HP Pavillion G6-1296sa 15.6 Inch Laptop Red - Review By OpentamProductions

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karanvir chohan: I have windows 8 HP red laptop and after some days my laptop hack and i have to take off the battery and put it back. can you tell me what to do?

Haydn Cashmore: that 'little hole right there' is a kensington lock thing, you stick a kensington lock in it, and put it around a table or something to stop the laptop getting stolen

Geo37man: Can it run flash cs6?

OpentamProductions: @mikeyduncanxx1 Yes, this laptop is fast

Syracusered8: How much ???!!!

mikeyduncanxx1: @OpentamProductions. Is this laptop good/fast? Im buying a Acer "PLATINUM" laptop that is the Exact same colour!:)

xXD4VEYXx: my brightness button works but the graphics that show the white volume things on it dont appear but the volume is fine and the icons atuo arrange and the setting for that isnt on i checked. the only problems i have on it. had it for couple of month

warz305: bazinga - that's what sheldon says in big bang theorrryy, lawl.

NONONNNOO: may i ask, did u have to buy a Microsoft office thing to? to be able to use micro office word?

TheCashman007: hay did you get any cd's ?

umer ijaz: plz tell me how i turn on key board light?

Thomas Brown: tbbt

GeeMcBee: That hole on the back right at 2:10 is the Kensington security slot, it's used to physically secure the laptop to stop it being stolen. When you say it cost you 379, is that pounds or euros? Thanks.

lolaloveteen123: ok so, my computer screen turned negative on my Hp computer and i cant find anything to turn it back to normal, so i was hoping you can help me :s ?

OpentamProductions: @GeeMcBee pounds, its around £340 now in pc world for this model

Ethan Hasibuan: big bang theory

Imzeeeeeee: when u put headphones does have this buzing sound when its loud

1621Lopez: I have this exact laptop and I need to replace the screen because it's cracked does any one know what type of screen I need?

Saadstar27: My bro has this nd it dont make thm creeky noises

ablacadahq: LINK amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00400OSHM/electronic-cate-20 Customer Reviews: This laptop is a perfect computer for people who need a reliable everyday computer. This is definitely not for anyone looking to do any gaming. One potential con: The keyboard has keys on the far left that boot up different programs. If you are not careful, you could boot up some of these programs, ... For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

OpentamProductions: @Imzeeeeeee no, if you do, you should inform your seller maybe you can get it fix for free

butterbob22: Its epic

emil blanco: @1621Lopez Lol same problem here :p

Daniel Ocean Peiraias: How can I do format, without CD??

babicrazze2k9: @kyza187 use 2 fingers in the middle and go up and down

Sabin lama: how to turn off keyboard mouse pad in pavilion g6??????

Ian Tissot: that little squeek is anoying

owlcity13: Big Bang Theory! Bazinga! I love Sheldon

FLAVIO G: bro 2 question for you does this work as a dj laptop? and how is the batteri how long?

ble mar: Bazinga came from the big bang theory :D

Austen Vance: bt6w how do u figure out the model numbers? ex1296sa

kyza187: @babicrazze2k9 Thanks i had to sort it out through the Synaptics settings, got it working now :)

OpentamProductions: @x7InfernoHD I'll say its pretty decent, fast and effective so yeah I think its good for gaming. But I will recommend to buy a mouse since the touch pad is not very good. If you are a serious gamer, then I would go for something else with greater speed and memory to handle the large amount of graphics.

ChaoticSpeed: Heyy have this laptop allso and the buttons arent as loud as your and dosnt squeek, its an awesome laptop tho just got it :)

jimyjamyninjas: BIG BANG THEORY IS POPULAR!!!

mikeyduncanxx1: @OpentamProductions. Good! I'm getting the same laptop but mine is Premium! And mine is a Acer, I don't know what it means when its platinum, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Elvis Ng'etich: the phrase is from Big bang theory, said by Sheldon

NOJU4ever: The wallpaper is from UKF Dubstep:D

kyza187: Hi, I have this laptop and my i can't scroll a page using the touchpad any ideas?

HP Pavillion g6-1296sa 15.6 inch Laptop Red - Review by OpentamProductions 4.3 out of 5

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HP Pavillion g6-1296sa 15.6 inch Laptop Red - Review by OpentamProductions
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HP Pavillion g6-1296sa 15.6 inch Laptop Red - Review by OpentamProductions