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Aaron Tottman: Yep. That's right. Just smash your bike into a wall. Great way to learn.

Arturo Fragosa: thats a FGFS

Tramaine Gaming: thats riding back wereds

pinky fixie: booom

MrFiddleedee: This stuff isn't exactly amateur, but it isn't exactly upper echelon either.

ElJhonne97: More difficult than freewheel bikes(bmx,trial bikes ecc)

Rosario Gaytan: your good

Mephiles Dark: agree lol

tustinfixedfamily: @swat2171 thanks. we'll make a vid on that soon.

vilijemk: if you can't get it, get a helmet and keep practicing :)

tustinfixedfamily: @meRyanP wut

charlesjmudd: No straps , no breaks !!! Foolish

Jasper Zhong: how long u take to learn?

swat2171: nice video bro keep it upp! just wanted to ask if u guys could make a tutorial on the diffrent ways u could get out of a fakie? ect: skidding out.. or stuff lyk that? how to u skid out?

RollerExplosion: Why is how its made hotdogs is in the suggestion videos for like every video i watch, this has no relevance to hot dogs in any way :s lol. also great video :)

charlesjmudd: Or straps. Gota stop somehow.

george boulanger: I got the moves like jagger

WTFjenelleeee: @tustinfixedfamily Ah, alright then. Thanks man.

kizzelproducts: walmart - $99 usd

John Adams: crap i couldnt get the first step

WTFjenelleeee: Does ratio matter for riding fakie to become easier? Or it just takes a bunch of time of trial and error?

trutech2: dude, why lhd without pegs

Antonio Cintora: you killed the video with the song.


tustinfixedfamily: go on craigslist then if theyre none go to citygrounds

thisgame2: i hope buddy here never goes to jail

Dmonieluv: Looks scary as hell!

tustinfixedfamily: yes

Travis Anderson: ok... zzzzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Gxsss: Where can I buy a Fixie for a good price?

tustinfixedfamily: yes

Raymond Maldonado: my boy you is ugly

tustinfixedfamily: @WTFjenelleeee it doesnt really matter unless u wanna do like a big spin or keo out hen a lower ratio would be better

Jake Almighty: omg you read my freaking mind!!! lol

harry cubley: Mate, are your tyres usual, I really like them but I swear usually they are thinner?

Kyle: tustin? i live in tustin and i ride

Isaac Gesundheit: is that a left side drive bike?

Miroslav Šimek: Thank you for vid .....TIP: Its good to build additional wheels to get basic balance faster....skiding is simple (instinctive when you go overtilt) ....iam doing skiding from fakie to wheelie after 3days and learning backward wheelie now :-)

tustinfixedfamily: @FOCUS4LIFE1 check out my bike check vid on my channel

ThaHives: UHUHUH HUHUH, so like, ride backwards, then, UHUHUH, pedal

Ryan Poser: bikedirect

meRyanP: Buy a 20 and stfu

tustinfixedfamily: @enjoisk8er95 33 13

FixedChamp: go to walmart and get one for 5 dollars

FOCUS4LIFE1: what kind of frame is that

Pixii Fixii: Thank you for this vid. Im gonna keep

Johannes ahlbäck: is that bike a fgfs bike or a normal fixie bike with wider handlebar? =)

Brandon Savoie: chinese beavis

trutech2: and no straps. i guess you could put your right foot behind the pedal, but ynot straps are where its at

Tre: You have the ugliest fixie ever man...

HOW TO FAKIE - FIXIE 4.1 out of 5

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