Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania #4

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RVZ1971: Once again an awesome video. Keep killin' and keep filmin'!

beastlyepicness: Just got me a new scope for my muzzleloader. This morning i missed two bucks because my scope was moving from the recoil and shot everywhere

austin hayes: You guys do know that it is not illeagle to NOT fill a tag right????

RTAPainting: Once again great footage. I hunt with my family in Potter County and Chester County every year. We pray for "doe snow" as we call it because it makes it so much easier to see the deer and to track wounded deer. Great job.

Tubewelder154: SWEET!

104jones: @Dustinkins55 Pennsylvania has a late "traditional" muzzleloader season that comes in after Christmas and lasts until mid-late January. During this season, only flintlock rifles with open sights can be used, and there are no minimum fluorescent orange requirements, though personally I usually wear at least a little bit of orange when I'm hunting on public land.

dtimer04: Man, I really enjoy these videos. @thetotaloutdoorsman makes the video's exciting and compelling. Love the 1080p too. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to next year's series

MarkRambo1: Here in PA it is in fact illegal to not fill out your tag and put it on your deer. You have to properly fill out the tag and attach it to the ear of the deer before you even move it after the shot, and the tag must remain on the deer until it is being processed or prepared for mounting

Dawn1700: @Leatherwoodoutdoors u should make a dvd you guys miss and hit and that is what a true hunter does and i have hunted with a flintlock and is some what chalenging and people get mad for shooting doe or missing but that what atrue hunter is no one is perfect :)

mecostacounty: You guys have a long season, When the last day you can hunt, do you have a special late season or something?

1newtontexas: Super production, once again. We'll join you in Dec (26, 27 , 28) but in Susquehanna Cty. Great fun, indeed.

codecracker33: R u on private land

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @psychodelicdragon Im not sure what kind of flintlock he was using to shoot the doe.

Tanner Frederick: Nice deer

psychodelicdragon: good job, can't wait till next year! excellent job! as alton brown says: GOOD EATS!! fine job of learning to handle that double firing, the priming going off and then the recoil of the firearm!! hardest thing i had to learn! are those cvas or thompsons?

pahuntingfools: looks like he did a good job keeping his powder dry. That was a helluva shot. Nice VIdeo

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @assripper33 I was thinking the same thing about those pickups haha. Just so happens they are all red.

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @Dawn1700 Thank you. We have thought about dvds but for right now we are just doing this for fun, so ppl can watch for free than buy a dvd. Maybe someday in the future.

Jacob Leeman: You guys need your own TV show

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @mecostacounty we can hunt into middle of january. No special season were we are at.

bblack2626: I got me a huge doe with my flintlock this season from 45 yards and there is no better feeling in the world! I live in Arkansas though not Pennsylvania!

benhamlett: u guys shoot a ton of does what r the weights on the big ones do u guys weigh em and r they dressed when weighed ? here in vt a big doe is 135 to 170 lbs r the bigger ones ive seen ive only shot up to 123 lbs

Skankpronger: what a lucky shot lol

steve182: nice shot man

bowhunter1515: Looks like a Shevi line up their at the end!

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @TheTotalOutdoorsmen We have thought about it but then that would mean we would not be able to show the videos on youtube. We are just doing this for fun and maybe someday in the future we will make a dvd.

deerslayer556243: still have not got one with a muzzleloader yet but im praying i will this year

tom: i'm a 2b guy and our rifle season goes till January 28

21blackroad: i like all your videos could u make a crow hunting video thank u from dave from hazleton pa

codecracker33: @Leatherwoodoutdoors That's we're u wanna be (:

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @codecracker33 yes

cowboyzeus: That's A big Deer ...dawm you pennselvania boys need to Visit QUEBEC ,,lol your Granpa s cabin is great , a littl epiece of paradise, cheerish this you guys . God bless

Dustinkins55: @104jones ohhh i see

Dustinkins55: Yalls state don't make you wear a orange hat while in the field?

BowShotOutdoors: yea man sweet video

jkbear26: with the weather we were havin those deer eat like pigs when they got food good job guys

krochta13: illegal*

vapumpgun: I really like watching your guys videos, I was wondering if you you prefer a lead ball or maxibal?

Leatherwoodoutdoors: @21blackroad We might try to make one this year.

roxanne bobby: Great Job guys !! Man I like your videos.. Reminds me of the group of guys I flintlock hunt with up here in Mercer County..Good luck and hope to see more videos for 2012.. Im from Sharon Pa not so far away from you guys.. Hunt hard / be safe and God bless. :)

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Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania #4 4.7 out of 5

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Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania #4
Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania #4
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Flintlock Muzzleloader Deer Hunting 2011 Pennsylvania #4