How To Braze Copper Pipe

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GreenEyez LoKo: please people. this is not how you braze copper. especially if you take pride in your work. this was overheated. over use of silfos. and almost burned.

George Siatos: you cook the copper

George Siatos: wrong flame

Randy TenBrink: too hot

RTD2: if the silfos runs like that you're using too much heat

trnglechoke: That flame was overkill.

joseph winne: Bro , are u ready to go to war with that flame thrower ???

Joshua Freitas: Dude your flame is rediculously big
U need to have a smaller flame to control it better

LiterACola707: if someone is trying to learn how to braze please do not learn from this video. go to your local hall, they will show you even if you aren't union. this is bad for business 

elsanababiche: bad ubication of welder need nore space to weld down the fitting definitly no 

Brad Mcconnell: Where is the nitrogen purge? How about heating the inner tube first?

71dembones: OK You obviously know more than me; I guess I'll just go back to work brazing and such:)

71dembones: Obviously not union! LOL I've seen some things that obviously ARE union, too my friend!!! :)

71dembones: Hey Gregc! Thanks for the info! I am aware of of the properties of sil-phos rod as such material is one of my everyday consumables. "Wrong" comment? The video IS about sil-phos brazing copper pipe! However, if you are silver soldering copper to copper (ie stay brite 8 for refrigeration components- TXV, solenoid valve, etc) a white brazing flux is used. We would use 56% silver braze for steel to copper connections (ie hot gas and liquid line connections on condenser water barrels) also with flux

71dembones: with brazing, you only use flux when joining dissimilar metals (steel to copper etc)

matt mayo: yes you can!

Gary Ino: WTH? No flux ? Way too much heat bro ....

James Toll: Terrible ...obviously not union!!! Hahaha my 8 year old son could do better.

Patrick Menser: Bad job..too much heat. You got the braze all over the outside of the fitting. You put enough braze on that joint for

Charles Remensnyder: That was nice brazing I thought the flame size was a little over kill but you surely knew how to use it. Great finishing looking!:)

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How To Braze Copper Pipe