Ponytail Extensions!

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Pinguinhuhn: oh that is sooo cool! I LOVE ! ♥

Golghata: it this an swastika in the background? oO

paulma222: Haha everytime you get a message you say crap. Lol

karo cfh: I loooooooove your make up!

miisdutchess: You Are amazing en SO FRIGGIN BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! omg..love your videos xoxo

0misspumpkin: Absolutely STUNNING!

Amanda Gessati: Until the Nazis used the symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck. ....just sayin...she's not a nazi.. get educated people.

L3z420: @bautifulfreak Its really wasnt that serious but thanks for the responce in any case .. :O)

MakupNails Valerie: @bautifulfreak Maybe it is, but it is very ! similar though ! and I think the nazi copied it from them.. so maybe it is the more dicent thing to just put it somewhere else in future videos

ChokolateFace: i love fake pony tails. but i've worn them for years and years. of course its not uncommon to find these in black hair stores so this isn't anything new to me. but it does look lovely on you

HPNEEK: God, you are so glamourous. <3

Emily Douglas: @bautifulfreak I dunno HOW I was being rude, but I was really just informing her. This shows me that I really shouldn't help someone again >_>

phoenixsprite: @kinzythefreak I honestly can't be bothered, but look up "swastika" on wikipedia, under section 5, "Historical uses in the East".

tak4e4: Idiots. Research the swastika before you run your mouth.

L3z420: @EmiGoesRawrr lmao you are such a joke this is not that serious . There is a huge dfference between informing someone and being plan rude .Considering you obvious dont know the difference do both of us a favor dont hit me back up again and I wont have to waste a second ignoring and or blocking you.

kinzythefreak: @phoenixsprite What is a "Buddhist/Hindu swastika?"


EllentJ93: @bautifulfreak I'm not calling you a nazi at all! I looked it up and I've never seen it that way. We Dutch people only associate that sign with nazi's. Thanks for your reply, I've learned something today. :)

Beautilfulfreak: @cilla16 yip

Beautilfulfreak: @cherryjoy543 nope

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Ponytail Extensions! 5 out of 5

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