Create Carbon Fiber Look With Plasti Dip

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Jefte Marrero: My name is Jeffry wait about hed light or tell lights for 2007 Toyota Camry

Max Rex: class thanks for sharing my friend

Proverbs 11: does it mess with heat exchange??cuz im almost doing it to my cellphone!!

xXxMIxKExXx _: Lmao could you find a tighter shirt? 😂😂😂

Jesus H Medrano: pretty cool

Crowsquad Life: is it regular clear coat friendly or do u have to use the specific glossifier

gahloot: For Americans-If you have a 99 cent store near you? You can by that rubber matting for 99 cents for a huge piece of it. It comes in a small roll.

Carlos Pérez Martínez: You use plasti dip black and grey, what's spray #3?

Angelica Satarain: hey what kind of glossifier is it? also u can apply glossifier at the end of the coating right? or do you apply it in between coating?

Tom_nobreaks: will this fit on my honda?

freakqnc: Pretty cool, though won't be an option over vinyl for a motorcycle tank... Correct me if I am wrong, but have been told that plastidip as far as I know won't withstand too well heat and repeated rubbing (knees over side of tank).

max kreze: wow that gloss tho!!!!

Tony Clifton: I have fake carbon fibre contact and vinyl paint on my car .... now piss on my face!

PADLOTS 6: Looks good but seems like a lot of time and money for something that could look great in 10 minutes with $10 piece of vinyl.

Manny Land: why not just buy a 3M carbon fiber wrap paper for $15?!

Anthony Ciccariello: super cool

Shad0w: once it drips...

UR freakED

jason bennett: It's lighter much to carbon c fiber dip your car

ilikevids123: Will this for my Honda?

cianm820: would have been easier to just put vinyl on it

Create Carbon Fiber Look with Plasti Dip 5 out of 5

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Create Carbon Fiber Look with Plasti Dip
Create Carbon Fiber Look with Plasti Dip
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Carbon fiber plasti dip
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Create Carbon Fiber Look with Plasti Dip