target shooting ammo. The whole point a lot of people reload is to save money. Of course people obtain free components. Why not?? You can re-use brass (thats what "reload" means!) You can re-use lead! (or get tire weights free) You can buy primers for 3 cents each (or less) powder costs one cent or less. If you buy low cost equipment it pays for itself real quick. You can buy bullets and brass if you like to throw money away.

romansten9: @lavid2006 Well, then you are paying too much because a lot of people reload handgun ammo for that price!

romansten9: @lavid2006 because if you save 30 bucks you could reload 600 rounds of ammo and go shooting!

A.M. WYO: @snookyyyy holy crap thats a great idea, ill have to get my old rock polisher set up, didnt even think about that

GadgetsNGear: @briansmobile1 Couldn't agree more, love what you've done with the place!

dills2403: were give me the website..

briansmobile1: Not a bad lil set up- great "man cave"

Greg Farlow: why ? because i had this laying around from my rock polishing days and thought i`d throw some dirty brass in and see what happens .

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homemade case tumbler 5 out of 5

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homemade case tumbler