Ballistic Gelatin Test 223 5.56 Ar15 Part 11 Of 12

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Alex Marchica: Omg it's so obvious when the bullet hits the gel the gel bounces and folds back. The bullet, that is continuing on it's STRAIGHT course, continues straight and since the gel is folding or bending back it comes out the top because the gel is bent that way. The trajectory is curved looking in the gel cuz if you fold the front back a little, it makes a straight line. You would need to weigh the gel down evenly to stop It from flopping around and messing up your shots. Fun vid though.

dadajack: I suppose I should have quantified the question by mentioning the platforms. The difference between the 7.62 and 5.56 in my experience would suggest I have a much greater chance of landing a round on target with a 5.56. Now, compare a 5.56 with a .308, I'll take the .308 for down rage energy with the possibility of being as accurate with the available platforms...

Gooper Loper: hard to say im not a gun expert but I suspect the 5.56 has a flatter trajectory up to 800 yards but after that, a heavier bullet like the 7.62 would be more accurate with single burst.

dadajack: but firing at a distance over 500 yards, which bullet has the better chance of actually hitting the target?

dadajack: People love to hate on the 5.56 cause they heard it goes right through skinny people. Guess what, the 7.62 does also. The difference, in inches, between a 7.63 and 5.56 is .075". The energy difference between 7.62x39 and 5.56 is 200ft/lb. I know you have to pick one as your favorite, and mine is 5.56 for SD/HD and 7.62x39 for plinking or hunting. Plus, 5.56 is much more accurate in my own personal experience. I like a flatter shooting round.

Nicki Powell: These guys don't realize there gel is not a consistent blend

UncleFexxer: It's not the nature of the round, it's the nature of your blocks flopping around under impact.

Uncle Sam Coleman: You must have been standing when you took the shot. Firing into the block from a postion higher than the block itself will cause a "rock skipping" effect.

Gooper Loper: depending on the distance right? 5.56 at over 500 yards isn't going to fragment.

Dr. Big Sausage: There is no such thing like "Stopping power"

Bari Servello: I can fix the problem. the gel is moving as the goes in. just place types bricks on top of the gel and it will go straight.

Nick Varnadore: Do a 77gr 5.56 round

Drago_710: @ignaciom184 Both have 30 rd mags, 5.56 would weigh less by what 3 ounces? Same amount of ammo though, there are 7.62x39 ammo that reliably fragments. I can't argue that after 300 meters the 5.56 is more accurate, however if I am shooting something 300+ meters away in self defense I have bigger problems. The 7.62 ammo is wayy cheaper for hunting or shooting for fun even hp sp ammo is significantly cheaper than lc 5.56 just by a Arsenal ak to support U.S economy.

Ignacio Mendez: Suggestion, please upload a 5.45x39 ballistic gel video, and also would like to comment. I personally believe that the 5.56(223) is a far more lethal round then the 7.62x39; you got fragmentation of the round, you got precision, you got more bullets to carry with you(in combat). Not only does it fragment, but it fragments at the right time, where the organs would be(given the right placement of the shot.)

69mrkfc: tie the block down

john h: The reason the 223 is "yawing" is most likely do to rifling twist ratio and bullet weight.

Bobby Johnson: This round is awesome

MachoCamachoZ: @sotik I spotted this too, especially in the 9th or 10th video. You can see the front curl up.

Tuxedo413: How far do you think it goes in before it starts to yaw or fragment?

BWT68: @SacTownStudios Exactly, the bullet structure fails mid yaw and comes apart. Which is what it was designed to do. Hornady 75 gr 5.56x45 TAP (Not .223 REM) can fragment out to 160-180 yards out of I believe a 16'' barrel. It fragments out to a hundred out of a 10-ish inch barrel. Which is again optimal. I mean don't get me wrong, I pickup my SGL21-71 tomorrow at my FFL's. But 5.56x45mm would be great for home defense, etc. 7.62x39mm FMJ will punch through walls/cars, etc which is good and bad.

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ballistic gelatin test 223 5.56 ar15 part 11 of 12